It has passed some rough time and certain events on this past winter which made me close everything and made me think a lot. To all the ones whom have read the previous page to this one, you know a bit of the situation of my personal case which was dated on 2013. However, on that times I tried to keep being nice and polite with everyone. I did not really wanted to harm no ones reputation and, for to be so merciful, I almost lost mine. So, I have thought that it could be interesting to bring some light to certain shady events for more surrealist which they can seem for certain people.

You have read about my previous past making contacts with filmmakers. Let’s just keep it simple and say that I was young, naive but brave enough to address to powerful industry members with whom I wanted to work. That people have never had nothing against me, they have tried to help me and to support me in anything they have could but, obviously, I had to make the things by my own because if not: “where is the merit?”

Unluckily for me, and starting to show my funny side, it seems I am far better than I have never imagined or believed in myself. It seems the original campaign that I created to pitch and engage people to my futurist television project was so shocking that certain people could not believe it was only one girl behind all that campaign. They though it was another trick of, you know… there is some Bad Robots out there, evil and powerful filmmakers whom seem only interested in to become rich selling a lot of merchandising. Bad guys, indeed.

It seems, that for certain people, to try to apply a business model to the art it is not well seen. Neither to trademark, to register or to let people decide with whom she wants to make the things. When, in other hand, it seems that those people does not have any problem in that a person like me helped them all this time without to offer to her another thing that: a series of bad characters playing stalkers and constantly remembering her how bad, ugly, untalented… I was. Still, the worst has not been to have to read all that absurdities, attacks or to have seen how the global opinion went against me when I was only giving my best for to help others. The worst it has been to see how these people has just tried to use me all this time to reach my contacts, to can get awards, to can show in publicity campaigns and to later portrait me like if I was the insane and in love of them, when I have never declared that. It seemed it was some kind of fake story growing on the filmmaking world about that my “closer” relationship with certain people was the reason I was helping them. When, in fact, I was giving my best to help to so many others. Thing, which does not really like to this people and, well… It can give the idea, to some of you, of why sometimes people starts to talk on the social networks about things you do not even have idea from where they come from. I know to some of you it affects it personally, for this reason we are on Sgt. Pepper’s Club. Do not worry.

For some reason which I, honestly, do not know and which my real mentors and other filmmaking companies are trying to know. It seems there is some kind of people which are not agree with the actual filmmaking model and they accuse people, like my mentors, to be evil people whom only pretend to brainwash the minds of kids with their stories. It also seems that films like Bambi, The Lion King, Star Wars… Anything big budget and Disney related is bad. And the reason for which I have been suffering all these attacks all this years it has been because: they thought I worked with them, they are real “in love” of me, AND, it seemed they had to re-educate me as a “vapid” woman that I am, to really show me the truth filmmaker and artist path and not the one which I think I should follow. To be more specific, let’s say on “their” path it is not necessary to insurance no one, neither to trademark or to register the work, neither to have the right to make contacts with bigger companies or powerful people.

This is a very personal case but I want to let clear to certain companies or brands outside from the filmmaking industry what happened.

Leaving aside that my television series project is called Worldless. Most of you at NGO’s and Foundations know my site because I helped to share your campaigns without to ask anything about it. That is one thing I want to keep doing unconditionally, independently of my situation. The few time I could save to help you: you have it and, simply, because we are agree that if we do not move and to do actions no one is going to do anything to help our world, planet… On the so many causes which need to be fixed or resolved.

Some of the most harmful attacks I received on my site were because I was supporting National Geographic, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation and He for She campaigns. It seems those people whom annoyed me have certain issues about all the things which come from societies created long ago but, above all, about the campaigns which are for to empower the woman rights, woman, equality or… Well, which are created by well known families which give their lives for politics. Let’s be funny honest: we all know which are the origins of huge filmmaking conspiracies. Sorry, I did not. I have just learnt that recently. You are all a bunch of conspirators, in special, Disney.

It also seems those people believe that huge companies like Lucasfilms or Disney do not really pretend to help people with the campaigns they make with UNICEF if not that, everything, it is some sort of manipulation technique to engage the audiences and to brainwash them.

If I have ever shared or posted anything about any brand, music band, singer, actor… Simply for to help and to share the work or: “Hey! I discovered the past year the songs of Taylor Swift, and do you know what? I love them.” That was not well seen for all those people because the only thing which is well seen to their eyes is that I worked unpaid an exploited as a publicist, exclusively, for them but without to give me the opportunity of to share with the world what I like, love or to work with the people whom I wanted to work instead of with them.

However, the problem is not this sort of envy and jealousy towards any one of you, or me, whom is talented and whom can make more money or to win more awards than them. The problem is about the business model or about the capitalism as they like to excuse and to say neither. Neither, that I sent personal emails to my personal contacts, fellow filmmakers…, and those people intercepted them and filtrated them online. Neither, that, sometimes, some of you hear the sort of absurdities that you read at press or that sometimes the pressure of the global opinion, even your fans, grows more until stakes which are difficult to deal to anyone. No, the fault is not of the press, if not people love to talk about anything even if that are only lies.

The real problem in all this mess is those people interpret anything it is said, posted… Although, one of the bigger problems is that they do not understand the sense of humour at all. Everything, will be considered as an attack. For this reason, it did not matter that I have tried to help independent filmmakers to develop their projects because if they have posted anything which those people did not understood they considered it an attack. Even, if independent filmmaking it is well seen to their eyes in contrast with the classic model.

For this reason, they did not only went against small filmmakers. If not they have went against the people whom had directed or made any of the films or songs that I have shared, cosmetic brands, NGO’s, musicians… The list is of so many… The attack is always manipulating the public opinion. Making to the brand, individual doubt about himself/herself until the point s/he starts to doubt of a lot of things around him/her: other filmmakers, other brands, co-workers, paparazzi, press, fans, friends… All for to create an constant climate of chaos which, obviously, does not benefit to anyone of you, neither to people like me.

However, probably you will asking yourselves: “which is the finality of all of this?” To what I am going to answer you with another question: “And which is the finality to gift to a person, whom is playing a role on a film, a rat, using that to send a message to other person which ‘is represented’ on someone’s head by the role that the actress is playing? Which is the finality to say sorry to a singer because someone does not like her album?” The finality is to make enough noise and to make a lot of people talk so much about it, to promote oneself and to let the message travels towards very far places where people does not worry in to check the newspapers. It must be something very very remarkable to let that information arrive to solitary places or a private ranch.

Finally, let me tell you another question: “Which is the finality of, simply, because a person like me has been working on a screenplay on her personal computer and the main character had a closer relationship with another character called Tom, someone went to mess online with… So many Toms out there?” And all because my fiction character is the heir of a powerful press media group. My apologise to all the Toms but even fictional characters need to have names. Well, except the ones which have attacked to me for years saying they were girls -from Russia, Poland, Germany, UK…- and whom were simple people to whom a manipulator had stole their identities, but not virtually, if not for to talk about them like if that character was one of that real people, when actually, it was the same bad people playing a fake one.

So, to all of you, on this or not, I am going to recommend you one thing: laugh a lot and make tons of jokes. About everything, anything, including me if you want to. Ruefully, have in mind humour is not accepted in certain computerised worlds and that everything is going to be considered like an attack for those folks. One day they will excuse themselves they are protecting you, the world and the universe from “harmful” people, next day they will “punish” you with all kind of twisted attacks to show you “how superior” they are and how you must think their way, if not they will threat you with to kill you like they have been done with me all this years.

On all this time, I have been accused of to be so many things but the reasons for which I have received “punishments” have been: share content of NGO’s, brands, people… which could be interpreted, to work as a spy for the big studios or other small companies which make big budget films, to promote the consumerism, to make a marketing campaign, to write any text which has not well seen, to have written a fiction text -which to certain eyes it was a metaphor of the reality and a “love story” declaration-, to do not allow people to assist to the Comicon event, to do not let certain “works” have the notoriety which they should have, to have been worked on Jurassic Park and to have not informed to no one, to have been worked for all of you on different campaigns -You all used the diamond shape on them, so I was “signing them”. Please, feel free to keep using that shape as much as you wish-, to have cheated our “spiritual love” with so many people when I simply sent an email to a person or I had a meeting with him/her… And, my favourite, to have been working for ILM which, technically, it has sense because if you pronounce my initials, ELM, on a bad english accent… Well, it sounds the same.

So, I suppose I have been working for so long undercover for so many people that I do not know how to thank all of you for your help and support in situations like this. Neither to mention with whom or whom not I have been accused of to have an affair or to hate him/her. Long story. We let that for otter occasion. Shall we?

For all the old followers, welcome back. For all the new ones, I hope you will enjoy this strange world in which we live in. To all of you thank you for everything.