The Fog

Tree in the field during extreme cold. Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Tree in the field during extreme cold. Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Not so many know of the dangers that the wild holds. Neither what nature is reserving for the adventurer, the space traveller or the one who is simply lost.

In our times, certain things have already changed in comparison with the past but not so many, like the average human being could think. Buildings keep being the same than at Victorian times. Some have modernised in some sort of spaceship shapes which are not so clear to identify or classify. In fact, it has been needed a new series of words, protocols, studies and observations for to can name their new and revolutionary style. Some people does not even understand why all those terms are about but that does not mean they do not exist if not they have not been properly educated on those new arts.

In between the old and new, so many things have changed. Evolved if you prefer. Others do not.

Now, it is possible certain animals: like falcons, tigers, or any other exotic pets will take commercial flights for to move from one location to other. All thanks to the revolutionary industry promoted by the sheikhs which have made possible animals have a passport. Actually, it is a bit awkward to travel with a leopard at your side who looks suspicious at you but no impossible.

People keep driving old cars and new cars. While others keep without to travel anywhere at all. It is not a matter of visas, economy… If not they firmly believe what they have around them will not be overcome by any other sort of experience they could find in the rest of the world. To this, it follows there is not better sheep than the ones which made that wool on that jacket. There is not better shortbread and biscuits than the ones we made. There is no better language than we talk. There is not better tea than the one we drink. Even if that tea is not cultivated in those regions and it comes from abroad but who cares indeed where the tea grows when the box says clearly “Made in…” and not the name of the country from where it comes from.

There are so many things which have changed on the islands but not so many like it could seem. In fact, one of the things which keep stalking everybody and whom no one has could find a solution is the fog.

It is not about normal fog, this one which clearly makes everything slightly damp and blurry. The one of the fresh mornings or nights which needs some sunlight to break and which seems in winter it never comes. No, I am not talking about that fog if not about the fog.

It is thick, dense, a simply small quantity of them not even bigger than the volume of a glass can make you chill from head to toe. Still, the worst is not that, if not how it expands on a series of white layers of poisonous effect. To breath it, it is asphyxiant. And it can cause death in less than ten minutes… If no one notices that silent stalker affecting them.

The problem this dangerous and treacherous enemy has is: it is easily confused with normal fog when, in fact, the fog is nothing alike the fog at all. The current one is made of vapour of water in different semi-liquid states while no one is sure about what the fog is made. They use to call it: the silent killer, the winter stalker or the frozen whisper because the victims which have been affected by it have could only whisper a few strange words before their death. Still, not so many have could deliver their last message for to keep a record of it.

“It’s here…” they used to exhale. After that, all their muscles became paralysed on a frozen agony and there was not more information that those people could share in this physical side and, for the moment, the contacts with the other side had not been developed properly. Neither it is allowed to make it in certain cases which are considered trivial.

Some of the oldest cases documented about this sudden deaths come from the early medieval times. They are not only on these islands if not worldwide. It is said, so many soldiers who served in Africa when George IV was the king, saw how the fog took away so many of their beloved there. Only, when those strange phenomena happened there was not cold there if not a sunny day which turned without any explanation on a grey one; where life and death were confused and it finished winning the last one.

The most dreadful about how this tragedy repeats in non-correlative dates; in different places of the world for so many different ages. There is not a reason why. Not even an explanation about if it is some sort of physical atmosphere or anything else behind. But to inhale the winter stalker is like to be choked slowly by the poison of a frozen deadly breath. So, beware of the fog. If you find it on your path, be awake and run away. If not, the late will take you: for the eternity in advance.


Once Upon A Time…

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Once Upon A Time (Use images classic Disney cartoon film Sleeping Beauty)

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a forest… No, it did not start like that… How was it?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was sleeping at a castle… No, it was not like this neither…

Once upon a time, there was a witch who had cursed a young princess to an eternal sleep… I think it started like that neither… Anyway, I think so many know the tale despite it is not told with accuracy.

Not sure in which moment happened but it did. Maybe it was while they were so many Sleeping Beauties asleep and the story was changed by the strange games of metaphors and What do you mean? No, sorry. It did not mean one of the last Justin Bieber hits. Still, I think so many could apply the song to them.

Depending on where you are from, each one of us has grown up reading a series of different tales. Mostly for tradition, culture… It is a fact, in Europe the brothers Grimm had a strong influence. Not so many kids need to “read” literally the books if not the stories used to pass like a told tradition. Today, they call it Audiobooks because rarely there are parents who have time for to tell stories to kids. But not so long ago, this sort of traditional speech storytelling kept existing.

Of course, the versions of the story changed slightly but in our days it keeps happening too. If you not, believe me, you just need to read some books and after the film adaptation. You can check that they have made a film with the same title but which is not about the same book you read. It uses to happen… It is for the visual thing. It cannot be told the story exactly like it is on paper if not it would be boring. However, in other times it is just… Well, another completely different story. Which is not bad. Just I use to say: “This film is not the story which it was in my book.” And I specify my book. Because I believe in dimensional plurality. It could happen that the copy of the book I have would be different in another dimension. To be exact and truth, only with certain translations of some original texts there is already enough different storytelling.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Yes, that thing uses to happen a lot. It is for this reason some teachers of literature recommend to read the books on the original version the writer wrote them. Of course, that would mean: A. Or the writer must be polyglot for to satisfy the necessities of all the worldwide babble. B. Each individual should know so many languages like writers of different nations are in the world… I believe this is quite a utopia having in mind not so many can read properly their own mother languages.

It seems since this “new times” have approached we have come back to what some people call the “new liberalism”. It is the absolute truth but not new. I am afraid all this sort of fashion for to want to burn things it is not new at all. It started on the Inquisition if I do not remember bad. They wanted to burn the unholy and the witches. Somehow, in some moment, they decided to drown them was also good. Years later, someone dared to say “he had discovered American and Africa” -it was not the same wight-. They took the burning trend with other races. Some of them, even daring to dress like the Corpus Christi processions of religious images at Spain. That should have to be banned for blasphemy against the own sacred institution. However, it is not which makes it weirder even.

Then, the Bolshevik burned so many rich places and things… Just for the Mother Russia thing. After, it followed the “national socialism” which pretended to save everybody on those times by imposing a common ideology. It is well documented. Those folks loved to burn books and to make big parties with that instead of to read them. Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451? It is for to read, not for to burn it despite the name it has.

I was thinking the other day: “Since when we have come back to those times when people doubted if Bradbury texts predicted the future and when the albums of The Beatles were burnt because John Lennon said ‘Beatles are more famous than Christ’?” It is the truth, he made a huge mistake. He had to said “tv”… It is the world, people, and to read… Oh dear, if we should keep the record of all the words which have an alternative symbolic meaning I am afraid we will need to create a new dictionary. I see it: “Oxford Dictionary of the Different Speech” (ODDS). It would be amusing to read. After all, the Oxford English Dictionary is the book which I read most. No offence: writer’s issues. Some of us cannot live without the dictionary like we cannot live without to tea or coffee. Isn’t it? Confess it, fellow bloggers. Our writer’s simple addictions matter. Those are the things which define our profession like real writers and not like that song… Paperback Writer.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to meet another sort of professional fellows on my life. It is fascinating… Do you know who shares the love for coffee/tea and a good doughnut with writers? You are not going to believe it. It does not use to be the producer. He tends to be busy. Neither the director. Sometimes he tends to starve himself of frustration. No, ladies and gentleman, the one who shares more things in common with a writer is the driver. This sort of fellows who are hired for to carry people to one place to other… Those ones. Also cops but they have another sort of “creativity”. Still, we share the same eating passions.

There is a confession I am afraid I must make. Once upon a time, I was writing a script and the main character was called Tom… On a more present time but once upon a time too, I had felt interested in to write about alchemy and all sort of strange religions… It is complicated actually. And it would not be good to reveal fully the plot. It is just… That it seems weird things happen in our days. It is not sure if we can attribute them to magic, voodoo, science, old alchemy… Things which happen…

I remember at the very beginning of 2011 when my texts used to be more influenced by sci-fi and Bradbury style. I was developing Worldless different things, and I felt like Bradbury. He said once: “I don’t try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.” However, it seemed some sort of beings did not listen. Those people love all sort of conspiracy theories. In fact, everything which happens in the universe has two explanations: A. It is a conspiracy of any sort.  B. It is some sort of Satanic or evil plan. Do not look for more reason. There is not. Those bipolar minds have like a swift on their heads. It only works option A or B. It is impossible to make them understand storytelling does not work those ways. Trust me, I have studied with some folks like that. I have seen so many “theories” about how other authors and creators were going to develop their work. Quite creepy…

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

The problem is not other that this sort of people, whom can look for shield under any sort of ideology, cannot understand how basic creativity works but they cannot either enjoy them. Please, do not confuse this, I know people who enjoy reading texts. They maybe are religious but they are not fanatics. They can read any fantasy or fiction thing and enjoy it. That’s it. Do not look for more because like I have said everything is not A or B.

However, there is another sort of people who feels like forced to find for any sort of “hidden meaning” or explanation to everything. They cannot enjoy the classic “Once upon a time…” and to let themselves be entertained by the story, if not they need to look for the trouble where there is none. It is then, when they create the problem with all sort of online fiction conspiracies about all sort of written sagas or simple blog texts, or why not: tweets and Instagram posts.

What do they do what they do? I want to prefer to think in good terms: “I think they are bored.” And we all know when any being is bored he can create all sort of strange things… It is true. Look at me, I started to blog because no one hired me and I was bored. Suddenly it seems I made my own job. It is impressive where can lead you the mysterious paths of boredom well applied like the good word. Everything works in mysterious ways we cannot explain: even boredom.

Still, if there is something which bothers me quite a bit is this sort of lack of faith. Yes, we are having a lot of that. People does not believe anymore: not in themselves, not in fairy tales and that is contagious because it creates in so many minds the question: “What the hell am I doing if this is useless?” And that is the point, that if anyone puts you on that hole it is very hard to climb out by your own. And people is helpless on that because they should make them by their own. Others can help from outside but if the individual does not decide to go out: that will never happen.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

All for a lack of faith in tales come truth… And what about fairies? Oh dear, I have just remembered so many of them should have died or they must be terrible sick. Quick, quick: “Do you believe in fairies?… If you believe, clap your hands!” Because like J.M. Barrie taught us if we do not do that frequently and we say: “I do! I believe in fairies!” They become sick. Some of them even die. Do not be surprised then that miracles do not happen. The problem is you have not believed enough in all sort of magical beings who make that magic come truth. It is basic storytelling common sense. Ask a kid of four years old and you would see like s/he says it is logical. That the problem is those people who look for troubles does not believe in anything. And that way… Just looking for no sense metaphors… Well, I am 31 years old and I do not find to it sense neither. Let’s be bloody honest.

That same sort of “metaphorical readers” have a theory. They start from the base that real love does not exist. Like that does not exist, they cannot believe that in stories it is talked about those things. Ergo, those stories are not real. They must be some sort of “hidden interpretation” of any sort for to describe a real event with euphemisms. Then, in most cases, they tend to put politics on their personal troublemaker interpretation of everything. Or more complicated things… Better I do not start with the ODDS or it could really feel strange.

Most of this tendencies or “self-centered” ways to read everything start for some selfish behaviour predominated with huge insecurities. It is not that I say it, it is the same people who taught me to read metaphors taught me this too. Those people cannot see further than how they feel in respect of so many other things: people, animals, stories… To them, it is easier to try to copy how other being acts and s/he does the things than to understand the other or why some people writes in a certain style, themes… Everything. And it is what they keep doing. What they are not aware is young people who are in process of development can believe to do that is good. To read the world in metaphors is the way. When the truth is that only slave their brains and limits their creativity.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

This is sad to hear but it is truth. One of the things which I have heard and shocked me most in my life it was how a bunch of college girls believed the marriage was a contract, that people should have to marry, to have children, to later can have divorced and to can live without the need of to work. Only thanks to what the ex would be paying them. That was the goal. What can you think it can be expected of people who read the world that way and whom really thought that everything is a quid pro quo but with some sort of paid with interests? Or when there are so many people like this whom not only look constantly for trouble for to say others have put them in there and to play the victim, if not they also are ALWAYS plotting a new way for to try to screw others who work for to make their jobs, lives… What can be expected of those sort of evil and treacherous people who keep thinking like: “if it is not from my side of thinking your opinion should not be contemplated and I must destroy it because we do not share ideas”? What can be expected?

Let me tell you: “Not so much.” Because that is the path which intolerance and ignorance lead. And then, it is when the hope, faith and all sort of beliefs start to die. Because it is not in the religious belief by itself where it resides the power off to make any human being to shine. If not in the hope and faith put to those credences which make the individual keep going forward: advancing, progressing, working. In a way or other, but going forward and not backwards. This, it is very different than to generate war and chaos intentionally for to want that this will spark the flame of a revolution for after wanting to turn all those individuals in cattle with no rights to decide if they want to have more money than other because they produce or work more than others. That is the problem: the selfishness it is always the same sort of one in both sides of the extreme politic equation. The actors change but the story repeats in time, just like it was Once Upon A Time…

Now, it is truth in our days all sort of things and, principles, beliefs and ethics are lost but there is a real common sharing in all of this. Any person, who is a real selfish, even if s/he hides or excuse himself/herself behind so many masks, identities, fake purposes or any ideologic line,  cannot accept to do not receive gifts. I am not talking about the sort of expensive things. I am talking about anything which could not benefit them directly in short or long term, that is what I mean.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

Sleeping Beauty. Picture courtesy Disney.

So, like our days are quite tricky and it seems so many selfish hides for to harm other feelings and to make them feel bad. I am going to purpose you a simple trick for to discover if your “fairy tale romance” is so good like s/he sells him/herself or it is all a cheat one. It is indeed, a good solution for Valentine’s Day which will not help yourselves if not so many other people whom really need the help right now in the world. Instead of to make a material gift to that people tell them you are donating to any NGO, local initiative, cause, to protect an animal… On his/her behalf. If s/he feels proud about your acts go forward because the people who are a real selfish poison being what will do will be to make you a number telling you how indecent and selfish YOU are. Have always present that.

Do not make those sort of trash people discourage you. They are only small pebbles on the stony path. Keep believing and keep looking for what you were really here for to do. For more crazy, the dream or goal could sound. Just go. Then, you will not regret of the decisions you did not make and probably, one day, you will tell to your children or grandchildren: “Once upon a time…” And your own story following next. Make your best.