Vitachoco by Meritene

Vitachoco Meritene

I have always been a mess. Since I was a kid I had this sort of problems being weak and to cannot run like other children… I am my whole life with all sort of vitaminic supplements. Some of them, they even made me bigger, or fat if you prefer, but that did not resolve the main problem which is some sort of magical blood issue which keeps unresolved.

Having fun with this, I like to think my kryptonite has not exactly specified yet. And actually, I have taken some doctor’s phobia after so many non-clear tests which have only made me waste my time and strength.

However, do not think the issue is so simple. In most cases, this thing could be treated with simple vitaminic supplements but for some reason which doctors do not understand either my body was not accepting some of those well-known brands either. Absolutely a mess.

The good news was that I can have the ones which are for children but not for adults. Which did not gave me all the content an adult body needs but at least was something. I want to think I have never grown up and that is the explanation for all this mess. Still, it is a good point. While most adults have to handle with pills with bad taste. I can enjoy gummies, milkshakes and all this sort of fantastic vitamins world for kids which is made for to taste good. In the end, I think I keep winning.

It was a few months ago when Nestle Health Science offered me an opportunity to try something new in this odd blood system I had. The result is a genius has invented vitamins in chocolate. Not kidding. You eat chocolate which tastes like any Nestle tablet of the dark side or milk side… That is up to your jedi chocolate chooses. And you are having 12 vitamins and 5 minerals eating it, without to notice any bad flavour thing. Not sure if one day Nestle will improve this recipe for the dessert fondant special tablets they have in the market. You know, for to make cakes and all of that… Still, I would not be surprised.

Like I am a kid at heart, I only take one piece of chocolate in time to time when the recommended doses for adults is between 2 to 3 at day. They have 30 pieces of chocolate in each box. And no, I do not know the price because this was a gift. So thank you very much, Nestle, for it. It works great, as much as the milkshakes or the gummies, despite those are from another brand.

You have the picture of the courtesy package they sent. Although in Europe the brand which sells it in pharmacies is called Meritene but it is from Nestle. Ask at your pharmacy because maybe they have changed lightly the name from a country to other.

I hope you will enjoy this new way, of to care your bodies, which is far more delicious than other ones. Take care and have in mind chocolate, even if it has vitamins, does not substitute any balanced diet. It only helps to make your lives better.


How to Prepare a Good Cup of Tea

Herbal collection, Union Jack box from Twinings Tea.

The Herbal Collection, Union Jack box from Twinings Tea.

Excuse me if I become quirky in time to time but I am a bit weird. If there are two things of which really I can be accused of to be addict are: to write and to drink tea. What am I going to do? In the end, I am an animal of habits.

In our frenetic daily lifestyle, it is truth most of the times we forget about to spend the right time we need for ourselves. Also called Me time, it is a quality, routine or ritual which each individual should adopt for to be sure s/he is disconnecting of everything. Some prefer running, others choose a bath, others prefer meditation and yoga, while others prefer a cup of tea and some good reading. Then, there are several options or different variants about if to light candles or not. In any case, it is the way of to reconnect with ourselves which is cheaper and easy.

Like I am quite strange and kitsch too. I found this BFI video about how to prepare tea deliciously amusing. It is right we can learn about history despite it is clear it can become a bit… Well, updated. To start, in our days, tea can be bottled up and it is not necessary to prepare it at the moment we want to enjoy it. Also, it is true we do not need anymore those sort of huge tea tanks instructions for to attend people at war, canteens or things like that. But it is real “tea leaves are a sensible plant” and that should not be stored near certain other smelly things like spices, cheese and disinfectant. Well, at least you are some sort of fan of the experimental cuisine and you would like to invent something totally radical and new. Personally, I think some good black teas will marriage well with a bit of pepper, cinnamon or anise. Still, this is a matter of tastes, of course.

Now that you have seen a historical class of how to prepare tea. Which sort of blends are your favourite ones? It is not necessary to be tea, properly saying, if not some herbal infusions can help you with your daily rituals.

I hope you will decide to start this year dedicating more time for yourselves and having more Me time. Enjoy.