Kitchen School: All You Need to Know about Tomatoes

The villains. Picture courtesy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by NAI Entertainment.

The villains. Picture courtesy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by NAI Entertainment.

Welcome to a new Kitchen School special edition about: creepy voice tomatoes… Because I am sure you do not know, but tomatoes are creepy. Have you ever had nightmares with tomatoes? Of course not, you have never been on a stage, and people have thrown you those fruits… People had not attacked me neither with that fake veggie but I had received so many threats about it, when I was in the Music School, that I had nightmares with tomatoes…

Anyway, it seems a lot of folks who are discovering the fabulous kitchen world have certain doubts about tomatoes, so I am here to do my best and to resolve them.

First, do not call a tomato a veggie because it will be offended. Mr Tomato is a fruit, another thing it is that we cook it as a vegetable, but it is a fruit.

You can prepare infinity of dishes using tomatoes. They basically fit in any recipe: sweet or salty. If you have never tasted tomato marmalade, you have wasted part of your life with trivial things which do not really matter. Seriously, tomato jam it is a better partner in crime to the crispy peanut butter sandwiches than other preserves. And if you add to this combination a strong coffee… Oh deer, that is heaven…

However, tomatoes are not only the main ingredient of ketchup. What have you thought: that ketchup bottles really grow up on trees? sighs Seriously…

What you should really know about tomatoes is that they have acid which it is great to make a face tomato scrub which will brighten your skin BUT that acid can interact with other kitchen elements like metals. In special, aluminium. This is the main reason why when you buy canned tomatoes they taste quite bitter than if you use fresh ones. It is because its acid makes this fruit right to be preserved, but it also creates a chemical reaction with the metal of the can. Making the stuff inside more alkaline which has a bitter taste.

I do not know what else I can tell you about Solanum lycopersicum… That they are amazing on pasta and pizza… That they are the main ingredient of the Bloody Mary and, of course, of the Tomato Juice… WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW???!!!

Yes, George Clooney was on this film. I do not know who is the other guy.

Yes, George Clooney was in this film. I do not know who is the other guy. Picture courtesy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by NAI Entertainment.

And all of this has started because somebody has insisted in to ask about tomatoes A LOT…! So, yes, I have done your homework, and now I know what you were looking for about tomatoes… I know what they mean… I am not going to look again to a tomato to the same way I did before… However, better I copy and paste what I have found:

“Tomatoes were called Love Apples when they were first introduced into Europe from the New World and were used to solicit romantic attention. Europeans also placed them on windowsills to repel negative energies. It seems that nobody thought of cooking with tomatoes until the nineteenth century, and today, the once lowly tomato is the basic ingredient for many sauces, soups, and salads worldwide.” source

“Love Apples” of course, of course. Everything is about LOVE. So, if I throw a tomato in your face, it is not that I hate you it is that I love you so much that I am just thinking in to make you a tomato face scrub for free. No, offence dear. It is the profound way to express deep love in our days.

Anyway, here you have the tomato face scrub recipe, just in case… And yes, your welcome…