What You Want Cannot Be Found On a Store

Chanel Avenue Nº 5. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Chanel Avenue Nº 5. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Some weeks ago, I wrote some lines about why: “I will never buy Chanel”, and some of you got a bit shocked by my arguments. It is normal. Chanel is a brand who everybody desires or aims to have. I understand I will love to can afford to buy one Chanel jacket each day without the necessity to buy it. It would mean, to be financially safe… Who else shares this crazy dream with me?

Anyway, somebody has asked me why Chanel has an overrated price. In exceptional, after their recent business modification in which they have increased the prices of all the products that this brand offers.

The reason is simple. Chanel wants to stay in the fashion market as a luxury brand. If everybody wears Chanel, it stops being exclusive, so the logical step, it is to increase the prices to make it less affordable.

No offence, fashion addicts and bloggers, but this wave that all of you are having of to wear all kind of extreme luxury fashion brands; drives, inevitably, towards the increase of prices. I know some of you are selling your kidneys to pay for that brand and for to pose and to gain status but this is not how the real world works.

Some people, consider themselves exclusive. You can call it the “rich club” if you want it. This club is not only delimited for some zeros -at the right side of the main number- the bank account has. It is also close to all of them who does not have some social status or some manners.

One of the easiest way people have to classify somebody it is by the clothes. As you can see, if all of you wear Chanel, you are confusing these people too. You are creating a lot of noise, and they cannot know if you are “worthy” of to share with them some moments, or a simple chat. It is a different culture… It is a matter of education, respect and correct ways of to be culturally educated and to read well, not with crazy metaphors.

So, since now, you can really be upset with that brand which all of you desire because you are really going to PAY for it. Honestly, I do not really understand. Well, I know Chanel perfectly. I mean, it is like: “These people are crazy and they desire anything that I create even if it is the most uncomfortable thing in the whole universe. They are going to buy me whatever I do. So, I am going to really make them pay for it.” Why not? I think is smart.

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

What I do not really understand is why people become nuts to buy certain brands even when they cannot afford them. I am sure all these brands will have the quality which others does not have, but you dump the clothes after each season even if they have quality or not. So why to expend so much on them? It is something I do not really understand, but I know it happens a lot.

I am not sure how old are you or where have you grown up folks. However, the place where I did it was not the richest in the world.

Spain has always had some political-economical issues, and we always had a huge barrier between social classes. In fact, in the 80’s-90’s if you were grown up in a town you had to get the clothes from the tiny local store. Which put them at the price the owner wanted. Sometimes, more expensive than if you travelled to the central state city… The older folks know that.

Naturally, like all the people bought to the same store we almost dressed equally. I mean, who cared what the trends said if you did not have more offer. Curiously, and for what my family had told me, it was my generation which started to break that rules in the 90’s.

I remember, I went to school and I had the same jacket than another boy. I remember because we confused jackets and I arrived home with a filthy coat. My grandma was freaked out because it seemed she had just cleaned mine past weekend. She shouted me as you cannot imagine because she thought that I had been messing around or something. Then, she discovered toy soldiers inside the pocket. Next day, it was resolved the “exchanged jacket problem”. However, I won that unfair ruction for: “To have made dirty my (not really mine) jacket” and later, I won another one for to have not recognised my recently cleaned jacket. Nice. It is how education in some countries work.

I suppose you are not interested in this jacket’s story. I am sure of that, but I am telling you this because the important it was not that event. If not what happened next: the boy, with who I had the “jacket problem”, did not wear that jacket anymore. Maybe did he grow up? Or maybe did he break it? No, it was not that and that, the jacket was very cool. I mean, it was white, and it had snowmen with green scarfs. It was very Christmas like. Too girly? No, it was tomboy style. In fact, the snowmen where fighting between them. So what happened with his jacket…? It went prematurely to the jacket’s cemetery because it was worn by someone else. By Me to be exact, but it was a very cool jacket. That kid was stupid.

The case is this was not the unique incident. Not with me. I do not care if you wear the same clothes than I. Well, I will get worried if any of you will copy extremely everything about Me… Isn’t that creepy?

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Anyway, the folks in my class started to want to be “more special”. If by casualty, any other folk wore the same piece of clothes or shoes than other. Those clothes were quickly sent to the clothing cemetery. The worst part is nobody worried in to prepare the appropriate funeral for that outfits. See how desensitised have some humans become?

I am talking we were younger than fourteen years old, and none of us was rich. However, this clothing and branding stupidity increased exponentially until now. So, if this it is not a local event as I thought when I was young and naive. After, I travelled… it seems this branding fever has passed worldwide. Then, I can understand why in the teens the brand was Nike, and now you want something else: Chanel like. It is normal… looking it for certain perspective. Your fashion addict perspective.

However, who am I to talk about fashion and what you should wear? I am nobody, just an alien whom on the passport control of my own country people doubt about my real nationality…

Imagine how weird I am that one of the biggest problems I have it is I do not know how to reward myself. I mean, I can be working as crazy for hours and days, but when I finish, I have nothing. Of course, I cannot expect any reward, accomplishment or deal coming from outside. I know that, but, I do not know a way to reward myself. Let me write an example, because if not maybe you are not going to understand.

I type a lot, so that ritual which the main character of Misery novel had with the cigarette and the glass of champagne after the finish, it cannot be used. Because despite I finish things I know they are not going to go anywhere. So, which kind of goal is this? I feel like if I am wasting my time but, I know, I am not doing it because I need to write these things. So, it is okay. I do not reward myself for to write.

I force myself to spoil myself when it arrives certain dates, but it does not matter if I expend a lot or a little. Somebody AlWAYS finds a way or other to make me feel bad about it. It arrived a moment in my life in which I do not desire anything. Why? If later I am going to feel guilty for to have it… In any case like I “need” to have certain things, I say to myself: “Ok, each time you will pass a 500 number. Reward yourself.” This moment has arrived, and I do not know what to do. I do not know, I must be the only idiot on this planet who does not know how to recompense myself, and I start to do a spring cleaning because I thought what I would like it and the first thing which came to my mind was that. I mean, I wanted to have everything neat and clean. So, I did… Well, almost…

People tell me why I do not buy one pair of Louboutin shoes and I will feel amazing. I start to look the shoes, and I am like: “They look very uncomfortable.” I do not know if they are, but they look that way. Then, other folks tell me: “Buy clothes. Women love clothes!” I start to watch clothes and fashion trends, and after a while, I decide I must not be a woman because the most expensive things look pretty uncomfortable too… It is confusing…

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Do you know how I use to reward myself? Preparing a special meal or some varieties of coffee or tea. Which it is relativity cheap if you compare it with a Chanel jacket. It was Coco herself who said: “The best things in life are free…” and she was completely right because what I want to reward myself it is not in any store.

I do not really want the coffee or the cup of tea as a reward. What I want is the moment of tranquillity and peace that to drink the beverage gives me. It is magic, independently, of how much caffeine it can have. It is the moment. And trust me when I say, that when I am living in my hometown and working in my office, it is not an easy reward to have. The peace, calm and serenity. Curious, right?

Then, thinking about my own dilemma, I had a crazy thought. Maybe, all of you who are so addicted to clothes and brands do not need them neither. Perhaps, I am wrong, but I think what you are looking for cannot be found in stores. I think, if you change your closet each season, you do not really love fashion. And the clothes that you are buying are for to get “social recognition”. You simply are using the outfits as an excuse to try to get that acceptance. Although, I think most of you have to know it. Clothes or “style” cannot give you by themselves all this recognition or attention that you are looking for. They can help, but you must put your part. If not, it does not matter if you dress Chanel or Dior because I am sure the magic spell will not work.

I talked about this buying hysteria once with someone. She always needed to have the last DVD, book, television series… released. Until the point, she collected them, but most of them were unwrapped because she did not have enough time to watch them. So I asked her why did she spend money on all that stuff? Not for nothing, if not because later she was always saying she did not have enough cash. Curiously, she told me she needed to reward herself because she deserved it. Maybe, she had been studying all the week and preparing some meals in the home. That was enough for to have a reward.

When I was at school most of the folks only approved one or two subjects. They had rewards each trimester because they only suspended seven subjects. I had A+ in all, I had nothing. Do you think this is the main reason why do not I understand the “reward” concept?

Some other folks have told me it is true: “Not everything we want it is in a store.” However, this kind of conversations usually derived to explain the things people want and… usually… they were all about relationships, partners, ideal weddings… Then, they started to talk, and I just listened to them, and my mind began to create all kind of bizarre stories. They really feed my imagination as you do not have an idea.

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

After, some people told me: “I cannot believe you do not have this kind of fantasies with to wear this or to marry that impossible hot guy, or your ideal wedding…” I use to get away from this kind of conversations easily because I know if I tell the truth nobody is going to believe me. So, I simple twist and flip, make a joke and avoid to answer. It is an art, some people get tough, and they are more tricky but then… I say the truth and no one believes me. As it was expected…

Let’s see. It is not I do not dream with to wear Chanel, or my perfect wedding, or that hot guy on a tv series. I know how to dream too. Do not worry about that. However, that dreams are not what I want. I really know what I want, and it is not in that dreams, it is not to date a hot guy.

If I could have the opportunity to afford a Chanel jacket probably, I will not buy one. I will get that money, and I will invest it into publishing a book or to make a film. Probably, I will give some part of it to save a panda or other thing because I am so stupid. To me, it really fills me more than when I gift something people say: “thank you” than people give something to me. And, maybe, you are thinking: “Say thank you. That’s not so much”. It really is because nobody uses to do it anymore, for nothing. Or, almost, I do have none. Personal addressed thanks… Not in my home, not in “friendship”… Seriously, what is it going on with the world?

The hot guy theme it is precisely to me like the Chanel jacket. Why do you want a jacket which probably you are not going to wear because it is elegant for the daily occasions and you do not have the opportunity to use it for “exceptional events”. It is all about common sense and choices. The hot guy maybe can make you happy when you look at him, but for that, you need a poster not really him. It is going to be more rentable to have a poster in the long term. (making voices) “Oh, no, no, no! I want the hot guy, and he is going to be rich too. He is going to be very romantic, and he is going to gift me all the whims I have.” This, folks, are the best joke ever. I am just going to say to that: “Keep dreaming boys and girls. You can. Keep on it.”

Maybe am I extremely realist? I do not know but, what common sense tells you, folks? To me, if I must choose I prefer not a very handsome guy meanwhile he can speak the same language that I speak. I do not mean Spanish, English or Ambrosian. No, it is a secret language reserved for me. I love to cook things, but it is a must he knows that too; and if I know how to clean or how to fix certain things in the home, he must know it too. (making voices again) “Why? If someone in a couple knows it, the other does not need to know it because it is about to complement each other” I heard once. Maybe, it is that way. Honestly, I am not sure… And perhaps, I am very messed up inside me, and I cannot see the world as the average people do. Probably is that… However, I still have very clear what I want, and what I do not want, so I come back to the Chanel jacket. It is about life choices and preferences. To me, some kind of things, some behaviours… have a preference on my taste list than others. Look right, is on the lower gradient because reality obliges us to sacrifice things and, if not, you keep dreaming.

I do not really think there is a human being who can pass my test. Seriously, I really prefer to be alone than in bad company. I had so much. SIMPLY, with my family.

Why do not reward myself with a Chanel jacket when I can afford it? Because I prefer to make a movie. “So, why do not you make the f* movie?” Probably are you thinking? Because I have not found the real kids, who want to make movies. I mean the real, real ones. After all, it is a business. You are not going to marry the first one who shows up at your door simply because he is hot, isn’t it? Oh, okay. I know some of you have done it. Sorry then.

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

Quote by Gabrielle Chanel

I think the biggest problem of the society it is people create not dreams, if not fantasies. Later, they try to make that fantasies true, and that is impossible. I tell you it is impossible I pretend to rescue several fiction classic movie sagas and I do not have an idea of how to start. STOP.

If you have a fantasy, not a dream or goal. It is quite hard to make it real. Dreams and goals require planning and strategy. If you do not have that, it is just a fantasy.

Keep dreaming with the “hot guy” or the Chanel jacket, but if you do not create a master plan, probably you will never get it. Or, maybe… you can have a fake Chanel jacket to feel yourself empowered and to have the “social recognition” which cannot be bought in stores. Same with the “hot guy” you can have a “fake” one, and maybe in the long term he is not so “ideal”. In any case, both fantasies are going to lose quality with the time. Beauty fades, and threads break. You will tell me what you would have left then.