Monthly Update

Hello, hello there… How is everything around the galaxy? Well, it seems enough nuts for the messages that I am receiving… I must confess I am not in one of the best moments of my life. I am having some kind of… “crisis”… Yeah, let’s call it that way… You know, it is confusing because I know who I am, but it seems a bunch of folks does not have an idea, and after almost five years I am like: “Common… You cannot be serious with this stuff…” And the problem is they are. So, I do not know what to do because it seems my geniality is not mine. There is only one man on this planet who can have my intellect, and he is actually from Mars. It is confusing, really, because it arrives a moment in which you are not really sure if the folks are saying that “I am” her soulmate or “He is” his soulmate. Well, thinking it better. Maybe we need here a basic English lesson:

1. Him: It is used when you talk about males. Also, it is HE. Alright?

2. Her: It is used when you speak about FEmales. As it is SHE. Got it?

3. Its: It is used when you do not have clear the sex or when you talk about things: like robots, monsters, animals… O.K.?

I have decided one day I am going to edit an English method book with the help of Ellen DeGeneres. Because I have discovered a bunch of you: English speakers, do not know how to write or to speak English properly. Seriously, the difference between “what” and “which”… “be beware”… Oh, dear… So, Ellen, you have a job with me, and it is going to be very funny because we are going to use pictures of “famous” to explain the language differences. You know, if we do not do it this way… People do not get it.

Anyway, I actually know who I am because I am pretty sure HE does not pay my bills. No, no, he is not doing it… And, despite., what you think… when I will publish something it is going to have my name, not his, not Bart neither. It is just I have been born in the wrong country, and there are so many bureaucracies to fix when you are playing the “Indy” ways.

However, my “crisis” it is not only for my identity or your messages. It is a… (I can’t say right now) unfortunate and emotional issue because it seems I have broken up with… a fan. Like the French folks say: “Je suis désolé.” I cannot think clearly for this breakup. Although, I am not sure if it is Me who has broken up or it is He… Well, anyway… It is sad. So I have written a song for this Saturday. I hope you hate it because it is dedicated to all the FANDOM (in big).

Apart of my life existential crisis. I am quite upset. Seriously, folks. Or you don’t like Marc Jacobs? Or you don’t know what is a “soulmate”? Nobody has participated in the contest. NONE. Just one person was interested in buying the keychain but not into writing anything. You are all a bunch of boring pandas. WHY? I thought we will have fun with this… I am going to give you more time, okay? Maybe until Christmas, you will have enough time to think about “soulmate”…? Is not so difficult, isn’t it?

More things… I have been nominated for an award. Yeah! To be exact is the: “Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Changuito-Flower version.” This is the link: I love the “Changuito-Flower”. Just awesome! I am not sure what I have to do right now but thank you very much, folk, for the nomination. It is fulfilling.

Have fun folks. Xo

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobscopylow