Inspire U

INSPIRE_Updates_FOR_IMMEDIATE_RELEASE__page_2_of_2_Some of you have been wondering what all of this Inspire U thing is. Well, dear musicians and rock stars, you have luck because it is a new company who is looking for talent.

Created in 2014 by Grammy Nominated Kris Searle and the music producer Carl Crane Inspire U Music CIC wants to help new and upcoming artist to develop their skill set.

This company is also the home to their own record label, Inspire U, which distributes artist music to iTunes but they also mentor the new artist on the platform Inspire My Performance. Because if you really want to be in the music business, it is not only about to take a microphone and to go out to the stage. It requires a bit more, and they will teach you how.

Right now, Inspire U is on celebration because tomorrow 2nd May at noon they are going to open their first record studio which is at Herne Bay Pier, Central Parade, Herne Bay CT6 5JN, United Kingdom. You are all invited to assist at the party that they are organising in which it will perform several artists with a “Musical Circus” theme: juggling acts, samba drummers, dance acts and musicians will be there.

The vocal booth. It's like the Tardis... you don't see all this until you open the magical door.

The vocal booth. It’s like the Tardis… you don’t see all this until you open the magical door.

Furthermore, you could see the studio and take some pics and selfies. Seriously, how many of you wanted to feel like a rockstar in a recording studio? This is your time! Remember to tag any social media with the tag #InspireU or @MSOTP

Cannot assist? Do not worry we have thought a second plan for you. Film a Vine, a short video or a simple picture showing your best rockstar skills. The song that you sing it is your choice, but it is important that you use your imaginary microphone aka brush and use the hashtags #InspireU and #HomeShow. Share it on many social networks as you want and you will be featured. But, above all, be creative and have fun with it. Here some classic inspiration by the film Stepmom.

This is the first music studio on a pier in the whole world, isn’t it fascinating? And, for adding a plus all the benefits collected from the event are going to help the people affected by the Nepal earthquake. What else can I say? Comment, tweet, share and do not forget to go and to have fun. You will tell me, and I will #InspireU as best as I can. Have a good time.