Last Longer, Much Longer

Packaging gift courtesy Procter & Gamble

Packaging gift courtesy Procter & Gamble

I think a lot of you already know Duracell and its iconic bunny but as a marketing expert, history freak and filmmaker I have thought it is best not only to talk to you about the product if not about the rabbit evolution. Yes, “evolution” and I do not only mean to the real toy towards the new 3D versions.

Because, at the begging of the battery times, when we were kids batteries really suck. I mean, you could not play more than an afternoon with that carbon batteries! Common! And today kids get mad because they have been all the day playing to the portable Nintendo and they have forgotten to recharge it…

Then, it arrived the magical rabbit and everything changed. It really lasted longer, depending on the toy. If you did not use so much you can even play for days with the same batteries. I even remember there was a crazy promotion in which Duracell gave for free those bunny toys.

After it started a tech revolution and the market needed to put their batteries on: literally. The arriving of cell phones made possible the development of rechargeable batteries. Because let’s going to be honest: Who would like a phone which needed a constant use of current batteries to have a simple conversation? It is worst than when the phone operator tells you: “Your credit is going to expire…” but without warning.

Duracell was the innovation in the market using Zinc and not Carbon for their batteries. Soon, other brands copied the system but none of them knew the secret to make their bunnies climb mountains and to keep going with their challenges.

However, like it is easier to discard the batteries than check if the product is working well and due to the high rivalry on the energy storage sector. Procter and Gamble, company which owns Duracell brand, innovated again the long lasting battery race. Thanks to a tool so simple as the PowerCheck: a system which permits us to know the charge of our batteries. Normal rabbits beat again… (Pst… The Aussie accent is so funny. Love you Aussies)

Alright, I cannot write in Aussie accent but the “Super heavy duty”… Lovely. Anyway, do you want to know which is the real secret of Duracell? Why these batteries can make your Furby keep dancing for longer?

It is for the Duralock Power Preserve TM system which keeps the zinc sealed. This not only means a Duracell battery lasts 10 times more than others. They can also be 10 years without to be used and without lose their charge. Fascinating inventions, do not you think?

Well, I think you have seen the visual evolution of the commercials too. Honestly, I liked the ones in which the toys climbed mountains and make races but that is my inner child side which is quite old fashion for this new times.

Although, to the ones which are concerned with the environment. Yes, it is true. One battery can pollute until 3.000 litres of water. For this reason, it is our responsibility to teach our children to dump them in the right facilities which you can find in your local stores or supermarkets.

Duracell and P&G are also worried about nature. For this reason, they make the packages of the batteries with an 85% of recycled cardboard and a 30% of recycled plastic.

I hope you have enjoyed this new edition of Hi!Story. Maybe you are not really interested in all this battery stuff but sometimes it is good to learn even if it is the iconic symbol of a brand. After all, what they are saying in their commercials is: “Whatever it happens. Keep going.”