Chicken Livers

Welcome, my guests, to another monthly invitation to prepare a recipe. I know most of you will not approve what I am going to propose you this week but once you try it you become addicted to it. As my good friend, the Dr. Hannibal Lecter would say: “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Well, my survival instincts do not arrive until prepare cannibalistic recipes but do not tempt the luck. I am sure this recipe will be good with some human liver on it: “Omnomnomnom”.

Chicken Livers

Ingredients: (For a 1 very hungry Hannibal or 2, not hungry Lecters)

– 250gr chicken livers

2 big onions

1 garlic clove


1. You have two options here: A. Be polite and invite the chickens to drink Chianti before to eat them; B. Keep the Chianti for you and do not waste it. In any case, this recipe is good. French style but good.

2. Take a pan and add the olive oil to it. Please do not use the pan to kill the chickens. It would be messy. Find another method to do it with style and if you can, without even stain your suits and gowns.

3. Cut the onions and the garlic clove. Chop everything finely. Add it to the pan and cook it slowly. Very slow. You want the onion to get caramelized with their own flavors and sugars. You do not want that it gets burned, it tastes bitter after and it is not good.

4. Meanwhile, the onion is on heat -you can cover it with a lid-. Clean the livers. They are bloody messy and they tend to be bitter too if you do not clean well the bile. Lukewarm water running will be enough to this step but when you will finish please dry them very well using paper towels or, in the next step you are going to find yourself in a huge mess.

5. If the onion stills a bit tender do not worry. It is going to get finished with the livers. Add these organs to the pan. Put a lid and let them cook slowly. You can add here the glass of the Chianti if you want. It gives other taste to the sauce. Personally, I prefer without it. If you have not dried well the livers you will notice it then because they would start to splash heated oil and onions everywhere. So, please, be careful with this because they can make a very huge mess.

6. After 5 or 6 minutes cooking, flip them to the other side and continue with the process between 5-20 minutes more. They would be ready in 10 minutes of a slow cooking but I like them very well done. It is a bit of personal taste. You know, like the steak; some people like it juicy and others like it crunchy. I like a middle term but this is up to you. Please, feel free to eat them with pleasure when you will finish with them. Good luck.