How to Feed Your Dog

Welcome folks to another edition of Hi!Story because you know: I am a history freak full of stories, in love of animals, monsters, Muppets, beasts and magical creatures. However, like some folks have recommended me to get shorter on my introductions I am going to follow that old advice about Kill Your Darlings.

Muppets are lovely. They will always be. Anyway, do you want to know a few things that maybe you did not know? Here, I go.

Whatever you can think about dogs. They are not so different than us. They have a 75% genetic code similar to us: humans, just in case. Their snout is the same than our fingerprints and it is also a tool to identify them. However, the most lovely thing is: “dogs, also love to hear radio stations and music”. Here, let me make a side note: the radio station or music your pet loves would be determined by your pet. Or do you like when your father tells you which music you should hear? Of course not, same happens with food.

It is true, dogs also love to eat the same that we eat. Mine, in special, loves to eat soups and stews or, surprisingly, when I prepare fish. Fact, which sometimes makes me doubt about if I have adopted a dog, a cat or a bear. She is confusing sometimes.

We all know, as humans, we must follow an equilibrate diet. We also know we must feed or dog correctly. Although sometimes, we, as humans, break the rules and we sneak some chocolate, fast food… “OMG, a pizza slice.” We know we are not doing it right. For that reason, if your dog asks you for that things do not feed it with them. If that food is wrong for you it is even worst for your pet. Do not feed it with chocolate your pet will be blind! And this is true.

Dogs are carnivores and they should eat low in carbohydrates, in fact, it will be great if they eat the less possibility of that food category. The digestive system of your “loyal friend” absorbs most of the nutrients from raw food. In an ideal world, it would be great if we could feed them that way or if we could cook specially for them the right food. However, if in our times we barely have time to cook for ourselves. It is hard to imagine to find extra time to cook, especially for your dog, but give to them kibbles it is not a bad option if they taste great.

Of course, I know you, humans, are not going to taste first your pet’s food to check if it tastes good. Actually, it is not necessary because with it happens the same than with music: what you like maybe it is not what your dog likes. So do not start to change so much your dog menu because maybe it will rebel.

Now, you know why you are always running out of antacid pills or the ones which prevent headaches. Do not keep them in the same cupboard. Dogs mix them and they take the wrong one by confusion.

The good about this Dog Chow food, which Purina have had the courtesy of to gift me, it is it works great. My dog is a mature one. She was starting to lose night vision and she was getting fat because when I am out home my parents give to the animal anything. So, yo-yo size effect it is constant on my dog.

The kibbles of this brand are of two different types and my dog loves that thing. Not sure if they have a different flavor or if it is the different shape which makes she feels like she is not eating the same. I do not know exactly why because I have not studied dog psychology. Actually, I think my vet once told me he studied that. Well, not my vet. It was my dog’s vet. Although, I am very sure that the dog psychology “trick” does not work with my pet.

The good of this dry food it is it reduces the plaque on your pet’s teeth until a 21% and that is true too. My pet has also better teeth. Sorry, my parents are just a mess with these things. The nibbles also have natural pre-biotic as chicory and beet which help your dog to have a better immune system and to be better inside. I am sorry, I have not could check if my dog is better inside. It is very dark inside of a dog, everybody knows that. Imagine mine which is already black…

So, yes, please. If you want to protect your dog give up to that fashion trends with scary white outfits and start to feed it right. It is the only thing you really need. Seriously, the prevention white outfit it is not necessary. Because, after all, our most “loyal friends” are our superheroes and everybody needs a superhero in their life on some occasions. If it is your superhero, why do not you care about your dog as he/she would do for you? Be a superhero to your superhero. Peace and Love.