KS: Food Allergies

Gluten Free Roads.

Gluten Free Roads.

It sucks and you know it. There are times in which you will kill for some ice-cream. You will arrive at the supermarket terminator style and, if it would be necessary, you will make more acrobatics than Lara Croft until to arrive at the corridor where it is kept all the frozen stuff. You will dodge shopping carts as bullets. You will jump over the crowd of fussy women obsessed with to read all the tags and prices. Then, you will arrive at the sacred place: the golden fridge which keeps the good stuff. You will have the last fight with a missus who has the same objective than you: to get the last ice-cream box in summer. Finally, you will knock her with the fridge door to, what? To discover the last ice-cream is not lactose-free or gluten-free and you cannot eat that stuff. Argggg!

Some situations like the last one are very awkward because what do you do then? Obviously, smile to the missus who is recovering of the punch and offer to her the ice cream. Do not worry, she will be taken aback. She will understand nothing. So, simply put your sunglasses, keep smiling and… FLEE.

The case is, after all of this you still without ice-cream and you start to make the grumpy faces of Mr Bean. Relax, breathe… I understand when you have an intolerance or an allergy to some foods life can look in black, white and some greyish tones. In special, when you travel abroad or around the world and a stupid folk has not written the food tags in your language. Is not this annoying?

Well, I cannot promise you gold or a better life with this cheat trick but it is helpful. Please, check Gluten Free Roads. It is a web page and also an app which tells you where are places which serve or sell meals gluten free but now be clever, please. Not all the places which sell the stuff are notified yet, so do not be scared to explore the world, discover things and: Please, add them to the app to help others with similar problems as yours.

Most of the stores which sell Gluten Free products usually sell all kind of food free of other allergens, which it is cool. Well, not really all kind… Thinking about it… If you are special, like a pal I know who is allergic to kiwis… Well, just better do not eat kiwis you do not really need this app.

What was I saying? Oh, yes: allergens. So do you know? With all the love to all the special (“not super-special“) allergic people.