Who Can You Trust?

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Spies, spies everywhere. They start recruiting you for an important cause and you finish without to remember anything and with a bunch of folks at your back wanting to see you dead or worst, asking for revenge. And it becomes worst because they become more annoying each time, in four films and some spin-off. And the guys keep there… On the shadows… Creepy and cinematic but that is not really the point of this text. Well, in part it is… It is just a big mash-up here between ethics, privacy, news and media, social media… And me wondering how Jason finished so messed up. Long story which I do not want to spoil…

I am not going to lie to this. I assisted during my college years to the ethics for journalism subject. We only used to assist two folks, including me, of the thirty-something which were enrolled on the degree. And no, it was not an optional subject it was one of these main ones which you need to pass yes or yes for to have a degree which so many people keep wondering what was the subject about. It is a fact, folks worldwide they do not only ask you if you are some sort of Uhura (Star Trek) who makes magic with the communication or translations. They doubt if folks like me have the same skills than C3PO. But the most shocking is when they ask if people like me fix broken VHS machines. This is the truth.

The reality is the sort of instruction was quite new to the style of the Heartbreak Ridge… Almost so weird like the secret undercover operations of Blackbriar and Threshold. Some of us finished with amnesia, others were MIA on the operations field, or before to reach the main target: a simple job in the industry. While others turn to the enemy: the dark side of the metaphors and fandom… You know, folks have told me: “Oh no, your life is so amazing. You must write a film about your life!” And I am like: “I’ve done it. A series too because you recommended to me. Other stuff is to film it and release it.” Yeah, that is not easy. It is like to have to expose Blackbriar without to find anyone guilty or to try to do not… Well, make some messes around. And if it is not hard enough when you are walking around and people start to chit chat around: “Is she Felicity Jones?” “No, I think she is Alexis Bledel”… Well, you start to feel awkward because let’s be honest. Do you think Felicity Jones is going to show up in your local theatre for to watch a film? She probably will show up in HER local theatre but not in yours. It has more sense. What I keep doubting was how one day they confused me with Scarlett Johansson. With Katy Perry, I can understand it, but Scarlett? Yeah, it is quite weird.

Then, those folks put you in a compromised position because what do you do? Thanks no one has asked me for a pic. They have taken it half hidden or using all sort of excuses and weird postures for to take it. However, let’s be honest, what to do?

A. You don’t want to spoil their dream so you invent a signature and make them believe you are the person of their dreams.

B. You deny you are that person but you keep hiding your secret agent identity.

C. (My favourite) You put your sunglasses on and hope they pass. If they approach you use the MIB method using the secret device we all have. And you make them forget about everything.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

It is quite complicated… I know. However, let’s go back to ethics. Because it seems in all this mumbo jumbo of to try to figure out whom could be the other person the world has forgotten about them.

Do you know why the social networks were invented? No, for to make friends. If you see certain films you could check there is a whole new secret operation behind on the making. So nasty as it sounds. Thanks we have Bourne for to save us of that too.

No, being serious. Social networks were very promising at the very beginning of their creation. I trusted on them for to make my own promotion campaigns believing everybody was a good guy and that the world only wanted to make friends. Then, I discovered the sad reality: the ITI (Index of Technological Infidelity). And laugh about Ashley Maddison dating server pages when you have Twitter or Facebook. Seriously, Zuckerberg, beware or they will accuse you of to have a monopoly.

In some moment of the constant human de-evolution, which is the evolution which goes backwards -not kidding, making a writing research I have found people is interested in to study the hands of primates to compare them with humans and to make a right palm reading for foretelling the future. To the primates, not the humans. Shocking-, someone has decided they could dedicate themselves to have several mates at the same time. Forget about classic mating this is something more spiritual and soulmate like in which two souls do not need to be physical together for to enjoy their time or… However, you want to call it. It is pure love attached to the soul and everything is so metaphysical which escapes my so logical knowledge of the practical and physical facts. The case is; it does not matter you are looking for this sort of relationships or not, people are going to look them for you. So, warning here dear folks, it does not matter that you show up in films or you are the one who sets the camera and lighting. You are going to have to deal with someone trying to “be your friend” with the excuse of to have a date. Or someone is going to try to sell something on eBay or other apps and folks are going to try to date and to have a new “virtual relationship” with the excuse of to buy something they do not want. Crazy enough? Because this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Some of those folks have already a physical relationship but they are looking for other fantastical and magical one online. Why? Because it seems it is cool or something. I do not know I am not getting it and I am not inventing anything. This text is inspired by one text posted on a Glamour magazine from July. And if Conde Nast has published those are bigger words here on the talking.

Apparently, there are some sort of folks who believe in Bad Romances (your fault Lady Gaga), virtual relationships which work (I’m going to blame here You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) and finish well, secret spy games or strange communication methods (Ethan Hunt -Tom Cruise- you will always have the fault for this Mission Impossible saga), foretelling when they are going to meet thanks to the posts (Tom Cruise again Minority Report) plus to have more followers than no one and to get them all for to make jealous the other partner (aka Pokemon). This last thing is not something I say. It is Conde Nast again. And I can confirm from my spy status it is the truth. One day I assisted to a conversation on the tube in which I was like: “Pinch me. This could not be real,” but it was real. I did not have anyone at my side to pinch me. Where is the director assistant when I most need her?

On the conversation, a girl around my age (31 years old, and I am not scared of to say it) was talking with a girl friend by phone saying how she had caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Apparently, that evil boyfriend had two separate FB and Instagram accounts. One, he was using for the habitual stuff while the other he was using it for to date other girls online. For Elisabeth! What a drama here… So she had found it and she had told him more than one word. They had split and the conversation continued with: “What does he think? That he’s some sort of top model or something? He isn’t worth a s***! But if I’ve got more followers on my account than he’ll ever have. I’m the one whom could have more dates, not him.” I am not going to doubt about her number of followers either or that she knows how to pose and to take good selfies. What I can assure you is she was not Cindy Crawford or any other of these goddesses from the fashion Olympia. We all know, ladies, you are all superb.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

The case is you can apply this logic which it seems it happens with normal people who are no one to people who are doing their best, not for to try to be someone, if not for to prove there is some talent behind a picture. And, despite my Threshold training program was quite crazy, people like me have the talent for to become good agents, not murderers. Huge difference here.

So what happens here? If current people break with their couples because they believe they are being cheated in some sort of Matrix relationships. Why could not they hack to be sure that person is whom s/he says who is and not other fake profile? Why do not to throw away the ethics to the trash if you put in front the personal interest to check if everything is truth or a lie? What do you think? I keep thinking that if I pretend to be an agent on the field I need the tech support from Benji Dunn or the new Heather Lee at my side. Without no offence, I prefer girl teams and beauty squads, we understand each other better.

And why? Well, it is pretty scary when your computer starts to suicide itself without to have done anything and later you notice the private things on your journal are spread around. It is not pleasant like I suppose it is not pleasant to find pictures of you on the newspapers in awkward situations. And all of this why? For to check the truth? For to be sure if that person can be trustworthy or not? Wait a second folks, you were not on the ethics classes and the first thing there is to respect the other, in special his/her privacy. What is this? That should we back to the stone times in which tech did not exist to can have a life without the risk of to be exposed to everything just because a “virtual lover” has become jealous and he cannot allow that people like me are talking with other fellows from the same job industry? Or let’s go to portrait everything like it is some sort of ode to the “real freedom of the cybernetic systems” which only pretend to control us? Maybe the eternal Cold War old feelings and issues? Or a magic quest to figure out who is the father of who? And the problem is: they put you in the middle of all this s***, just like they did with the poor Taylor Swift, and you do not have the idea of what all of this is about just, someone is messing with you and your work but no idea why. Well, maybe there is some idea behind but you do not really want to know it because your mental stability is at stake if you cross that line.

Alicia Vikander on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Alicia Vikander on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

So, what non-talented girls like me do in those cases, or at least I have done. I give up to followers because I do not really care about that. I do not consider they are “people who we influence” or “possible sells” like some folks believe. I consider them people who like my stuff and who I would like to keep an open conversation because most of them are very nice, actually. However, I cannot because some people get mad because I am talking with a no one and not with him. And I do not consider that is fair. Like I do not consider to cannot keep posting songs from other fellows or pieces of films just because people get also nuts and crazy about it. No, we have not been working together all our life but if you insist in to keep being so annoying we will.

I am in the artistic world, in special music, since I was eight years old that is 1993. I was one year before that in some sort of prep school of music because I was younger to assist to the official one. And I am not going to lie: the first year was a mess and I repeated but the next year I made the two years on one. That without to forget the conventional studies that any children should have. Do you know the ten commandments of the artist? No. I am afraid some folks create religions, but they do not know about this basic things. Let me explain to them because I have found that younger artists than others know about them while some older ones who believe to be eternal teens does not. Those are this:

– Thou shalt have not other artistic works before the one it has been assigned.

– Thou shalt not make unto thee any reproduction of any other’s work.

– Thou shalt not take the name of the Disney in vain.

– Remember Release Day, to keep it Holy.

– Honour thy father and thy mother.

– Thou shalt not kill for to get the role of others.

– Thou shalt not commit adultery for to get a better role.

– Thou shalt not steal the work of others.

– Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy other artist.

– Thou shalt not covet the role or the working position from others.

Why all of this religious turn? Because those are the basic ethics which on a way or other we thou shalt respect. And if someone does not do it using deceiving tricks behind thinking s/he is not going to be caught… Well, the Force is everywhere… You cannot move an inch without those secret powers know everything. Those are the rules of the game, even if one likes it or not. If you do not like, get out and stop to mess around with “anti-imperialist campaigns” or stupid cyber control issues because what I know is about magic. Not about that 0 and 1 language. So do not mention it because I get annoyed and bored. In special when all of you start a debate about the privacy. What is that? You must learn to make the lack of privacy his/her life. It is how this sadly works.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Whatever. What I really wanted to talk about is of the credibility. Because it arrived a point on my studies and my world in which some professors revealed to us the secret issues of the journalism. You know those moments in which you meet a journalist bulldog and she knows how to ask the tricky thing… Those things and then, what to do with that. So, I am not going to reveal the secret but we had some division of opinions on Blackbriar for those times.

The problem was not other than the recruitment and training methods were so new and experimental that not everybody on the recruitment had the same goals. Not everybody wanted to work in media (written, tv…) some people wanted to be filmmakers. Just like me, for example. However, independently what some people wanted to do there, there was a huge mistake. Some people started to believe the press and media are so manipulated which they cannot be trustful and it is better to do not watch commercials, advertisement, newspapers and the worst of all: television. They saw on the social networks the new revolutionary method which would free everybody from the media manipulations and which they could trust blindly. And my otter logic thinking: “Hey, they call it social media for something.” But do not have in mind my way of thinking. I know it belongs to an otter world and logic and it is not commonly understood or accepted.

The resume is that it seems you can trust anything which is on social media but no on newspapers. However, here does not finish the point because it seemed then, like we had some classes taught by Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks on any of those The DaVinci Code filmmaking sagas), we had to make everything following that complex rules which the fiction invented and which sold millions of books. Not really, I am exaggerating but not so much because you do not have an idea how it was lived that Lost experience with the eternal numbers. I think I remember more the series for the chit chat about those numbers than what happened in certain episodes. It is weird actually.

So, the conclusion was: “Look for the secret hiding things. Become the new Robert Langdon and someone will say you are a genius and they will save you.” Because in the end, everything is about salvation not about hard working. And this is like: “What? Dude, that shot on my short was like that because there was not room for to make the camera move back. Neither angle lens. What are you talking about the ‘oppression feeling of the subject’?” I know, it feels weird. The interpretation I mean. You start to look for the director assistant to pinch you again but it was a low budget short film and we could not have one. So bad, indeed.

Alicia Vikander and Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

Alicia Vikander and Matt Damon on Jason Bourne film. Picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

At the end of all these neurotic issues which are not well digested and hard to understand. Omitting the Katy Perry confusion. Folks like me arrive at home and no one around understands why you have been wasting your time doing such things. Right, it is what I have been doing… And the more shocking is when you are having a conversation and you mention that a certain person should not believe so much what all in the social media or television shares, then he answers you what is he going to do then. To what you suggest to read a book and the answer is an angry shout saying for to do that he needs to know the life of the author first. So, applying my otter logic again: “Books are not trustworthy because he needs to know the life of the author but you read social media or watch tv and you do not have the idea about the lives of those folks behind but you believe them. Nice.” I know, I know, it is hard to understand. I think in the otter way but it is how it works.

Arrived at this point, I am afraid we are like Jason: without to know our identity and doubting who are the bad guys and whom the good ones in all those Blackbriar stories. And the only that you want to say is: “F*** you to all” because you are tired of the so many different versions of the story which is side is bringing to you. Then, you wish to be amnesic too but that is too much asking.

Coda: Trust your guts and the facts because if you are capable of to get so many facts in all the time as I had, without wishing the opportunity, you will find unexpected truths. Which is so disgusting like these undercover operations than the CIA has been doing but those are the facts. That, and to remember to do not be near Jason Bourne when he is driving. Even if he is very hot, do not be on the same vehicle with him. It always finishes badly. Better trust Ethan Hunt or Jack Reacher on those matters because the real Toms know the right stuff. It is all a matter of agencies and secret CIA undercover operations. In the end, everybody is working for the same guy. And all of us need a Benji Dunn or a Heather Lee in our lives. That’s a big fact.