How to Care your Clothes with Ariel

Ariel liquid and Ariel tablets both from P&G

Ariel liquid and Ariel tablets both from P&G

On this week Beauty Squad section, I have thought it was interesting to show you something different. Everybody is talking about fashion, how to dress, what to wear or the best beauty products but the reality is there are not so many written articles about clothing caring or the proper washing. And I believe this is more useful than to start to talk about which sort of tendencies are going to be this A/W season. For to do that, we have already Vogue and they know more than me. So, let’s divide the work properly.

First, some of you will notice this strange name of the brand: Ariel. No, it is not in honour of that famous Disney mermaid. To be honest that is the only point which the dossier which is sent to brand ambassadors Procter & Gamble (P&G) does not explain: why someone had the occurrence of to use this name. For European people is quite normal and we are made to the stain cleaner but I understand that from people worldwide the name can result weird. Anyway, it is a P&G brand so I am sure it is distributed in all your countries but probably under a different name. I think it is called Tide in the UK. Just check it.

The most innovative part about this two type of soaps is that they clean everything without the need of to add any other product. However, the boxes are for the tablets which have three components on them: the basic Ariel soap which cleans everything mostly by itself, a whitening component plus a blue one which acts like a hard stain remover but also like a fabric conditioner. All of this means that it does not only removes the hardest stains with a single tablet if not it lets your laundry fresh and without not so much need of ironing. Easiest laundry made ever.

Although, these magic tablets are not so magical and perfect yet. They have a small problem and it is they do not dissolve well in short laundry cycles. For this reason, it is recommended to use the basic liquid gel for those short programs or delicate clothes which mostly should be hand washing; if you do not have a fancy washing machine which cares about your clothes. If it is a very delicate piece of clothing which request a hand wash or a short cycle but it has been very stained; it is recommended to take a bit of the liquid product and to rub it lightly over the stain. Leave it for a while and then wash it. Maybe you will need a bit more of rubbing like our grandmas used to do but I am afraid so many people are insulting the old when they do not have the idea of the wisdom and knowledge they are losing by to do not respect certain antique traditions.

Now, a quick guide. Do you know which sort of clothes are delicate and which are not? In most cases, when you buy any new item for any brand it has the instructions on an inside label. That is for to read it and to learn, not for to cut it. However, like I know there are so many “no worries and happy living out there” there is a golden rule: underwear (any kind), lace, any sequins, tweed, embroidery… All of those are delicate clothes. In most cases, depending on the type of the fabric it is recommended a dry cleaning for which none of these products must be used. I mean, a dry cleaning is not easy to do. I could make a whole post about it and probably it will not work for you if you do not have the right practice. In our days, it is quite easy and a way to manage the time properly to go with those clothes to the special cleaner places which offer those services. Seriously, dry cleaning is so complicated for to make it at home.

All the clothes which have a majority in cotton, or polyester, work well in hard washing cycles with any product. The only problem they could have is the sort of dye in the fabric. So please, check the label before to wash. It will warn you if there is a risk of colour mixing or not.

I hope there is not need to remember that you should not mix white and fair clothes with colourful ones on the same laundry. Sometimes that could be messy. But avoiding that, it is an old logic: to keep the white whiter for long. It does not matter how many whitening products you could use. If you do not respect this basic rule the whites tend to fade to some sort of greyish, yellowish tones quickly.

Do you want more tips and tricks about difficult stains? P&G and I are at your disposition. Please, reach us by our Social Networks and happy laundry!