The Mirror of the Gods

Not sure how many of you have started to create stories or films with the Bradbury’s method. It is a simple one: you have the most simple concept in the world, maybe just a word, and you must create a whole story with it. It is fun if you really love this. If not you will soon notice this does not go with you.

I started to create all sort of short stories in Spanish with that method long ago. However, most of the times I did not have enough time to finish them. When I realised I needed a writing reel I found myself plenty, with so many notebooks filled with ideas and concepts which I keep classifying from one side and other having so many complicated worlds in development at the same time. I am quite messy. What am I going to do?

Although, when I finished college and I was studying at NYFA knowing that on there people tend to breakfast for free and to have a series of privileges that I am not sure if my country will ever have one day, I thought: “Why to write in Spanish for to later translate it if I can already write it on an international language?” So, here I am since then: improving my Shakespeare way of to express myself until the point sometimes I do not even recognise my own language or I must ask again because I am not sure what people say. It is a bad habit, actually, this thing about to write in English. No one around me understands me if I do not go to a tourist area. Quite quirky.

Anyway, here is a story which I originally published on my very old blog. It is from 2011 and what I cannot say exactly is if it was from August. On those times I posted so much fiction in short time. Not like now which is weekly. Back then, sometimes there were like two or three fiction posts on certain days. Sometimes because it was a special day. Sometimes for crazy situations, online which I did not know how to understand well, or to resolve, annoyed me and I finished answering with a long text on my blog. Let’s be clear: it is not logic to start any web with all sort of “secret visits” or “messages”. But I had. Some of them declared hate, some love… It depended on the day or the hallucination of those times but I am afraid some of you have already experienced a bit what is to suffer that. So sorry, I do not know how to bear with those coffee addicts and virtual stalkers either but I hope you enjoy this old tale. All my best. Peace and Love.

The Mirror of the Gods. Picture taken by me 2008.

The Mirror of the Gods. The picture was taken by me 2008.

The Mirror of the Gods

An ancient legend tells that when the Gods created the humans, they created them for to have fun. They used them as muppets and they played with them as the kids do with toys. But, one day, one human discovered how to be free and to do whatever he wanted and he taught other humans how they should do the things to do not be slaves anymore.

The deities, scared for this revolution and for to be afraid of to lose the control of their game, decided to kill that human who was opening the mind of the people. He died, but it was too late. When a spark ignites a sea of flames it is not easy to stop it. It is not easy even for the Gods themselves.

Although the Makers, in their supreme wisdom, decided the best for to control that loving riot was to punish the humans with their wrath. They created the tornados, the earthquakes, the floods and they wake up the sleepy mountains to burn the humans as if they would be in the Hades. Still, all these measures had not the effect that the deities expected. Most of the humans were acting by themselves: by pure love and respect to the other human and not under the fear of them. They did not obey the Gods and they did not fear them anymore. People stopped to reverence them, to offer them bloodthirsty sacrifices and, instead of all of that, they claimed there was one God only who was pure love.

Desperate and angry, because they could not prevent or control what the humans could do, the Gods of the Olympia created a huge mirror and they put it in the highest place of the sky: above everything and unreachable for any human, bird or animal. They made it with the intention that all the humans on the planet could see it. And all the beings were fascinated for this beautiful gift. They looked at it all the nights amazed for its beauty and they referenced it on its mysterious attraction and shine.

The deities, admired for the great result of this new glass, thought the one last measure for to control the humans. Hermes, the messenger, was sent down to the Earth. He infiltrated among the humans to impersonate one of them. “Do you see this beautiful orb that appears at night? That is a gift from the Gods. But it not only looks beautiful in the sky and it gives light to the darkness. No. It is a mirror and it is magic. If you look at it all the nights and you tell to it all your questions, doubts and wishes the mirror will give you an answer,” he spread while he travelled all the world with his winged sandals.

At the beginning, some humans were a bit sceptical about this story but some of them discovered that when they told to the mirror their questions they had an answer in their dreams. If they told their doubts, they found a conviction in what they had to do whilst they were sleeping. And, if they told to the mirror their wishes, they came true. Some of them only in their dreams other in real but humans know that everything is not perfect so they accepted it. Furthermore, people started to think all those answers and dreams accomplished were signs and gifts from the Gods, any God. Despite, the truth was it came from themselves but the old fathers were sage. After all, they had been the ones who created everything and they knew the humans well. So, it was on them to know how the human thought as it was in the human to know how the God thought by himself. Still, that was complicated for those times and primitive people to discover it yet.

And this is the story of how the first gods had the control of the humans again. The trick was simple and smart: the humans told all their doubts and wishes, the Gods listened but they did nothing. Just, to guess what the people would do to get their goals and to prevent their movements.

Why did not they get involved and helped the people to resolve their problems or to realise their dreams? Maybe you are asking yourself but the answer is simple and clear. Because when Gods created humans they created them with their own will, power and the necessary courage to do the things by themselves. Those were the teachings that the mortal who sacrificed himself from the rest known well. Although, time is the worst enemy of all beings. It is sad that the training and lessons were swallowed by Cronus himself. And with that, everything was easily forgotten just like any legend or tale.