Lattelvia Maxus Maximus

This is part of something more complex. For say it in some way. It has a relationship with The Chirpywanglers story and others but it is a complex world which I do not have ready for to reveal. I hope you enjoy it. If you have doubts or want to share your opinion I can read your comments, but you can also use the social networks. Yes, I know certain people will see a wave of Catholicism and probably so many will not understand so many things. You do not understand the otter either or basic marketing campaigns about products. It is not my fault people go surfing the web catching McGuffins and marketing ghosts inside the complex storytelling development process.

I am almost my whole life receiving as gifts this sort of books which are not for entertainment if not that some folks believe they are “culture” and for that, they read like that. Personally, when I see TATE Britain posts something from Shozo Shimamozo and people start to say they see skulls, bones, people or marriages. A part of me wishes to start to cry. In the same way that when I went to a phone store months ago, I was attended by a person who had “the mark” of the Death Eaters on his left arm. He gave absolutely for granted that for the fault of Potter, now his kind had to suffer having muggle jobs. Yes, we were talking about those ways but he had really sympathised with the bad guys. So, for yours truly, a part of my stories in which explains origins and why some people is bad. Thanks for the inspiration and creation of certain words. The Salemite concept is perfect. All my best.

Fresco in Florence.

Lattelvia Maxus Maximus

“Just be quiet and listen to me!” said Mrs Arnsworth preventing Canny for to say anything else. “Despite arrived this point you know about so many things. It will NOT be properly to start to speak wildly about them.”

“I understand, my lady, just…”

“Just NOT,” interrupted her bluntly making emphasis in the “not”. “And there isn’t anything else to argue about why or why not is the moment. With that, it is all.”

She laid back on her armchair. Without Sebastian could explain a knitting labour had appeared in her hands and she had continued with what it looked like a scarf with four endings. It was truth that arrived this point of more than a year knowing the woman Sebastian had learnt so many things but he could not understand so many others either. In special, why he could not see how the things appeared and disappeared when it seemed all the friends of Mrs Arsnworth, including some children, could see it. Everybody used to tell him: ”It has been here all the time. How is that you cannot see it?” And, of course, he felt extremely awkward just for the reason he could not when everybody else could.

Between the normal people or the ones at the newspaper, he felt like an alien and in between this Arnsworth’s family and friends he felt like he was the one with all sort of physical disadvantages. Loved but quite… “Limited” like they used to say. He could not understand the concept of the “Limited people” yet. Clearly, when they spoke about those sort of things they did not mean people who were retarded, neither with some sort of physical or mental deficiencies. No, the Ars Paegnium members referred to this sort of people with certain connotation more closer to express that Limited People were not open minded. Still, he had so many doubts about that yet. Not all the stories had been revealed. There were so many creatures and secrets for to discover and, in between all of that, there was a huge geographical issue too. One called Ambrosia, from where all those Limited people belonged but he did not know where to start to ask or to learn. Just because he had already offended Mrs Arnsworth telling her he wanted to publish a series of fantastic tales he had written about the stories she told him. For his surprise, she did not see the matter of this publishing business quite well.

After what it seemed an awkward eternity in silence waiting she to say a word or to express anything. He felt Worf had found his sleeping corner again, next to his feet. He was going to take the Spectrum glasses he had received for to check if he was right when Mrs Arsnworth decided to spoke with him again. “You shouldn’t trust so much your eyes if they don’t know how to see well.”

Sebastian forgot to take out the glasses from his pocket and he kept still: waiting to see what was going to come next. She continued: “Not sure why, darling. Seriously, I do not have an idea why you and not someone else younger. But certainly, you should not depend on any tool for to check the things you know.”

“I know?”

“Yes, you know.”

“I need to check them because if not I can’t know if they’re true or I’m becoming crazy,” answered him quite upset.

“No. You’re wrong on that. You think you need to check if Worf is or not at your feet because you cannot see him. When you already know since the fifth day you stepped on this house he makes exactly the same. Like you know he likes to lie there. Or don’t you know it after a year?”

“I suppose. I do…” said he doubting.

“Maybe it would be that you have some chakras blocked or something… Honestly, I do not know. It isn’t my field,” said she continuing with her knitting.

“If you are going to take me to other of those strange doctors of your kind for to make me all sort of test. No thanks, I had enough the last time with that Dubu experiment.”

“But, darling, it was necessary. If a Dubu does not recognise you like one of ours, despite your lack of vision, we could not keep having this conversation right now.”

“That thing pulled off my hair. Tried to take out my teeth and it hit me in my parts. Three times.”

“That thing, you call, was the Dubu chief Ubu. The longest member of his tribe and he was trying to figure out why if you were a grown up no Dubu had been never ever caring of you at your side.”

“And for that, was it necessary those painful tests?”

“He needed to check if you were really a grown up with the gift or you were just faking, like so many others had made in the past?”

“Faking? What do you mean?” The words of Mrs Arnsworth had awoken the curiosity on him. Maybe he did not totally agree with the ways Ubu had of to make the things but he knew there had been something dangerous. Something they had tried to protect him but which he had not learnt yet. Despite, it had not been the first serious issue in a year or strange encounter with dark things he had.

“It’s a story which comes from so long ago. Even before I started. Well, on those times we had some troubles too but not like the ones they had at the very beginning.”

“Would you mind?” asked Sebastian curious.

“Just if you promise to listen carefully and forget to publish those stories like you said you wanted to make: for the whole world.”

“How are there going to be published if not?“

“I’ll explain to you that in another moment. We have our own publishers too. Don’t worry.”

“Alright. I’m here for to listen.”

“I have already told you the story of the Toy Maker and that some of those principles did not start with him if not they come from so long ago.”

“Yes, I remember that story.”

“The Ars Paegnium started in what it was known as the Roman Empire. That is the reason Latin is one of the most used languages for the oldest members despite they know so many other ones. You know already, there is a place called Ambrosia where some of them discovered wonderful things but on there, they were also discovered others which were not so delightful. Light cannot live without darkness. It is needed an equilibrium. So, as it was said, in the most wonderful places could also be the den of the evilest.

Mr Arnsworth told me he was just a lad. He was exploring those amazing lands they had discovered together with other of his militias. It was then when it did not matter the place, soldiers were ordered to conquer every single place they found and the troops had just made a settlement in what later was named Lattelvia.

People from those lands were quite naive. Some of the Latin speakers said they were Limited and uncivilised because they had not developed the basic skills their army had seen travelling and conquering for all the Normandy and the actual England in other tribes they had found in their path. It was needed to teach them so many things but they were surprised of to know than in some other rural activities they were quite advanced for their times. Just not all the Roman commanders saw that in the same ways. They had orders of to impose the Roman law and they made that even if the people who had lost the battle accepted or not.

The problem was not other than their legion had crossed to this lands by accident. They thought they were on Earth. In their Mundis, like they thought and said, but they had crossed to Ambrosia by accident. Having in mind their own Roman superstitions which were a long list. Some of them gave for granted they were at the Hades and they had died in battle without to have noticed. Others believed it should be more like the Elysium Fields, and everything depended if they travelled more to North or to the East. Always, without to dare to cross the mountains and ridges which seemed they were limiting everything. They started to settle. Some of them were ordered to go with smaller groups of scouts for to explore everything. They were naming and mapping everything at the same time they felt they needed to make of those uncivilised lands a civilisation. They took the old name the people who had been born of those lands gave to the small town: Lat. And they Romanised everything, including the names, languages, way of to make the things, even to build.

The main general, Petrus, though that doing that job he would have the favours of the Emperor and he would be acclaimed in Rome. Just as time passed by and they noticed they could not send emissaries back to Rome they become desperate. Some of them saw everything in a new opportunistic way and they decided to make of those lands their own Rome. But others… Others could not bear it. They could not accept the sort of condemnation in which they felt they had been fallen. They took their lives waiting to be with their ancestors in whatever the religion of which they were losing faith. Just… Not everything in Ambrosia has the same principles, rules and laws we have here, in Earth.

From the darkness. Those who had been death raised. No, no like a zombie or some sort of thing like that before you asked, darling, if not like shadows. Ambrosians call this creature Beshruts, they are dark creatures, made of pure shadow, evil and fear. Something which has been compared with the Ahsian, the difference is the amount of power ones and others have.”

“So do you mean ghost exist? I mean, wait. Before you scold me. I know ghost exist. You showed me. I mean some sort of pure evil force ghost,” asked Sebastian doubtful.

“Yes, my dear, they exist. Some crossed to this side too but that is another story and if not we will deviate so much of the main point which is the ones who faked.”

“Right. Right. Please, continue. I’m just fascinated.”

“Imagine that on those years before Christ the simplicity so many people had of to kill was to stab something. Of course, Romans had invented all sort of things of plotting and planning and to change the Emperor in all sort of poisonous ways but not all the people in an army had those levels of performance. When they found out the death did not die and they could not pinch them with their short swords again, the rumours that Ambrosia was Hades grew fast between the Latin speakers.

A group of rebel soldiers, in which it was Mr Arnsworth, did not totally agree with the ways the General Petrus imposed their norms. They had been imprisoned in the last stone buildings that Petrus had ordered to the new slaved Lats to make for his rejoice. Basically, they made what Romans used to make. But having a lack of a Circus for to can kill the prisoners they had just left them in that place. They were eleven men and their crime it had been to try to learn from the Lats and to do not treat them like slaves. The poor Helastos was even beaten for to refuse to hit one of those Lats who was not moving stone at the speed Petrus wished to have everything built for his own Emperor’s dream.”

“Wait. Helastos? The librarian?” asked Sebastian shocked.

“Exactly. The librarian. Yes, I know you are surprised, dear, but there are so many things about the Ars Paegnium you need to discover. Time to time. Now, listen.”

Those eleven men had been talking with the Lats and they had started to learn of them. In special, some Lats had warned them that some rules were not like the Romans believed they were and they would doom themselves. Just the Romans did not believe those myths until the Beshrut started to appear condemning others for to be shadows, exactly like them.

In one of those attacks, they could escape from the prison. They freed some of the Lats and they run away to another settlement which is called in our days Serena. They were not so many Romans there. The four which had been ordered to rule everything saw the eleven soldiers with major rank than them and they did not offer any resistance. They simply joined them in whatever they were going to make but they did not want to be close of any of those ‘shadow men’. They travelled and explored for years, running away from their destiny like they liked to say. Some of them became the founders of new Ambrosian cities or settlements. Others were looking for a way of to go back home, while others wished to learn. In any case, they kept being friends, and one of the main things they had in common was they disliked how Petrus was imposing everything do not leaving the native people to speak or to be involved in anything. They were against the slavery and the absolutism.

Suddenly, they noticed in their act of rebellion they were not soldiers anymore. That they did not have a master and after to had to deal with so many dark situations with all sort of beings, they had found who they were thanks to the knowledge they had acquired which it had lightened their way. Somehow, they had learnt the rules were very different in all that place. They did not age like they did on Earth but also, that they could be one with each other without the need of to be next. That even if they were in the darkest valleys they should not be afraid because they were always with their friends.

It was then when they decided to learn what to do for to prevent to create more Beshrut. They worried to know the death rituals Ambrosian people had for to prevent those things. Like in to learn so many things. Without to expect it, they had started a new way of knowing which was very different from what other philosophers made on their missed Earth. They believed it was an art but also they learned that very easy, like if they were playing. Instead of the traditional Roman methods of to impose even the knowledge. So they called themselves Ars Paegnium. Which could be translated like Toy Makers, the art of to make toys, but also like “the art of to play.”

However, rumours are the sort of hoaxes which travel faster than light-speed. Petrus had been ruling like if he was the Emperor and the Magister Sacrorum. He wanted all sort of power, physical or divine for himself. And, like any man who wishes to control so many things abusing of power, he ended wishing to control the uncontrollable but without to be able to self-command himself. Some said he became mad. Others there was the same Caligula had. In between all this prattle people like to share, it arrived the news that the rebel soldiers who escaped were alive, that they had turned powerful and wise and that they will beat the tyranny Petrus had started to apply in the first sacred laws which were established at Lattelvia and which keep ruling until our days: The Maxus Maximus.

The Law says:

Educationem accipient prolixius iudicium.

Scientia est vetiti.

Et finita est magicae.

Ars Paegnium necesse est mori.

On them, it is based all the ruling principles of the Limited people.”

“But I don’t understand. They said education should be by punishment. That science and magic must be banned and ended. Also that the Ars Paegnium should die. Why such sort of things against what it is basic for to develop any civilisation? If they were Romans, they should know that.”

“You are right, dear. Still, Petrus was a military, not a senator. He had learnt to rule by conquering and fear. He knew so many before him had used those methods and they had reached privileged positions in Rome. Some even had granted their own lands or countries for to command. It was what he always wished and he had it then, but even better, because he did not have to depend on no one at Rome for to decide how he liked to make the things and if he disliked them. He just needed to invent new ones at his will. To say he was the law and to make everybody followed it, in a way or other.”

“That was not very democratic…” said Sebastian.

“Certainly not but some people do not believe in to share anything, even less wealth or power. They are blinded by greed and vanity which makes them have fear of loose things too. That leads to darkness, bloodthirstiness and hate which is not a different way of to say evilness,” answered Mrs Arnsworth acquiring an even more serious tone than her usual one. She continued with her narration:

“Petrus ordered to persecute the ones who had rebelled against his way of to do the things. He ordered that any men, Roman or not, who would bring to him the heads of the members of the Ars Paegnium would be rewarded with a weighty charge. People trusted Petrus and they believed they would be saved by this new potentate. The persecutions started for to try to kill the toy makers. That was even before the year in which Christ was been born. So have in consideration that all these measures that you consider so quirky are made for a good reason and not for a whim of a group of people who you consider weirdos.”

“I don’t consider you weirdos, my lady. Just… Well, you must understand some of the things I have been experimenting defy what it is considered normal or logical, in other ways of thinking,” replied Sebastian.

“I am glad to hear that, lad. But better I tell you what they made apart of the persecution,” said the old woman happy of to have heard that answer. “Like they could not capture all the toy makers, even less to kill them. Just like a remember than in Ambrosia laws worked quite different in death terms. No need to explain more because you have already met Sebastianus, the ghost…”

“Oh yes, he gave me a pretty scare. He told me I looked like him when he was young. In fact, I could not really deny that despite his transparency,” said Sebastian ironically.

“Yes, the poor one was one of the first ones in to be killed by Petrus since then he likes to joke that he has turned absolutely clear and he cannot keep secrets because everything could be seen through him. At least, he preserves his sense of humour,” said Mrs Arsnworth funny.

“But why didn’t he turned a Beshrut?”

“Oh dear, that is a complicated issue. Just not everybody who dies violently does. Some simply became ghosts. Despite it is the truth so many turn in Beshruts. Anyway, like you saw, it was not Sebastianus case. His new knowledge had been very useful since then. Well, they could not kill them or made them prisoners for long. Some were tortured but it was quite useless because they did not share their intentions or knowledge. In fact, there was not any intention of to go against Petrus, it was him who believed that and who said he needed that knowledge and power for to defeat what he called the menace.

In some moment, Petrus and his more loyal followers noticed they could not do a great thing in that universe, torturing or killing like they had done on Earth. Those methods left mutilated bodies but the being kept living. In what they thought, it was a more powerful way than them, a simple human.”

“But that is not right, isn’t it?” asked Canny confused.

“I told you they were Limited. In any case, they decided they needed the knowledge at any cost but if they tried to kill one of them for to be like Sebastianus they discovered his fellow was turned in a Beshrut and not a ghost. On those times, this Limited people did not know how to control or to “talk” with Beshrut neither. So for them, it was useless. For this reason, they developed a new method to try to gain that knowledge: the Scrutinior. Men who will infiltrate inside the organisation for to gather as much information as they could and to later sold it to the people in Lattelvia who keep believing the Toy Makers, scientific and artists are some sort of sect which wants to destroy their world.”

“I don’t understand. And for what do they want the information? Take for example Sebastianus, he is a ghost. Or Ubu the Dubu. Even if they know those creatures exist. They deny them but they cannot have either the same abilities they have. Which is the purpose then, of to know?” asked the curious journalist.

“The problem is not with the knowledge if not that they are Limited. So they wished to know this thing they could not understand but they gave for granted those things were going to be used for to destroy them. When the reality was that no one had the intention of to kill no one except Petrus and his followers.”

“So they were paranoid for to lose the power they had and they educated everybody who followed them in the same ways,” said cleverly the young man.

“Exactly, dear. Fear leads to darkness. The Ochaedrion reflects the light but one side keeps always in darkness. Like with the galaxy, different stars and planets. Not everything can be lighted. Not everything can be revealed at the same time or discovered because it is on that gloom where the brighter things can be spotted.”

“I see. One thing cannot live without the other.”

“I am glad you are starting to understand it.”

“So what did they make with the information they recovered?”

“They used it for to manipulate other minds making believe the people who said those things, like for example ghosts exist, is insane. Remember the Maxus Maximus? It is exactly for to follow that and to do not educate properly to no one. Neither, to let them express themselves or to advance in science or technological developments.”

“What did the toy makers?”

“Well, it is the reason why we act in so strange ways. We invented the ‘ars nihil vera dicere’ which is something you are starting to understand right now. However, the limited people suspected we were talking in a way they could not understand so they invented their own method and they said it was the one our sect used. When, like you have checked, we do not read like that at all. Even less we are a sect. How someone like you will describe us beside of freaks?”

“I would say it is the most quirky and queer community of different beings with all sort of human or not shapes than any eyes could see. Haven’t no one ever confused you with wizards?”

“So many times, my dear. Some of us were ever persecuted by the Inquisition and Salemites. The issue is on this Earth side they can really kill us. So we must take, extra-precaution, just for what could happen… In special with the gifted children. You know… It is small people who need to have extra-care.”

“I should have known the Dubu wanted I caught him like a ball.”

“It is because you have been missed. And when kids are lost… Well, they grow up and they start to see the things like limited, with all sort of conventions and classifications which do not exist, instead of like beings we are made of light for to shine one next to each other and to make great things.”

“The Petrus followers. Do they have a name?”

“We use to call them Limited like we call to so many humans despite we know they do not have anything to do with those Scrutinors. Still, like they think alike. For us, there is not so much difference between ones and others. Still, it is said that they used to call themselves Aniketos.”

“Why such a strange name?”

“It comes from Greek, It means Invictus. But that is another long story to explain and today is quite late. I am afraid.”

Sebastian watched his watch. Time had flown without he noticed. It was passed 7 o’clock and it seemed they had only been one hour or two, like usual, talking. Still, he kept having so many questions to resolve and to ask. He was not going to give up so easily so he dared to continue with the conversation before to leave until next weekend chat.

“If you can travel through space time. Why haven’t you corrected that problem with the Aniketos?”

“Because it is not so simple like it seems, darling. The Past should not be erased. Neither changed. Even the darkest one, it is there for something. For to learn of it and for to discover things. Not for to make believe others things which never happened and to make them live in an eternal dream. That is not a worthy way of living. Not being like it, in longer or shorter term.”

“However, you said they were trying to kill the Art Paegnium from the beginning. Only because they were scared of to lose power and your knowledge? You told me so many beings died in other times just for them. So why not to eradicate them?” asked Sebastian very confused.

“If we exterminate any creature which will go after us. Would that make us better? Safer? Or just like them? You cannot beat hate with more hate and murder. Only love can win that battle. It would not be proper to act like them. That will make us exactly the same,” said Mrs Arnsworth firmly.

“So what then? To sit and to wait until the next tragedy will happen?” he was worried. The old woman noticed it since the beginning of the afternoon but she could read in his naive eyes all this story had been so much for him.

“No, dear. No. One day you will understand that even if a warrior defeats all his enemies, new ones will show up. It is not an issue about to end a conflict which is created by the lack of culture and understanding on the other side, if not about to give a balance between the light and the darkness for to let the knowledge enlighten for itself everyone,” answered her with a maternal tone that Sebastian had rarely seen in her before. At least not with him. He noticed in one year, things had changed extremely quick, than for to do not know why his socks disappeared and to had to be the one looking weird at the office. Now he knew how to feed and to care a Sokten properly for to do not make him clothing messes anymore. In special, he recognised they were very useful after all.

The mysteries kept surrounding him and the questions boiling in his head but at least he had gained the confidence to know he was not insane. He had just been missed like they said. Somehow, it had resulted to be an advantage for all of them.