Nespresso and San Pellegrino

Nespresso On Ice coffee which includes Leggero On Ice and Intenso On Ice with San Pellegrino sparkling water.

However, it is said not so many like cocktails or fruits but it seems everybody loves coffee in our days. So why not to have the advantage of San Pellegrino and Nespresso joining together for to share another special way for to drink coffee with a twist?

Extremely simple, you only need to have one of the Nespresso special coffees designed for to add ice and to serve cold. It has a Leggero On Ice and an Intenso On Ice versions. Choose your ideal match or experiment with both. Remember Nespresso stores offer you a degustation service if you are not sure which one would be your perfect match.

Prepare the coffee following the instructions of your Nespresso machine. Add sugar to taste -or not- several ice cubes, and refill the glass with Sparkling San Pellegrino water. Let yourself delight by the combination of flavours and the decadent coffee foam it generates. Pair it with your favourite type of biscuits or chocolate for to indulge yourself.

Want to know more? Or why all this San Pellegrino recommendations and tricks? Check the video below. And do not forget to ask in your social media #MomentoSanPellegrino with your questions, recipes and tricks. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have done. Good luck.