The Beauty Ritual

My beauty ritual. Courtesy Biotherm

My beauty ritual. Courtesy Biotherm

More than a month ago I received an opportunity. The key of those things which happen is to be brave and to join, you never know if it is going to be for good or for bad but without trying it and joining it, it is sure that to be a bystander does not lead to nowhere.

The campaign was for to discover which sort of Wonder Woman you are. I accepted the challenge and I discovered I had for free a Biotherm beauty treatment and, just to let it clear, some product samples which I had won, they have never arrived at my mail. Still, I am aware I have some Dobby problems, just trying to say it in fun fandom ways. And for some reason, any sort of communication to my dimension uses to be delayed, missed… More than 7 months in a limbo… There are things in my crazy world which use to happen. I finished making myself to fight all sort of adversities. Although, I keep affirming I am insane and my reality is just different than yours. And yes, I reaffirm my insane condition. None in their common sense and judgement will write about fur balls talking: otters, marmots, dormouse… And I do. My imaginary friends are quite different than yours. Fact.

Well, leaving aside my unpaid work. The fact is I did not receive the samples. I have been waiting but… Nothing. So, I can only talk about what I have already tested of this brand on this pampering moment for free which I had and which was deliciously good.

Not sure how many of you know the brand. Maybe some of you had the opportunity to get samples. Well, let me explain. Biotherm is a Spa brand which has like philosophy the plankton. This means all sort of seaweeds and tiny Animalia which live in water. From there, they took their essential components for to develop their products which have a full range of treatments but, they do not have a make-up line, it is for the face and body treatment only.

At least some of you will consider unicellular microorganisms the use of animals for to make the product, it is cruelty-free. Of course, I am writing this because on my writing path I have crossed with all sort of people and I do not want to offend to no one. Just to leave the things clear.

My face, or skin, tends to be quite dry with a tendency to sensibility. None of those products, of that day treatment, have caused me any reaction. So, if some of you have similar problems and you want to give it a try I am going to share with you the beauty ritual recommended for my skin type. If it helps you fine, if not, you can stop reading. But if you have some beauty curiosity… Just keep going.

  • CleaningBiosource: Make-up remover for dry skin. It is a light cream formula which does not dry and removes gently all the makeup, including waterproof. Biosource: Tonic for dry skinIt removes the rest of skin cells, without to use hard components which can dry too much. Closes the pores and leaves the skin ready for treatment.
  • Treatment: Life plankton essence. Some people normally use serums so they have an idea of what this step is. However, this is not a serum. This is a concentrate special plankton magic formula on a fancy bottle. Not kidding. If a serum uses to be the same moisturiser elements on their concentrated formula, this is the essence of all those plankton products mixed together. If we give for granted the philosophy of this brand is that everybody can be more pretty thanks to those components. Well, it has sense. This is the pure plankton on a bottle. And do not ask me, please, I will mention the name of all those magical microscopic tiny things because they really have weird names. Only for experts. In conclusion, this magical essence bottle has the power of instantly brighten your skin, leave it smoother and… It is magic. Really, it is. Aquasource Deep Serum. Whatever you think. The essence has a texture which is so light that it does not affect to a beauty usual treatment. On my case, I need to hydrate my skin and this is perfect for that. Not sure why but it really feels like water on the skin. Still, it has sense because everything from this brand comes from water… Well, never mind. I am not any beauty expert… Now, on my Biotherm paper of my ritual, I have marked three different moisturisers and I remember the beauty assistant only put me one of them but I am going to explain why 3. Aquasource: EveryPlump. This is the daily moisturiser with SPF 20. It not only hydrates the skin if not it corrects the fine lines of ageing… One becomes older irremediably, if you have not arrived you will. Just leave time and you will see. This is the basic, for a normal, maybe a bit dry skin having in mind all the products before. Aquasource Nuit. The same moisturiser without SPF for the night routines. It lightly hydrates more than the day one. But it has the same effects on different packaging format for to do not let people confuse them. Totally different packaging. First is a jar and this is a bottle. Good visual trick. Aquasource: Night Spa. This is an extra. Let’s say you are the sort of girl you like to feel spa treatments at your home, once or twice at week. This one has the properties of the two previous products but it is designed for that. Special spa fragrance, more rich texture which gives that sensation of an hydrating mask treatment… Look, I have done my research work well. And I asked about a bunch of things. So, if you really want to feel like a princess or a queen for those special days at the week in your own home… Turn the candles on, prepare a bath, apply this and enjoy it.
  • Make-up: For to finish, and like I have said, this brand does not have a properly called “make-up” line but they have developed a series of BB and CC creams adapted for each skin type or special treatment the skin needs. Like all the BB and CC creams, they do not last so long like any make-up and there is a short palette of colour choosing but they blend pretty well, leaving a very natural look. On my personal case, mine is Aquasource BB Cream. But you have Aquasource CC gel: in the case of oily skin. And Skin Best CC Cream SPF 25: which is for to give you the glow you need. Also, for to fight tired skin with light wrinkles. It is not heavy like I have said. The main goal of this brand is not cover if not to treat those skin symptoms to fix them.

I think is everything. If the samples will arrive I will update this and if not Biotherm, thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to participate in that event. As a remember, this is not a sponsored post. I only make thank you ones. I know so many people know it but I remember it.