The Cycle of Recycle

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There is some sort of controversy about the consumerism and fashion. Somehow, it is given the impression or the belief that if one likes fashion and design it is the synonym of to be consumerist when, in fact, that preconception could not be more wrong. It is clear that there is out there some sort of people who consider themselves “fashion addicts” or “fashion victims”. They recognise it and they do not have any issue in to confess their shopping problems. However, those people love clothes more than anything and they do not use to be the same sort of people who make “consumerism”. This is something which I would like to explain on this fashion week theme essay. Because I have the feeling so many people are confusing concepts.

To start, each one has the right to wear what s/he likes. To express him/herself with clothing as they wish. Let’s set this concept clear. This is not about “classification on fashion trends”. This is the fact it seems that for to buy clothes in certain places anyone is considered consumerist. When, maybe, that person keeps that piece: using it, in his/her closet for longer than the person who is putting the blame on him/her. Some of those attackers denominate themselves “alternative” and they want to believe there are “alternative brands which do not pretend to dominate the planet.” Which sort of absurdism is this? Any brand, any, has like purpose to have sales. It is stupid to have in mind that there is some sort of types of brand, which have more normcore or alternative looking; which do not pretend to have sales or to become more important established on the market. The simple fact, that anyone had considered this option of brands which do not want to have sales exist, it is enough doltish for to classify that person; no like a saviour anti-consumerism movement, if not like a being with plain encephalogram.

I am saying this because I came from that dimension. A dimension where most kids at college came from this sort of fancy schools but they rejected the idea of to dress with uniforms or “like their parents”. So, instead of to adopt casual looks, punk trends, boho chic… There was a bad mix concept between anything classified like “fashion” is wrong and those people are a species apart. The cool issue on this movement was to break any sort of classification without to have in mind, that when they made this they were creating a new one instead. But then, the metaphorical thing excuse… Huge clothing mess. Even more for some brains than for the clothing mix instead which tended to be quite goth. Still, they considered themselves “alternative”. So, each group could name themselves as they wish. I am not saying anything about terminology.

The fact is: it seems society is divided into clothing issues. I am sure it will arrive one day when Kanye West will release a new fashion collection and someone will decide to classify that too but with a weird terminology. And simply, because probably those people have not studied fashion history enough to know exactly which sort of designs it is making this rapper.

Somehow, this sort of folks not only make this with public figures if not they make it with brands too. If one dresses one brand s/he is a “thing”. If one dresses another one s/he is some other sort of “thing”. Actually, “thing” is a euphemism. You can add the non-pretty word between those quotes which you could please. Here, I always leave free space for truly creative people.

At the end, it is all pure colour envy without any colour at all. Because those folks who use to say those things have the same concept of colour mixing than a mole. But they enjoy making this sort of judgement with others about what we have to dress, what we have not… How we do it. If what we wear is expensive or not, when maybe their dark clothes are more expensive than one’s basic sweater… It is how, sadly, the world works.

For this reason, like I am very “alternative” on my path choices and totally out of the normcore. I wanted to share some fashion tricks with everyone who feels insulted, bullied, booed… because of the style s/he likes to show up. Even if his/her style does not have any grace at all but s/he feels great on that skin and s/he does not point a “consumerist” finger against no one. We all know, when one points a finger towards someone three more are pointing to you. Have always that on your mind.

First, you must choose clothes in which you feel comfortable. Excuse me boys if I focus a bit on women’s issues but you can apply the same rules to your clothing.

To know how to dress is the basic. If you do not have the idea there are thousands of tricks on magazines, online, if you can afford a personal shopper service it would be great. And not for the “shopping” experience if not because those people are the professional stylists. They look a body and they know exactly which sort of tailoring fits better for each one. Sometimes, in some stores, the same girl at the department can help you. So take those options without a doubt.

Now, to dress right it is like make-up. You need to practise, to be bold, take risks and to know, watching yourself, what fits better and which does not. Clothing works exactly like that.

Still, here the problem. Maybe you have seen some heels or a piece of clothing and it has been love at first sight. You need to have it but after to have used it for some time you discover it does not really suit you. That maybe, you are not so comfortable in those heels like you thought. Or that something inside of you has changed and you do not feel having that “style” or “trend” anymore. That does not make you consumerist. That makes you learn. It is teaching you, in special if you are a teen, what is good for you and what is not. It is helping you to develop your identity. Although, maybe, you feel guilty because you have that and you do not use it. Maybe, you have been on a dimension like mine and some people is going to tell you about why all those clothes… That style… You know this sort of things, do not you? Well, first, ignore those voices. Those buzzwhompers are not your friends if they do that. You can dress as fancy as you want and no need for to copy all a same monochrome style.

If you are wondering what to make with that clothing which you are not going to use. Two options: one is to make a closet switch. Which is quite fun is you have someone confident enough with who you share clothing size. Basically, you take your BFF and you change with her some clothes and she will change with you some. You will change your style, you will keep learning which sort of things fit better on you and, above all, you will save in cash being impossible no one will bully you or your friend about the “consumerist” issue. Probably, they will tell you if you are sisters or twins… Something very childish like. Just ignore them. They are always going to find anything for to talk bad. Simply, because those people are like that.

The other option is this one HM Conscious program offers. It works worldwide. And you can use it in teams if you want. Basically, you fill a bag with all the clothes you do not want. You arrive at the store and you give that bag, they will give you 5$/5€ -or other monetary unit depending on your country- of discount for your next shopping. This means, you and your friend -or by your own- can shop new items between both and you will have 5 off on each 30 you will expend. If you are a teen, you can think 30 is too much for clothing, for this reason, the “teamwork”. Divide and you will win. Each one of you takes one different piece, you both have the discount. Then, after some time you shift the piece on your closets. Do not deny it is not a good trick. If you plan it right you can have a whole year full of the sort of clothing you really like to wear investing a few. Furthermore, you will be helping your planet. Because do you know what HM does with all the clothing you give them? I am basically translating what it is at the brochure for all the ones who do not speak Spanish.

They take your old clothes and they classify them. If they see those clothes can be used they resell them, something you can do it on your own too. Some of those clothes are donated to different NGO’s for people who are in need in the area. This is mostly their “resell” concept the brand has. If not, they take all of that for to recycle on a long process to describe it here but which saves millions of litres of water. With that, they make more clothes that you can buy again for to wear them. That way, the cycle is closed. And when any company incorporates this sort of production cycles to their product chain, they are making a sustainable economy and not a consumerist one. A consumerist is any person, dressing in a fashion or “not any classification one”, who tears shirts for to be different and those shirts do not last needing to buy new ones constantly. This is a practical example. If that person has not worried in to look for a better use of his/her clothes, that person is more consumerist than anyone who could expend more than him/her in clothes. Because the matter is not of the amount expended if not in which use this amount expended have, if this wear has a long perdurability or not. In that, it is differenced a consumerist in one who is not: perdurability. And never, in the amount or quantity expended.

Knowing this, I hope so many people have been inspired to express themselves in their own fashion ways, without to be scared or afraid. In the case of girls, when it seems our bodies are always the motive for to be: judged, punished, blamed, insulted, bullied… I recommend to all of you to do not listen. I know it is not easy but you can do it. You just need to focus on what you really want to be and not in what others are telling you. Find inspiration in any resource you will find. And take this campaign for example. All of us, independently of the sex we have been born, we have a lady inside.

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