Who makes a gift to Santa?

santa-800There is an old story written somewhere. Which says at the North Pole, near Lapland, there is an old man who lives there. Only with a purpose: to see children flair.

Actually, no one is sure of how old this man is. Neither, of his accurate description. The few half asleep kids who have spotted him getting down from the chimneys or sneaking through windows are agreed: “he is stout, with a large belly, long white beard and hair.” However, that is some sort of vague description which any police department in the world has not had in place. In fact, it could be anyone with a good costume just pretending to be Father Christmas. That, just have put the official authorities away from any further research.

It is true. He breaks the law in so many places of the world doing what it is known like: “forced entry on habited places by citizens who are not aware of magic.” Still, he comes in for to leave things. For to gift them indeed and not for to steal them. Which sort of absurd thing would be to judge someone who comes for to donate things?

That is the main reason why all those Christmas sightings get lost in the police records. Because if anyone would be missing anything… But in fact, they have more… Well, it should have been the man. And that’s all.

Because this person has so many names despite he does not have an accurate description. Some call it Santa, others Santa Claus, others Santa Klaus… He is also known as Father Christmas and St. Nicholas. BUT, some folks dare to say he is indeed a king. And he is just one of the Three Wise Men who comes early on time. If this legend is true or not, it cannot be proved. Just that someone suspected long ago he was Melchior. Although, like it has been said. Not any police department in the world wants to resolve this mystery. So, we simply call him Santa.

Mr Claus lives on those latitudes because he holds a magical secret. Magic is indeed a secret but his magic is extremely special. For this reason, he keeps and maintains the secret of all his toys and creations in extreme confidentiality. Just a select number of magic elves work with him in his toy factory.

Someone says, over the past years and thanks to the technology revolution. Santa has updated himself too. And now, he has even robots working in certain tasks. It can seem a childish version of what happens but it is the truth. Even pure magic beings need to update themselves to the Beta versions and to the 2.0 ones. Maybe, to even so more complicated stuff. If not, not even magic can compete on the market.

The work of Santa is not only to create toys and delights for the children whom really believe in magic. If not to listen to them. When the kids send him letters he reads those letters but he is also having in mind the bad kids who cheat. Because there are a few of them always on the black list.

For this reason, and for to be sure the kids are honest and pure, he listens to them. To see if there are lies or everything they say is true. That way, he decides if to give them each year what they have deserved for their goodwill and hardworking.

Still, if he is the one who gives and orders to give to everybody, including his elves and robots, who makes a gift to Santa?

Right. Some people in certain houses, where they really believe in magic, leave for him some snacks. Of all kind, that depends on the place. Cookies and milk used to be the more popular. But he does not have gifts.

It seems, in some moment, the world thought it was a good idea a single old man had the work off to travel in a night the whole world leaving gifts house by house. That, and he should have to be all the years listening children: thing that not all the parents even do. And after that, the same person would arrive again to his house. After to have received so many cookies or leftovers. But no one thought: if he was going to give to them, should they give back to Santa anything? I do not know, a thank you letter for the presents? Some socks? Maybe anything which would be different than the cookies? Something which that man dedicated to all the others could enjoy on his hermit life there, on Lapland.

No. Instead of that it seemed better to destroy the myth of Santa. To tell children he did not exist and to never ever give thanks to that fat man…

Santa was depressed. He only wanted to make what it was fair to the good kids and the bad ones. Then, he found the ones at the blacklist had been destroying the magic. And all, because they were looking for revenge for to did not have the presents they wished when they were kids and they disliked ice-cream and cookies.

It happened so long ago then not so many remember about it… It happened, that magic is how the human beings, who are simply different snowflakes: unique. It happened then, that a group of people decided to say magic and fairies did not exist. And with that, it also happened that all the rest of magical beings had not other option than to hide. But Santa did not. He stood forward for the children, and for to give to them the illusion and the hope they need daily in their lives. It was, at those times when it started the war.

Some called it extermination. Others said it was for the supremacy of the species. Others said, there were not fantasies in which the human being had to believe… And all those people convinced more people and grew stronger but all of them wanted that after, someone gave to them anything. When it is clear, that Christmas itself is not on the traditions, figures, the tales or protocols; if not it is something which is shared on the human hearts. “Who doesn’t have Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree,” sentenced Santa to all those bad people who were leaving the world without magic and dreams. So, those beings wanted to find out that the fault of Christmas was at the stores, without to have in mind it does not come from there but from something more.

The war came. Just it was not real. It was all on their heads. And the same ones which wanted to fight against what they called the tyranny of magic and dreams were the same ones who were creating the fight, the conflict, the tyranny. They did not let newborn magical creatures to find the path. They could neither had shelter or walk away because those same bad kids who disliked biscuits and ice-cream, disliked too that other people were more magical than them. What did they do then? To run? to hide? No, they were used for the bad men, because if something is true on the legends about Lapland is that only real magic creatures can find the way. They were used, to later being tortured and left to die. There was so much hunting an unjustified death just because a few ones kept thinking they deserved a gift which they never had.

And it did not matter if they could afford or to have those gifts now. Neither if any other magical creature could gift them to them. Because they had been blinded with lust and rage. The only thing they had discovered in all their absurd quest, is the magic had never been inside them. And that made them more furious even because they could not be like the special creatures they had been killed.

It was then when arrived at the hidden place where Santa lived. They found the truth. That for more that they would try to break, destroy and to burn the magic factory there was something which they could not break at all: hope.

Based on hope it was the pure magic which they could never have. Because their problem is they could never accept to believe there was something more, hidden and special, that what they could see with their eyes. They believed they were the only Gods instead. And they had to rule the world but being that way. Whom could have been created such being atrocity of that sort?

They felt so much confident on their game. They believed a magical place could be knocked down by fire, hammers and fear.

What they did not know is when the wind of the North blows the sad song asking for help, so many hidden creatures came to the call by themselves. They were not fighting against a toy factory or an old man, if not against an ideal of to bring joy and happiness to so many beings of all ages, species and sex.

Why should everybody stand still when they knew their world was in danger for the clumsy belief of a few poor rejected kids? Because they could not have their gift and they kept upset now, that they are old? No, definitely it should not be that way. It was then, when magic, lighted the spark of hope which ignited the fuse of love. And with that, on the shiniest night of the year, everything was stopped.

The stars keep shining at night, bright and strong without no one else will dare to steal them no more. The Northern Lights mark the path and the way. While the robots and elves keep working busily for to make of 24th December the big day.

At the doors, like a remember of what was tried, they lie the stoned poor beings. Because everybody knows that when a light glimmers so bright it is not it what it burns the evil, if not the spark inside them leaves them for to join the good. Leaving at its back what it was cursed and doomed.

Since that victorious day, some magical creatures could go back to their works. The fairies kept making bloom the flowers at the gardens while the unicorns care of the woods. All together continued with their mission but always with a bit of fear. They were not sure that sort of event will not repeat.

The normal world, people and children, forget the years and generations what had happened before. And, even if it is not appropriate, some of them keep forgetting to make a present to Santa despite he gives them all the good.

For this reason, this tale has been shared in between the magical beings. To explain to the young magical people and children what will be good to do. It is simple and it is extremely important you will remember well. Because we all love these things when they are gifted for the ones whom we must appreciate.

The best gift in the word is a hug: because it is a unique size and no one gets upset if it is given back or returned. So knowing that you will always opt well. Still, if you do not have the option of to encounter with Santa at the moment. He will understand.

The best thing you can do then is to prove him you are worthy, courageous and brave. That you do not mind to have to deal with treacherous monsters, bad people or the ones who like to think they are the new generation of Superman. No, you are more than all of them instead. Because you believe, you have dreams, hope and you fight for those. Until the point that becomes your best inner power for to have to deal with any sort of boggart or fool.

Still, if after all of this you keep having doubts. There is something all the magical creatures love: to can expend time enjoying some good tales and myths. So put your brains to work and your hands to fly. Let your imagination possess you and your heart to beat fast. Show your work and show what you can make us dream about. Because it is on the most beautiful fairytale dreams in which all of us feel proud.

Who makes a gift to Santa? It can be made for all of you. Just write what it is in your hearts and which is the totally imaginary delightful truth.