The Ritual of Sakura

With Ritual products and HM swimsuit

From left to right: Magic Touch Body Cream, Celebrate Each Day Body Scrub, Heavenly Bath Foam and Zensational Foaming Shower Gel  Rituals products and HM swimsuit.

I wanted to restart to post this third week with something more fashion/beauty like. However, when it arrived the moment to plan everything I arrived at the conclusion I do not know enough about fashion to start to talk about it. I know, my bad, but I am in a process to learn. No one despairs yet that this is not the end of the world.

So, I was thinking when suddenly an opportunity knocked my door. I took it, and I found myself discovering a whole new world of the relaxing indulgences which are not only an exotic whim from some old fashion girls like me who seem the only actual species who enjoys baths. Seriously, folks, do not break with that tradition. You do not know what you will be missing.

Indulgences or not to one side, I have found a necessity for each shower taste from the hands of Rituals, a cosmetic brand which is from Netherlands and which follows some old Chinese philosophic theories about you must be a whole. That starts by yourself and it can be helped with the scent which is in the daily basic rituals or small things which define us like ourselves.

If you are not in the yoga, meditation or Zen world I know this is going to be a bit hard to understand. On any case, what I can tell you is that from the different fragrances or rituals which form the whole product line, the one which delighted me it has been the Ritual of Sakura. The products are made using the scent of the cherry blossom flowers, or Japanese Sakura, which blooms only a few days on spring. For the Asian culture, this does not only mean a good augur if not the start of a new beginning.

Rituals proposes you, with the Sakura Ritual, to start each day like if it is a new one. Not only on their mantra if not reinforced by the subtle aromas of the flowers mixed with the neutral chemistries made with rice, Celebrate Each Day Body Scrub, or with Centella Asiatica, Magic Touch Body Cream, which is a natural product with a lot of good properties for skin -hydrates, calms redness, natural antibiotic…-. However, if what you really like is the foam and bubbles here there are two different options. For bath lovers the Heavenly Bath Foam which really drives you to bath heaven with only a small doses. Or for quick showers the Zensational Foaming Shower Gel which is to put the foam directly on your skin for to let the water involve you with bubbles.

On any case, if you try this and the Celebrate Each Day Body Scrub after, I can assure you the Rituals adviser was right: “After this, you’ll fall sleep like a baby.” And when a beauty counsellor is right, is right. No more saying.

None of the formulas of this products have parabens and they are made with organic products. I hope you will try them and you will enjoy the daily ritual which more fits your lifestyle. Good luck, XO

Unlikely, for some sort of online issues, I cannot accept more comments to talk about beauty themes. You can choose your favourite social network or the email. Anyway, if you want more information you can address directly to Rituals Cosmetics.

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