The Dragon Tears


Originally, this text was written with a terrible English around 9th August 2011. Then, it was published on an old blog which I had to close a few months after. What I have done now, it is to correct those bad spelling passages or the parts in which I felt what I was saying was not clear but I have not modified anything else of it.

There are times in which people like me, who do not have the superpower of to believe in ourselves, are desperate. People can attribute this to the huge economic crisis, people like me is weak or is insane, or we are so ambitious and that is not good, the steps which we were taking were not our “destiny”, that we do not deserve a job… Classify it as you want because I do not classify it at all. The facts are simple and like they follow: there were not jobs, no one was hiring no one, the situation of to open a business/self-employment in my country following the laws was an economic suicide… So, the only options left was to give it a try in other countries to get a simple job but, like it did not happen, the option left was to open a virtual world in which it could be shared my reel and that I knew how to make the work.

What have I learnt from the several years and so difficult experiences? That the reel does not tell the people you have talent or not. Most companies do not even look at it or they do not understand it. Neither they want to understand why you are not making money of your own “virtual brand” instead of to ask for a job to them. However, an online reel is the perfect broth for all sort of virus and parasites which are looking for other people who do not consider themselves talented to have a benefit from their work. Some of you are plenty aware of the sort of “fandom” theories and conspiracies that some folks create about a film/actor… for to be notorious. Then, apply that when certain folks make that with each single thing that you post for to create with that a war/game in which they put you and your work in the middle to be them notorious and to accuse you of to be you the crazy stalker instead of them. Those are the consequences of to have a reel online.

I keep believing I am not talented. Also that I am no one. It does not matter what I could see or to read because to have more likes, fans or not, does not make me change that opinion about me. My only satisfaction is to create: anything. Because if it was a time in which I needed feedback I discovered that only served for to get more attacks and madness for certain trolls.

I am not interested in to talk with no one. Just in to make my job as best as I can. Then, maybe, to get a real paid job or to can make with my work any profit. It is only about that. It has always been about that. And about the need that I had to prove that I could have certain talent but, right now, I see that only brings trouble too. So, I do not mind.

I hope you enjoy the story. Certain people will find on certain passages some “familiar” things which are constantly around some sort of communication madness/sick game in which I am not participating, neither I want to participate. I am not talking about no one. If certain folks believe that. It would be your problem. I have already enough problems around I do not need more from people who I do not know.

As always,

Peace and Love

Architectural details on dragon sculpture, Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Architectural details on dragon sculpture, Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Dragon Tears

Let me tell you a dream that I had past night but let me tell it like and an old story of the older times. Because, a dream is a tale, an ancient myth: a marvellous story which is going to be told instead of to been slept it.

There was a time in which the frontiers of the countries did not exist like today we know them. In fact, there did not exist countries, there were kingdoms: territories governed by kings and queens and where the magic and the strange creatures still existed. But, do not think this is a story with sweaty knights fighting with courage and dying for to get a relic and to save the kingdom from a menace. No. This account tells a more diplomatic point of view of these ages. Although, it does not happen in the old Europe. It happens in Asia at an undetermined dynasty.

There were three kingdoms in a region. In the north, a huge one habited by warriors which survived to extreme desert climates and whom they fought until death. They called themselves the Sons’ of the Sun.

In the south, another big territory with a lot of vegetation and where almost all the peasants lived in harmony thanks to the agriculture. But this did not mean southern people were weak. They were called the Dragons for a reason. Although, they disliked fighting and if it was not extremely necessary, or if they were not been disturbed, the brave warriors inside of them were sleeping.

In the middle of those two big kingdoms, there was other completely different of that both. It was very little. People called it: The Paradise of the Seven Rivers because this small territory was in a valley, surrounded by towering mountains and in them were born the seven major rivers which gave life to the other territories. However, this place not only had that name for their beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna. People had named it that way because who lived on there were lovely and they always were interested in to help any creature which crossed their frontiers or path. Still, the habitants of this region were very humble and they thought the name of “Paradise” was an exaggeration. So they just called themselves: The Land of the Seven Rivers.

The king of this little land was an old wise and very nice man. He lost his wife when she was too young and he decided not to marry again. He only conserved a precious gift from his other half: a daughter. A charming child that loved nature and who had the same blue water eyes that her father. The king, proud of her, decided to build in the palace the most beautiful gardens and he ordered to fill them with the most alluring plants and the most delightful birds of the planet, and so was it done.

The princess not only was passionate about nature. She early showed their interest for other more important themes. And his father, knowing that she was his only descendant and she would be the queen of his kingdom, decided to educate her equally like he would have done with a son. Not for doing of her a warrior, just for share with her the knowledge of the diplomacy and the state.

With the time, the young princess not only showed she was intelligent and smart enough to deserve to become queen. She was one of the most beautiful girls in all the kingdom, and soon, all the boys started to look at her. His father, aware that it meant that his little girl started to become a woman convinced her to apply the rules of the royalty. She accepted them because she knew her obligations. Since that moment, just the king and the personal servants of the princess could see her. The rest of the mortals had to always see her through a cloth, or a screen, and never to watch or to look at her directly.

The princess liked the freedom and to seem normal so she, sometimes, dressed as a current girl to walk around the city, gardens and towns for to do anything that normal people would do. Like no one was expecting a princess who wore cheap clothes, she went to the market to buy anything for to cook it or for to enjoy the walk… There was not any problem with her little escapes and his father allowed them without to impede them at all.

Time passed. It seemed the eternal war between the North and the South was starting again. The Kingdom of the Seven Rivers was always neutral in this aspect, and the King always tried to attend both realms and to maintain the peace. But the old man, conscious of each day he was sicker and he had to find a good husband for her daughter, made his best for to find a good boy for her daughter who would prove worthy of the royal responsibilities of his charge.

Although, the king did not take that decision because he wanted to force the princess to be married, if not because he knew the only way her daughter had to still preserve the equilibrium between kingdoms and the peace it would be if she would marry with someone strong in character: with fair ethics and honest judgement.

He convoked some of the young men of his kingdom to test them and to see who would be better for her. But no one had the qualities that the king was expecting. For this reason, he adopted the last measure. He hired a monk, a bit old, but young and wise enough to protect his daughter and to be her guardian until she would find the real love and she would decide to marry.

One day, when the prince of the south was on the road to the Kingdom of the Seven Rivers he was attacked and gravely injured by some of the Son’s of the Sun Warriors. He could escape and he arrived at Paradise’s frontier where he fell unconscious. He was moved to the palace where he received all the necessary care. However, his health was extremely delicate and the doctors were afraid for his life.

The princess, seeing that the Prince was unconscious for a week and after she had listened to the bad news of the doctors, decided to break the royal laws and to care personally for the young man. She dressed like a maid and she was at his side caring for him all the time. At the beginning, she did it because she was afraid of the political consequences that the death of the prince could have caused between the relations with the two kingdoms, of the north and south. But, with time, she started to feel compassion for him and she tried to help him with her health cares and prayers.

The father of the princess decided to manage by himself the diplomatic situation between the two lands before a terrible war started. Of course, the King of The Dragons was in a rage for the attack ordered to his son by the young and despot King of The Sons’ of the Sun. Of this king, people told that he was so ambitious that he killed his own father just to become a king and to have power early. If it was true or not, nobody knew it, but it was true that the young king was completely drunk in power.

One day, in the middle of all this diplomatic mess, the Prince awoke and the first that he saw was the young and beautiful princess at his side. “Am I dead?” he asked.

“No, you aren’t your highness, but you were unconscious for so long. It would be better if you don’t try to move until the doctors will see you,” answered the princess pretending to be a real maid.

“If I’m not dead I had arrived at Paradise and my father had the reason. It’s the most beautiful thing that I could imagine.”

“All the foreigners say the same, your highness. I’m going to call the doctor. He gave me orders of to do that as soon as you would awake.”

The princess left the prince. Outside of the room, she addressed to the monk and she gave to him the order of to call the doctors. Then, she went to her room to change her clothes.

The doctors visited the prince and they could check that he was better but he needed to rest. The good news were told in front of the kings and it seemed that the hostility ambient that existed in the meeting was dissolved. The king of the Dragons was worried for his son and he asked to see him. He left the meeting and he went to talk with his heir and the healers. They told him the prince was better but probably he could not travel in weeks so he had to stay in the palace. The King of the South had not problems in that while his son would get well. He decided to stay with him all the time that would be necessary.

It seemed that peace would come again and the Dragons would forgive the incident. But the King of the North was only thinking in himself and in becoming one of the most powerful kings of all the times. For to get that, he had to be the king of the three kingdoms. He had traced an evil plan. A plan which changed the three countries forever.

The days passed and the prince, each day, felt better and with more strength. The diplomatic meetings continued for the fault of North’s King and the Prince assisted to some of those assemblies. It passed two months since the attack and all the incidents, but like the King of the Seven Rivers said: “I prefer to talk a whole life than to use the sword for to kill a being,” and that was what was happening. Talk, talk, talk. But anything was never clear because the leader of The Sons’ of the Sun always found something to start the discussion again.

One of those days in which the prince assisted to the meetings, the King of the North accused the prince of invading the northern territories for to steal. That was not true. The only reason the prince went to the northern territories was to enter the kingdom of the Seven Rivers. Everybody who wanted to cross that frontier had to enter in the north’s land. It was the easiest path. Still, to the Northern’s King this seemed not enough reason, and he insisted again on to put on the negotiation table the same lies.

The prince, tired of hearing stupid arguments, said that he did not feel well and he left the room. He went to the gardens and he wandered around. He was breathing the fragrant air and contemplating the beautiful place where he was. When, suddenly, he heard a beautiful voice singing not very far. He walked in that direction following the harmonious voice and he found himself with a thick curtain which the leaves of a weeping willow naturally created. He passed through and he was marvelled to see he was near a lake where there was not so much vegetation. On the left shore, a huge and beautiful sakura tree was the only thing that stood out, but the views of the lake were delightful.  Down, resting next to the tree was a girl singing that song while she sewed a piece of cloth.  He approached her and he happily discovered she was the same maid who had taken care of him while he was very ill. “The beauty of this landscape is amplified with the sweetness of your lovely voice,” said the prince to the girl.

The princess was surprised for his presence. She did not know what to say because she was not expecting him. She was not expecting anyone indeed.

It is true. She had been worried for him for a long time but as soon as he awoke and he was recovering, she decided to do not care more about him. Not because she did not worry about him anymore if not, for her royal condition. She could cause more troubles to the relations between the two eternal enemy countries than any good. “Seems a beautiful nightingale has become suddenly silent,” said the young prince.

“Oh, your highness. My apologies, I didn’t expect somebody will come here and you have surprised me,” answered she.

“I hope I have not scared you so much,” said he sitting next to her.

“I’m sorry but I’ve to go. I think it’s late and probably they need me again in the palace,” said her getting up in a hurry.

“Wait! What is wrong, young lady? The last time that I saw you, you were at my side caring for me and the doctors told me that you were with me all the time. Later, you disappeared like if everything was a dream or a product of my imagination. And now, I find you. Finally, I know that you are real and do you pretend  to disappear again?” He stood up too staring at her marvelled.

“I don’t want to seem rude but I have to go,” said she very nervous and afraid of the consequences of what was happening. She tried to walk away fast but he was quicker.

“Wait!” replied him taking her gently by her wrist. “I only want to talk with you and thank you for all you have done for me.”

“You’re welcome, your highness,” said her a little flushed.

“I think I am going to escort you to the palace. A sweet girl like you should not walk alone. Not with those savages from the north in your territory,” he offered his hand and she took it.

‘Thank you,” answered her politely. Both walked through the gardens to the palace. They talked about different things: nature, politics, art… And for when they arrived at the palace both already knew that they would like to meet again and to talk more. And it was like that. The princess dressed like a maid. She met him all the days at the same hour at the sakura tree. At the beginning, they just talked about things and it seemed that they needed to tell to the other a whole life. The prince was surprised for all the knowledge that this young maid had but as he was from another country he thought that maybe the education of the girls in the kingdom of the Seven Rivers was very different than in his own.

They did the same for days, until one day, it was not needed more words and both just met to rest at the sakura tree. No words, it was not necessary. They only needed to stay one close to the other. That was the only important thing. To stay together each day until the sun almost set. To expend the time together until the flowers would fall and they would spring again.

However, at the diplomatic assemblies, the issues were not so cheerful as with the young couple. The King of the South watching that his son was much better and in love thought that it was time to come back to his country. He told the council that his country would not accept more provocations of no one but he was not thinking in to start a war. He only wished he and his son would leave the Seven Rivers’ land the following day.

The prince, after to knew that went to meet with his girl for last time and he promised her that he only needed to talk with his father and when he would do it, he would come back for her and both would be always together. The princess trusted him with all her heart and she was tempted to confess him who was her. Although, she could not for the fault of her tears. He, trying to make her feel better, held her and he kissed her lips like if it would be the last time he would see her.

He gave to her two beautiful blue-green diamonds mounted like earrings. He told her that they were the Dragon Tears: old diamonds which passed from generation to generation. The legend in his country said that a dragon felt in love with a beautiful flower but they knew that for their condition they never could be together so the dragon cried and his tears irrigated the flower who converted those tears in diamonds like an immortal sign of their love.

She told him that she did not want diamonds just to be with him. But both knew that was not possible. He kissed her again and he left her alone promising her that she only would remove the earrings when they would meet again.

In the morning, it was the official farewell and all the royal members went to say goodbye to the southern fellowship. The princess was on that ceremony with her father and his protector. She gave special gifts to the royal members of the South like the traditions said. She wore a sheer veil and her face was difficult to see but it permitted to see some of the features of the girl’s face. Nobody could see her directly and all the people was face down when she appeared.

She gave a dagger with gems mounted to the king. The exquisite piece looked like a feather instead of a weapon. ”Remember the feather is mightier than the sword,” she said. For the prince, she gave him a scarf. “It will protect your throat and it will keep warm your heart,’” when she said that, the prince recognised her voice. Breaking the protocol, he looked directly at her. He recognised her. He saw the earrings and he knew the truth. She smiled and he smiled too. Both knew that it was necessary to be strict with the formalities so they followed them and that was all. The fellowship left and everybody came back to their affairs.

Time passed, and the princess went to talk with his father about her feelings for the Dragon’s prince. About the earring’s story and about all the time that they had been spending together without her father’s knowledge. But she did not find inside her father’s room a beautiful scene.

At his father’s private rooms, the King had been murdered and the King of the Sons’ of the Sun kept with the bloody sword next to her father’s body. She ran next to her father but it was late. His father would never come back.

The other king was watching the scene. He was enjoying with the suffer and the murder he had done. He liked the princess and he decided that she had to belong to him. He took her by the force and he snatched her. They escaped in secret of the frontiers of The Seven Rivers and she took her to his kingdom but not to his place, if not to the desert.

At the next day, when it was discovered the murder and the princess had disappeared together with the North’s King there was not doubt about what had happened. The monk, assuming the government, sent messengers to the Southern kingdom asking for help. As soon it was possible a huge army formed by soldiers of the two kingdoms went to the North to rescue the princess. But that was what the Sons’ of the Sun were expecting. They had a huge army in the desert waiting for their rivals; besieging the area where the king and the princess were settled.

All that time, she was like a dog for him but she never let him do what he wanted. For that, she received punishments of all sort despite the king was not thinking in to destroy her beauty or almost, for the moment. She was loyal to her love and the North’s King was angry and jealous only of to know it. She told him the story and he knew that she would never belong to him but he insisted that if she was not his, she would not be for no one else.

The army arrived at the dessert and the war started. After several days of fight and thousand of corpses left in the ground both kings decided to arrange a meeting to get some decisions before anybody else got hurt. At the meeting, the Northern King brought his more loyal servers and the princess while the Southern King brought his son, loyal servers and the monk with other Seven River’s troops.

They talked about the murders and crimes that the King of the Sons’ of the Sun had made. The Dragon’s King told the North’s King to return the princess to her kingdom because she had never done anything to deserve that fate. It was better if just the two kings fought because it was not wise to sacrifice more human lives. The Northern King accepted and he said that it would be better if the prince helped the princess because she was weak.

The prince approached them and he gently helped the princess. She took off the earrings and both smile to each other very happy to meet again. But the Northern King was not thinking of a happy ending. Taking advantage, he attacked the prince and he killed him. The princess, in shock, knelt next to the corpse trying to do a miracle but it was not possible.

The Southern King attacked the Northern one without to think and both started a huge fight. In the middle of the confusion, the monk took the princess and safeguarded her. He did it and he came back to the battlefield. The Southern King was dead too but his people kept fighting. He tried to stop everything but it was late. The monk came back with the princess told his troops to left the battle and all of them came back to the Kingdom of the Seven Rivers.

There was not a problem in besieging the kingdom because it was surrounded by huge mountains on all the sides, except the only entrance between high peaks at the Nothern side. The kingdom was self-sufficient. They had never needed help to the other neighbours. The monk knew that to resist would be easy. However, he was not worried for the kingdom if not the thing for what he was concerned was the princess. Since the death of his love, she was like a shadow. She did not sing, she did not talk, she did not eat… She was like a dog who had lost his owner: sad, next to the grave of him, but with the difference that here was not a grave. So she expended all her time resting on the sakura tree watching the infinite and remembering the good moments of the past.

The monk visited her each day and he was at her side. One day, she showed him her hand. In there, there were the diamonds that her love gave to her but they were not solid they were melted. She told to the monk that they melted when he died and she did not know why because diamonds do not melt.

“That’s true, but the diamonds use not to be blue-green either,” said the monk with all his wisdom.

She looked at her hand and later, to the monk and she told him the same legend of the Dragon Tears that her love told her once.

“In this case, I don’t understand why you are surprised, your highness. They’re tears, not diamonds. And probably, like the dragons have fallen they have melted,” answered the monk.

“Yes, but the flower converted them in diamonds for the eternity,” said the sad girl.

“Maybe, the flower hasn’t the power to do that and it was the time or the weather,” replied the monk with his sharp logic.

“What do you mean?” asked her worried.

“That all the legends have their real parts but some of them have a lot of fantasy.”

“Yes, but… How a diamond could melt on a hand?” asked her confused.

“They can melt on a hand like a heart can burn with one touch.”

“What does it mean?”

“That, maybe, when he’ll come back and both souls find one to each other again the diamonds will become solid,” said him.

“And when will that happen?” asked the young girl very confused.

“No one could know it. Just both of you. But don’t worry, because with patience you’ll find each other.”

“Will we be separated?” she said in tears.

“Probably. Yes,” sentenced the monk getting worried for the young girl.

“And how will I recognise him?” asked her very sad.

“How did you know that he was your soulmate?” he tried to explain these difficult things not so many mortals understand.

“Talking here. At the Sakura tree,” answered her desolate.

“Like you knew it you will know it,” explained him.

A servant came running from the palace’s direction. He told the monk they needed him.

“I’ll come back as soon as I could. Be patient. Wait, and you’ll see how he comes back,” said the monk. He and the server left the princess alone like she had been all the time.

She was terribly sad, confused and scared but she missed his love so much. She could not be the same knowing that he was not in this world with her. But, like the monk said to the sixteen years old naive girl, she decided to wait for him. All the time it would be necessary. Under the sakura tree. Until the tears that were on her hand would become solid again. Then, she would know that the Dragon had been reborn again and the only that she would need to do is to wait: for to meet him again.

The Dragon Tears © elm

PS: Years later I wrote a continuation of this story and I published here. You can enjoy it if you want to.