The Paradoxes

Bracelet and L'eau Nº5 Chanel sample courtesy Chanel.

Bracelet and L’eau Nº5 Chanel sample courtesy Chanel.

Not sure how many female readers this blog have, but I would like to hear from you because this is going to be a feminist post. Just, not a feminist with this sort of misconception of the word which says females hate men. No, this is about to express how women are. How we feel, think, believe, act. Basically, about to reclaim how we are and to fight for what we think. That is what it is feminism and not about to hate people or to wear pants or short skirts.

There is always a problem on this matter which starts for a basic issue: the lack of culture. This, unfortunate series of events which could be the posterior causes of a whole sort of hoaxes or false myths start by a basic fact: people do not read enough and those same people tend to find not very new creative ways of to bully the people who do. With to read, of course, I do not mean Twitter trends, global hashtags, fake newspaper news which become virtual by magic. No, I mean good books. But more important than to read them is to understand them and to get their moral. If not, better go out… Not sure what different audiences here like but: play tennis, football, run, walk the dog or another sort of pet you could have… Personally, I like to go out in time to time with my Smoosch. It is something you do not know yet but if you are already reading this blog for long, you know about the Soktens and Chirpywanglers. So it is a start. Something you already know.

The issue here is: it seems women who read are dangerous. That we are some sort of evil sort of beings for to have so much knowledge, for to love more a cup of tea and a reading session than to expend time with other beings. For that, it is invented all sort of things: about our sexual tendencies, our lack of friendly manners, our incapacity for to socialise ourselves, that we will never have future if we do not find someone for to marry… And the favourite: “women are complicated and there’s no one whom could understand them.”

Certainly, this last affirmation was created so long ago by someone who did not know about the existence of the word “paradox”. And that, like it sounded alike some sort of space-temporal disruption… Well, it was simply to decide females hated men. Instead of to take the dictionary -after all, it is a  book- and to look for what “paradox” means. Which is a contradiction

Bracelet gift courtesy of Chanel.

Bracelet gift courtesy of Chanel.

No fellows, do not think wrong. Men have more contradictions than women. Still, it seems we keep holding the blame like it seems we are going to keep holding it for to be our sex the one who convinced Adam to bite the Apple. Those stories… If it was not because I dedicate myself to write, I would have ever noticed where it was the myth, the tell and the story.

One of the biggest accusations women have to resolve each day of their lives is that “we cannot decide ourselves”. It is the truth. There are people in our own species and sex whom cannot but it is also true of the other sex there are also so many.

So, I had an idea. Instead of to be constantly complaining about others for their contradictions. Why don’t we embrace them? Why don’t we decide to join a world of paradoxes instead of to set “this is right and this is wrong” like so many seem to insist in to classify? Or to accuse others saying they are classifying, judging… That those things happen too. And you know it.

Take for example any successful people in history, contemporary or so long ago. Male or female, rich or poor, leader of masses or leading his/her own business. It does not matter really who. In all of them, you are going to find all sort of paradoxes about what they like or do.

Take Steve Jobs for example. He created a brand which is sold like a luxury series of devices but it was designed for to have with those computers all the tools needed for helping creative people on their education and development without the need they had to use outside resources. Huge contradiction, isn’t it?

Well, I have used him for example. Just because the male will not say it is all about females on this post. But if there is someone who has already inspired me and who had her paradoxes very clear is Coco Chanel.

No need to tell you in these days what that brand is or represents. So, what does this mean? That one can be: rich and poor, creator and muse, consumer and seller, fancy and athletic, educated and expressing wildly, repressed and free speech advocator, intelligent and naive, fancy and not body perfect, like to dress tweed and jeans, like to drive cars and walking, like to create things or to watch them but not to have them…

I understand. It is complicated. Not so many people can understand how someone can be a muse and to create at the same time. To can be cold but lovely and charming. To break for to make new things… It is a matter of open more the minds, to read the good content and to worry for to know more about the other’s contradictions instead of to want to make others alike your own absolutisms. That is a big difference which defines an artist and normal people. The one who is someone and the one who is no one. Because, in the end, it is all a matter of two CC: culture and contradictions.

This post is not sponsored by Chanel. But it is a thank you for the gifts given and which are in the pictures.