Ballet Hacks

Thighs by Bloch

Thighs by Bloch

So many people do not understand about classic dancing. There is a belief or something like that about people in tights jumping the whole day do not work. When in fact it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It does not only need so many hours of pure dedication, physical training and exhausting moments. It also requests a huge mental focus and preparation to make enjoy others with the “jumps” and the spectacle.

Yes, it is hard. I must confess I have never had professional ballet classes. My parents did not allow me to make those sort of exercise because they did not want I had injuries which could affect my musical studies. However, the dancers received their classes one floor above of the musicians. For this issue, the musicians always keep on the pit and low… You know… So I have assisted/sneaked to watch so many in between classes. And I had always had this sort of “dancing bug”.

Then, time passes, and for life circumstances, people like me expend so much time on a chair. We finish totally spine curved if we do not take care. Somehow, ballet crossed again on the path and all this childhood memories about “what to do or what not to do” came back.

If you have problems in posture, ballet warming exercises are some of the best “not fitness style” methods which help with those problems. In special with legs and back. In some occasions, it is missed some good lower back reinforcement exercises but maybe the problem is me: that I have never assisted to that class. Please, do not be afraid of to tell me your hacks dancers. I like that.

However, dancers, or dancer habits, are not only good for to keep your body healthy, in good physical condition or body shape. Their routines also help to other good habits like they are the eating routines but also they have some tricks which can help you in the most unexpected fashion troubles.

For example, a classic: the quick ballerina bun. The easiest method to do not have to worry about your hair. How to be ready for that? To adopting the habit of to wear elastic bands or soft ribbons like bracelets.

Still, there are so other ballet hacks which require some investment but probably are the sort of problem solution things that not so many had an idea they exist. One of them, for excellence, it is to use the dancer’s tights like inner clothing when the days are extremely cold. Why that type of textile? Because it is adaptive, it does not only prevent the dancer to do not be cold, if not it absorbs the sweat and they have a quick dry after to wash it. Plus, those thighs are sold in beige tones or skin tones of all kind so it is not difficult to disguise from far if you are wearing something under or not. Just in case someone will have the whim of to dress in shorts or, skirts in winter cold days. You know… The Snowpocalypses and all of those crazy things? Well, it is not needed to arrive at those cold extremes but it is a bold try. In case anyone needed of a good warming hack.

Foot Wrap by Bloch

Foot Wrap by Bloch

Then, there are other goodies. The Footwraps tend to be used for when Ballet hard shoes are not needed. Those on pointé which are made of hard wood on the top side. When the dancing does not request on pointé, there are people who like to use the soft ones. But there are dancers who prefer the foot wraps instead. It is more a matter of tastes and how they feel more comfortable.

The good of foot wraps is they are totally elastic and reinforced with leather on the sole area. Of course, they are made to avoid the dancer will harm those sensible parts of the feet where there is not so much skin or muscle in between the bone.

Now, you will be wondering: “Nice, and what can I do with that if I am not interested in dance?” It is right, silicone insoles exist and they work perfectly well with so many shoes. But this foot wraps can be an alternative wearing if you have any sort of footwear like trainers or boots.

They can seem a bit weird or uncomfortable to put in the first times. Do you know why? Because they also obligate the toes to go to their correct position. Wearing that, the toes cannot overlap or twist in this sort of impossible positions which some shoes create. Although, the most interesting is they prevent feet health issues deviated of that sort of toes twisting and deviation. It is a way of to correct, harmless and painless, which takes a long time but which avoids other aggressive methods for to solve those problems. Also, they can practically allow you to walk barefoot if you want. Just like you will like it best.

Toe separators by Bloch

Toe separators by Bloch

And here, on this point, it is where toe separators help on this correction feet task too. Because in some cases, it is needed a bit more correction… They are made of silicone. Totally washable with water and soap. Probably you will only need to use one or two in so long space in between. Well, it indeed depends on your real addiction to another sort of shoes or heels. So, in fact, those are an investment. Because they can conceal almost in any shoe and they do not only serve to separate your toes if not for to separate your skin of that part of the shoe which tends to cause you trouble. Right, there is something called “non-friction sticks”. They also work wonderfully in summer shoes. But this is a winter one, non-friction sticks are useless when socks are needed and we all know why.

So, if you are wondering which is the best ballet hack apart of the ones mentioned before, do not have doubts. “I may not be there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” Never forget the working ballet motto.