Today Cooks Buitoni

Assortment of Buitoni pizzas. From left to right: Caprese, Barbacue and Carbonara.

An assortment of Buitoni pizzas. From left to right: Caprese, Barbeque and Carbonara.

I know what you are going to start to think about me, that indeed I do not know how to cook. Well, not exactly, it is a schedule thing… You know? Complicated, only the folks working at publishing, magazines or production departments can understand it fully. But never mind. If anything is not mixed in between, next month it would be a recipe made for me. Or maybe someone will make a nice video for it before and they will make me save time. Who knows? Things happen too fast.

I think you know who is Buitoni. He is the Italian brand from Nestle which gives you the Italian touch at your couisine. So before you will learn to sing: “La donna e mobile qual piuma al vento. Muta d’accento. E di pensiero.” Buitoni has already made it for you. Not need to complicate yourself knowing how la pasta di mama is made. They have already shortened the process just for to save your time… And that is lovely because have you ever tried to make fresh pasta at home? I did, it was a whole morning making the process.

Similarly, happens with pizzas. It is nice to know to make your own but they need several hours to make the batter with a nice crush. One must love the kitchen a lot to do those things. Trust me, I love to enjoy time making these things. However, the most important is also to have tonnes of time and this is something to which most of us lack in our days.

I can say this method is more simple. One trusts what the box says and it ends looking good, also always tastes good. So no worries really. Personally, I want to try the new Diavola flavour which they have released recently… Maybe it is for all this Italian Inferno inspiration issue. Who knows it really? But it seems bold and a worthy try for the ones who love the spices.

Buitoni light for the shoe, gift and letter

Buitoni light for the shoe, gift and letter

The three flavours on this pic are the classic ones. I must confess I have not tried the Barbeque yet, it is in my freezer just for “emergencies”. And yes, this is a mess between so many up and down issues. However, the other two flavours are very nice.

Why am I writing this? Again this is not sponsored. Neither I got any benefit of it. Just in August, I participated in some promo and they send me this cool light for the shoes so I am giving thanks sharing about it. Would not you do the same? Today is easier to make it than in other times so do not loose the opportunity to say thank you to anyone. One never knows with the sort of things you can find on your path.