The Peeple

Picture from Pinterest.

Picture from Pinterest.

Some people wonder why my world is so different than theirs. To start, most people here do not decide how they want their houses. Neither their houses are a reflection of how they are. Most of the people must live how others have insisted in to tell them the house should be. And no, I am not referring to decoration magazines or social networks. Neither those sort of people who work at interior design and they are hired for to do that job.

No, it is not anything about that. It uses to be the same family or the neighbours the ones who tell to others the sort of things which those others must put on their houses. If they follow their whims they will always have to hear how beautiful that fits each time that person comes inside the place. Even if it does not fit at all, but they will say it.

Same happens with familiar members. Until it arrives the moment off to “get the things”. Usually, from the older member of the family. In reality, there is not so much importance about if that person keeps alive or not. Just the fact she has arrived at certain age gives to everybody enough motives for to spoil everything. And then, it arrives the fights about who has got more than who, what was mine and what was not yours… They take those objects and they incorporate them to their houses because they feel a sense of property and control having them too. Arrived that moment, any person with certain visual education on ascetics and in visual equilibrium will raise her hands to her head. Probably she will even faint because the issue could no be classified like eclectic. Not even like an abstract fauvist expressionism with vanguardists touches instead. It is something which it has not been defined yet. Probably it will need a new brand name…

After all of this non-aesthetic decoration de-evolution. There is another factor to have in mind. It is called the rule: “monkey sees, monkey does/wants.” It is an old proverb almost forgotten on space-time.

Basically, it refers to the fact that there are people who always want what others have or what they see they have. Even if this implies those people they are watching do not have those things and in fact, they are borrowed or rented. It does not matter, they need to have them. And they want to put those things on their houses or to dress that piece but maybe not the whole outfit…

In other terms, it is also known as the “I want but I can’t” rule. This happens for the simplest fact that this sort of people wants those things: clothes, design furniture, to have a wedding like on the magazines… But they are not ready for to assume the responsibilities that to have that implies; to work hard for to get those things, to keep on that working hard status for to have them or, to simply decide to buy at once the whole outfit and not like booklets. That way, they can check horrified that when it has passed the following month the clothing piece of their dreams is not available in stores anymore. So, like they do not want to think about “how to match” that lonely piece with other pieces; they take that piece with any other thing. Same they do with their houses, jobs, social networks… Until it arrives a moment one notices those sort of people is not one. If not several people living inside the same piece of meat. No, it is not possession. It is some sort of non-qualified multiple personalities which does not arrive at the medical diagnoses but which it exists. Not for other reason: this sort of people has so many faces for to try to please to so many different people. That at the end they are different people indeed, co-living inside the same being. Something which science has not explained yet but which is very scary. One cannot see for a first contact if she is dealing with a “peeple” or with a simple and common human being with his/her unique personality.

If there is something which really characterises the peeple is not other that the ability they have of to change their mind about a simple theme. No, it is not about complex equations of theories about how the universe was created or if particles of physic quantics were the origin of the matter. This is even less about evolution or the origin of life.

One of the things which make peeple change more of opinion is not other than the food. Yes, those simple habits of to ingest basic and essential nutrients can turn in a real clue to figure out if the people inside your circle is indeed a peeple or not.

To start, most of them have some sort of… Mania? Once I met one of this specimen whom only feed herself with pizza and biscuits. Others, in contrary, dislike anything in round shape. That they found peas on their dish… It did not matter if those were mixed with rice, they needed to remove them aside one by one. It is a laborious task in case you have never appreciated a scene like that. A unique spectacle more weird and selected to watch than another sort of events and which is so limited that not everybody can have access to that. Because peeple do not use to show this sort of things to everyone. That is the reason is so hard to be sure if one is dealing with them or not: they love to hide. And they do very well between one of the multiples co-living creatures who are living inside of them. It feels weird. One is looking at the same face but the thing inside does not act in the same ways.

Another clue to detect peeple is if you are lucky enough that they will decide to reveal you their feelings. Fact, which I must recognise it is not easy because they tend to hide very well. However, certain specimens like me have the ability of to make them talk without the need of to say a word. It is something only a bunch of humans can do. And no, we have not evolved to superiors beings, neither we are angels, we are just us. Still, it seems that the people who are only oneself are not very common in our days. Strange things which happen when one discovers peeple are secretly invading the whole planet.

Peeple uses to be very confused about who they love, or what they love. And it has a logical explanation: like there are so many creatures co-living inside the same piece of meat, sometimes those things do not agree at all with them having the problem, above all, on their loves, likes and tastes, which means, one being differs from other in fancies. I am so sorry to inform you that it is not a matter of peas. Probably, you would have invited peeple to eat the same cake recipe several times in different months. They would eat it until, one day, one of the inner beings would notice the recipe which the whole being has been ingesting all the time had almonds. The peeple would stop to eat that cake after to have eaten it more than 20 times. The reason was given? That she had never liked almonds, but clearly, she liked if not she had not asked that a person who is only oneself would have prepared, explicitly, the same recipe so many times. Similar issues happen with peppers. They are very dangerous too. And if you are wondering about the round things mania… Well, meatballs had to be cooked and reshaped in squared, cubic pieces because if not they had a secret ingredient which “should not be the usual too”. Even if it is the same recipe used all the time… Apply the same cake rule.

The only exception to the round dislike that usually peeple use to have is with Maltesers. Still, it is for the chocolate delight and not for the shape instead. In fact, if you are avid, you can check that oneself people enjoy those treats while a peeple eats them saying s/he enjoys them better than anyone else but when s/he takes it and puts it in his/her mouth s/he always closes his/her eyes before to eat them. No, it is not a pleasure or delight thing, my friends. It is indeed a way of to avoid to look the round shape. One needs so many years of experience on the field to catch it but once spotted it is never missed. Check it by yourselves.

However, going back with the feelings, likes and fondness issue. It is a complicated thing and not only in food matters, clothing or shapes. No, this is a bit more complex. Until the point, if one truly leaves all the creatures inside the enough time to let them talk and to speak by themselves, one can discover they can be in love with more than one hundred different boys, or girls if the peeple is a male. It is fascinating how the multiple creatures inside can adapt to any of the oneself people to whom they have fallen in love. They start by simple things telling you that they enjoy your meals, your clothes, the films and books you like, the perfume you use, the way you talk, the way you walk, your eyes -danger arrived this point-… But at the same time, they are saying the same to other peeple too. Not for anything, if not some peeple are already so good hiding that they confuse with others of their same species making them fall in love too. Then, they fight when the multiple creatures inside of them demand their independence and self-expression. It is a matter of time really. Still, do you know in between that has happened, how many traumas have had to avoid oneself people?

Peeple tends to do things like this. Today they say they are terribly infatuated with someone. In the following hours probably they are going to go to a party and to finish in bed with other one different of the one with whom they were infatuated. Sometimes it is simply because the person of whom they said they had fondness was not available. Sometimes, that person does not even know this peeple exists because it has been a love at first sight something… Magazine or social media style. But mostly, it is because it is one of the beings inside the one who has fallen in love with that someone when other of the beings inside has fallen in love with that party of other. Then, the contradiction between beings mentioned above… A huge mess, if you are a oneself and you are around… Well, try that the peeple do not catch you because you are not only having the risk one of the beings inside will fall in love with you, if not, certainly, the peeple would like that you will help him/her to resolve his/her mess and that is impossible but they will make you bleed your ears after to have to listen to so many absurdities and no sense of the several beings inside fighting. Maybe you wonder why is impossible. That is easy to explain. One cannot help other being to resolve the inner conflicts a being has with its own being or the multiple beings who are living inside the same piece of meat. One must do it by oneself. Although, like peeple are more than oneself: sometimes they are twiceself, thirdself… I have even spotted fifteenthself… Well, that they are going to be constantly fighting inside the ones against the others. There are not solutions about that, trust me.

Nonetheless, if there is something which really characterises peeple is the quality of to peep they have. I know, this is going to be a bit raw and weird but the names of this have not been chosen intentionally. They were like that written before. Peeple is like this old legend of Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom. Now, forget about the chocolate. It is not about that either despite peeple are never going to resist to that for more one of their inner beings will lie telling you: “No, I do not enjoy it.”

If there is something that peeple enjoys even more than the classic cocoa sweet it is not another stuff than to pry. Not need to be girls naked riding horses, it could simply be stuff online. With a few clicks, in our times, they are going to check if the neighbour of the nephew of the sister of the mother of the sister in law of the aunt of the person whom they do not know has had a new baby or she is going to be married. Of course, peeple had the ability of to know this sort of things since the medieval times without any sort of virtual or online thing. However, in our days, technology has also made it easier for them to enjoy their prying gifts until limits outside the outer frontiers of the imagination. Something quite fascinating indeed because why someone could be interested if the sister in law of the mother of the cousin of the second time cousin and aunt at the same time of that person of another country whom you do not know and they neither but they are talking to you about that she has a new job? It is something quite ridiculous actually, to be interested in the jobs other people who one does not know is having in other corners of the world. Are they peeple or oneself? Who knows… Who knows… Because when one whom is oneself is for so long co-living with so many peeple around… The limits to which is known and unknown fade until the point one starts to doubt if it is normal to be peeple or to be oneself instead.

Other characteristic feature of this specimens it is the fear they have of the failure. They totally dislike that. They cannot even accept that one cannot always win. That “You Can’t Always Get What You Want…” No, they do not see the world like that because like they are different beings inside that vessel one of them is always to think something unfair or cruel has happened against them. And it does not matter if that sort of competition in which they have participated is something friendly, like a board game; or something which totally does not affect them like the scores on a football match, the political elections in a country which is not even theirs… Complicated. But they like to feel so involved in those competitions, even if they are not invited to them, that when they take a posture on that side of what they call “game” and they found the side in which they were not invited to play loose… Awkward, if you are a oneself please, run away and be safe because all those different beings inside the same being are going to collide. Maybe they will even do it in some sort of implosion inside them which will drive them to drink more alcohol or drugs than the usual, chocolate too. Give that for sure. Still, if even implosions could seem less dangerous than explosions… Do not be fooled. Implosions have an expansive wave of consequences too.

In fact, the different beings living inside the peeple only have a reason to co-live in the existence inside of the same being: to make waves. Those waves could be internal or external but, like it has mentioned it is all a matter of to create conflict and chaos. Why? Because peeple sees the world through a peephole. They believe they know the reality of the universe at each fully, how everything works… But their lack of creativity and imagination only confirms the expected: “their multiple beings inside cannot being able to reach the limits of the unknown.” They say all of those are lies. And well, on here the different beings inside the same peeple will give different arguments or justifications about why. Although, that would not mean that any other of the peeple inner beings will even agree with the voice which has been spoken using the same mouth. It would be another conflict. Probably another implosion. So, if you can, stay far because once the different beings start to fight between them, one never knows how bad everything could finish but be sure it would be bad. Very very bad.

Until now, probably a series of questions have been showing up on your brains: “But who is this peeple?” “Who can identify them?” That is the problem. It is very hard to differentiate a peeple of a oneself. Mostly because the appearance of any peeple can look like the most common human at Earth. It is a scary fact, indeed. Although, no one is sure of the origins of these creatures either. If they started like other beings in other corners of the space and they invaded the bodies of the normal human. If they started here… It is a huge mystery for to resolve yet.

Regardless all of this, there is something which should not be forgotten about peeple and which is the main characteristics or difference between them and a simple one being on a body, what it was also known as human.

If there is something which really those sort of beings lust is perfection. Somehow, they believe everything should be perfect and the reach or quests for to try to get that are the ones who cause to them their bigger implosions. Sometimes, explosions too when none of the beings inside want to assume the consequences of other of the beings inside. It is complicated but it is how it works.

Peeple are not only obsessed in to see the world around them perfect. If not each one of the beings living inside it is obsessed in to see each particular point of view from their different concept of the world perfect. Fact, which generates more conflict even.

Actually, if the conflict would be an energy resource, those creatures will give to the world all the energy needed for to make so many things, even more, the ones which the human being think or want. Unluckily, no one has developed this system of energy extraction from conflict and chaos despite it is rumoured and old Ancient somewhere at Nepal has developed some sort of technique. However, this sounds more like a strange legend. Not anything that the real world can use yet for good purposes, I am afraid.

This is going to be better explained with an example. Going back to infatuations case. Let’s suppose there is a peeple, a female specimen. Inside there, there are living four different beings: one loves an old man whom could be her father and who teaches, other love is towards someone who showed up on films, other of the loves is a common male and, finally, there is some sort of love or admiration towards a common girl. Does this make this person bisexual? Not really. Despite the multiple beings inside her are going to make between them those sexuality questions. Just, because most of the times the personalities inside cannot have the concept that each one of them likes and enjoys very different things. And how all of this affects to perfection? You will see. Because the problem peeple have is each one of the beings is reaching for its individual perfection but not towards their own being like a whole identity if not towards the eyes of the different creatures or people of whom they have fallen in love. For this reason, if the being who likes the old teacher discovers he enjoys to use certain male perfume brand -please remember peeple are extremely good at to know things- that being is going to say that she loves males who use that. At the same time, that actor who shows on films has different tastes but that peeple is going to say she has the same tastes than the actor too. Same with that poor fellow who had fallen in love and similar with the girl. So what happens here? Is it possible that the same person likes the different things of so many people at the same time? How higher are the probabilities of that? Rare, indeed. Very rare. For this reason, I recommend you that if you suspect a peeple is after you… Well, if you do not have the option of to serve to it a dish full of peas. Just play with the things you enjoy because you will notice that it does not matter what you say you like or to enjoy. The peeple will always say s/he likes the same thing too, even peas! Then, time will tell you all was a lie and indeed it was only one of the multiple beings inside the peeple saying you those things because of s/he needed to say that to feel s/he was perfect but towards you.

I know, I know… It is very hard to say and to check. Scary too. How can you be sure the people to whom you have been trusting has not been all the time a peeple too? For this reason, there is the last trick that one oneself has spotted. When one oneself will talk about to do the things “perfect”, one oneself will recognise one cannot. When the peeple will insist in to use that word: for every single thing, theme and matter. Definitely, it must be perfect in all.