Be an inspiration

Arizona Muse for Modern Muse Eau de Parfum. Image courtesy Estée Lauder

Arizona Muse for Modern Muse Eau de Parfum.
Image Courtesy Estée Lauder

There are a few things in life that almost all the girls in the world love: to take relaxing baths with tonnes of foam, to be kissed by the sun, to feel loved and corresponded, to eat fancy things and to dress well. Of course “dress well” does not mean dress expensive clothes following all that the magazine which Anna Wintour directs says. It simply means to feel satisfied and comfortable in the second skin that we normally use each day. You can be a hipster, a preppy, a romantic, a rock-star, a punk, a fashionista, an indie, a hippie, an anti-fashion… or thousand more styles and classifications. But, at the end, it does not matter which it is your style because the only that really matters to you it is to feel good with the clothes you wear. Nothing else.

However, most of the people on this planet simply follow what others say. For example, if this season somebody has reinvented the punk most of the things that you are going to find in the stores will be copying those looks but, does it mean that for this reason you must look like a punk? Should you wear what other people say that it is fashion and hot for to express yourself with your clothes? I think you do not. Well, if some high-fashion brand becomes crazy and it wants to pay you for to wear their clothes, that is an option to consider if you are with a lack of money but if it is not the case; simply do what you want.

“Be an inspiration for yourself and for the whole world.”

I think some of you probably ask yourselves: “why do you always make the beauty monthly post about Estée Lauder?” Well, they do not pay me or anything like that. It is just that since I was young I used products of this brand and they work pretty well. Although this is not the main reason about why I write about this brand. It is because the names they use to call their products and some of the marketing campaigns inspire me to write. Not really about the colour tendency like you can check in my past post Bronze Goddess and Metallics. Some of those names inspire me to write fiction tales. Could you imagine a Bronze Goddess lost in a Greek temple and which she starts a chaos because their citizens who have forgotten her? Could you imagine how a battle between the Gods could start for that, for the jealousy? I can and simply with the name that somebody put to label a cosmetic.

Modern Muse. Image courtesy of Estée Lauder

Modern Muse.
Image courtesy of Estée Lauder

Although, sometimes I think that all in this life it is not a question of to write fiction to entertain the mass. And I think it is better to, sometimes, write some texts with a more social character. Maybe the audience could feel better after to read them or maybe they could think a bit about the theme… Because if we, as writers, only give to the audience the whole work done and we do not give to them any reason to think about or to feel better we are not really doing our job.

It is for this reason that I have chosen for this weekly post the new perfume Modern Muse of Estée Lauder because I think it is inspiring. I cannot tell you anything about the fragrance, about how it smells or what it evokes but what I am sure it is one think: the advertising campaign is right. We, as women, should be our own muse and we must always be an inspiration to others. It does not matter that we are the image of something or others obligate us to wear uniforms at schools, some clothes to act, or we feel trapped inside the world, in clothes, in behaviours or traditions imposed by other people. Because do you know what? Most of the women on this planet will be mothers one day. Despite that all the clichés in which they could feel attached, those women will be always an inspiration. They will always be a muse for very important people: their children.

So, ladies, it is time to remove the spider-webs and the dust. Renovate yourself and to show your dreams, your character, your attitude to the world. Do not be afraid, and be an inspiration for yourself and for the whole world.