Golden autumn at Japan. Picture courtesy free wallpapers online.

It is said that in the Middle Side, near the Naldian Mountains, it had origin something which not so many can explain. Some people wanted to attribute it to spiritual matters. While others pretended to give to those phenomena a more scientific, logic or cold approach. In any case, it could not be explained and after so many years passed by, it felt that the whole story was more a legend than an intent of to explain why particular things worked differently than other in Ambrosia. Or why near the Lamsa Mountains a different type of human lived.

It is not clear if those humans were already special, blessed for any sort of God or supreme being or like it is suspected, they acquired their extreme longevity for to live in Tahuil. In any case, the origins of this go back in time before the creation of so many important Ambrosian cities. A reason which makes almost impossible to find any clue in our days.

However, what it is clear is something. They lived so many years, more than hundreds. They could heal fast without so much medicine or help. They loved the knowledge and to respect other creatures so much that they were the ones who begin with the creation of some of the main Ambrosian cities like Nardine, Highsvighn, Nisil or the Golden Temple among others.

They were known like the Elewans, a race in harmony with nature. In peace with any living being which had like an objective to establish a multi-cultural link between species to preserve and to gain the knowledge but also for to protect the ones who were weaker than them.

Years later after this strange legendary genesis of how ones were different than others was being studied. When the Elewans were peaceful assisting to so many Ambrosian cities. When the dimensional problem was discovered and the Anturil and Krumpts met. There was a hypothesis about if Elewans and Anturil were the same species or one came from other. Still, that was not the case. It was not needed so much advance in biological science to check the main differences: Anturil had pointy ears while Elewans not; the first ones had some sort of bluish blood when the second not; finally, both species had the heart in the same place but not the liver: while the Anturil have it at left, Elewans have it at right. The conclusion was Elewans were more similar to human than to Anturil regardless of it was clear there were so many similarities between both species. It was decided Elewans should be some sort of evolutive missed link. With that, the study was ended but it did not end with that everything.

It is said that one of the mystic origins of all this race and the inception of everything resides in the profundity of Tahuil forest. A place which is not forbidden but rarely dwell since the Elewans left the area for to settle in new burgs. That does not mean they left their natural habitat for to migrate to others. Some of them kept living there for centuries until, in the Dark Times, every Elewan was persecuted like a mortal enemy of Ilsadora. Since then, the race became almost extinct until the point the few left preferred to do not share their origins if not to say they are a normal human.

One of the most beautiful things which it is said it could be found at Tahuil and which resulted extremely strange for anyone who was not naturally been born there, it was the water. There were several springs, small rivers and natural fountains which were born there but at a difference of other places, water moved in opposite direction as what it is considered its natural process. Some of it swirled and made whirlpools not in the clockwise direction if not against it. This special water went naturally up when it was born in some sources and it did not keep in big streams which lightly touched the forest floor. It was more usual to find it as drops which run up and hung from the leaves, branches, flowers or any other natural element. In some stormy days, it could be seen bigger water masses in the sky, making what it is called in Ambrosia as “stormwhirls”. Which is what happens when water does not decide exactly where to move or to rest.

In some areas, when the weather conditions make it possible this phenomenon, it could also be seen the Waterclocks. A natural event which only happens in Tahuil and in which the water drops are alike small pools which keep in the sky or on the floor. Some scientists in the XIV century decided those strange incidents where the representation of time itself. However, as so many things so many named people of science wanted to investigate in Ambrosia, there were not any logical conclusion which they could explain with objective facts. The name was kept and the events are beautiful to observe. However, not Ambrosian or Elewans use them for to measure anything.

Although the biggest difference which presented this forest from other ones were their golden trees. It is truth golden trees are not exclusive of this lands. They could be found at Candyland, Eronath and Speltia. Even some at the Golden Temple or Nardine. But here, like so many other things, they presented a uniqueness that not so many had.

Tahuil trees did not only give shadow and protected, they gave hope and faith to all the ones who were close enough to them. It is said their gold and richness it was not in the wealth if not in the feelings they awaken in the human, the Elewan, the children or any Marphel. Just for to mention a few of them. Maybe this was the reason why the Elewans had a different concept of everything which was golden and not like they found out so many other creatures who lusted with greed anything which shined. It is said when anyone is used to see so much something they do not greed it, even less they do not consider it special. However, for the eyes which see everything like if it is special, they consider all these new things strange. Some had fear towards the unknown and towards this different things. They preferred to attack them or to destroy them instead of to assume they could exist. Still, there were also the ones who looked at the unknown with lust towards the wish of to become different or exclusive; until the point of to use any method for to get those properties. Not all which glitters was gold but not all the gold had lucre. However, that did not mean it would be lacking weightiness.

The vegetation in this forest was really special. They attained the understanding of the mortal without using the mind. A characteristic which other beings with brains who lived there acquired. They knew the way was not in the sky if not in the heart or in the deep roots which natural beings had. That each creature in their world or another one deserved as much as anybody in the entire universe their own love and attention but also, that this love should be shared among so many others beings too. Maybe, this was the reasons the Elewan and so many other Ambrosia creatures were considered naive for the Limited People, but also for other darker beings. Only because the beings who were raised in harmony, peace and love did not expect others would act using those feelings against them. Manipulation. Torture. Elaborate ways of persuasion would be things in those early times any Elewan, Ambrosian or Nosepunker could not conceive. Even if these last ones used to generate trouble, it was not for an evil instinct.

Not sure what happened before the Stygian days when the Dark Times started. It is said not so many Elewans were living in the forest. The bigger part of them had moved to the cities and places they created while the few ones left were not well prepared for to defend themselves of something they had not met before: evil. The nefarious, treacherous and foul spread slowly through the lands. Under the sight of everybody who could not believe those acts were the capacity of an evil scheme if not of some sort of lack of knowledge which could not be given to every creature the Elewan wished to educate. It was not until the hybrids, the abominations and the chimaeras appeared when the several races noticed they were wrong. When they believed it was all a lack of culture and teaching more; it was a wicked plot indeed for to end with the Elewans and to doom every single creature in the submissiveness, slavery and darkness. But why did anyone want to eradicate a race which was giving so much to all the others? Because that way, Ilsadora could be the only one which could have the immortal and knowledge gift. She would become the supreme. It was not learnt early enough that something called the Occam had infected her with the easy dark path. If it was not for Neé, maybe in our days we could not even know Ambrosia in the way it is at all. It is said, on those Dark Times there were so many destructions and changes happened like any Ambrosian had known before.

In between all those times, the places which suffered the most were the ones at the Middle Side, including Tahuil and Nardine. Both of them were attacked and scorched until to become barren. Some of the cities recovered after Shadow’s Needle and the beasts created fell but Tahuil was never the same again. Rarely, the trees have the same leaves or any at all. It is said that for to have been shed so much innocent blood the roots need to recover from the horrors of the past. For trees, which live for centuries, it is something which requests time.

It is in the frosty nights and glimmering days when the naked golden nature is appreciated most. In other times Tahuil would be magnificent but it seems the glory of the old times has been lost. Written in the stones is the past. Not all the mysteries are resolved. Why was this gorgeous land condemned to the barren when it did not have made anything at all? Said it is everything started when the last Elewan was gone. And with him, the trees stopped to share the hope. Was the tree or the Elewans who had the power then? Another question which has never been resolved. Because not history or science can know what happens in mystical places like in this woods or other corners of the world.

A story written in the Annals of Nardine says: “The time when the lost has been recovered. The time when the evil is gone. It is in those words whispered by the winds of Tahuil which speak: ‘The new leaves will sprout when the time will arrive. What it looked like a bare and death forest, life will be back. The one who purposes to be a king maybe is not the worthy to be. It is not in the royalty or in the blood where the lineage for to command people resides if not in his heart, common sense and goodwill.’ It should be the fairness and the capacity for to act wisely who will decide and not the manipulated providence of the ones who only crave the chair or the power which these authorities have.” Until arrived the time then, when the Tahuil forest will sprout back and it will share the magnificence and beauty of the past.