A Story Of A Throne

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

There are stories which come from the past towards the present. To the present to the past and meanwhile, all these things in between cycles repeat in unexpected ways. The story mentioned next is going to be told like one of those old legends of the past. A tale, or a myth, of the sort of ones which in our days are in mouth to mouth of everybody who is gossiping between the corners and hiding in the shadows to see if the winter is really coming, or it was just a fantasy of some gifted people with the talent of to hold the feather properly and to use the words wisely.

There were years ago, in a land which was rare by its own, a little girl who was seeing like odd. While it seemed everybody wished to be like knights who killed for pleasure and to make all sort of atrocities in the name of someone else for their own profit. She spent her time running away of all of that, chasing cats for to pet them, dogs and other animals too but never for to hurt them. When everybody disliked ending the classwork fast, she made it for to get the reward of to can climb to the small attic where the school had their modest library. For the rest, that was a waste of time, to enter into any library or temple for to enjoy the pleasure of to read what others imagined or wrote. But even more, they were scared of to climb to that place; they said between the books there were hidden monsters of all sort. This could never be understood by some girls. How was it possible kids said there were monsters in libraries and not in the taverns or in the shady places where the creatures of the night live? In which moment the reason and common sense become blind for to let pass to the creation of alternative fake myths?

One of her favourite childish games was to lie outside in the nights. Maybe to do not close the window in winter, and to observe the stars. To imagine shapes, to think if it was the truth that some of those celestial beings represented old and new Gods like stories said. Why did some of those stars pass by like beautiful sparks in the sky? No idea if the stories about to ask for wishes to the stars were truth or not. The adults did not agree in to arrive at a conclusion between all these terms between old and new religions after all.

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

In times when it looks fancy to have house crests or to belong to any of them is something vital. Until reached the point some humans wish to adopt the ones which are from fictional texts instead of to look for their own past. Or to know more about the fathers and traditions they always rejected and hated only for to be told by someone older than them. People gave for granted that like they did not know about themselves and they stole the symbols of others, not everybody knew about their past. Just silence does not make the individual stupid like they think if not cautious for to keep in advance.

While they were fighting to see which was better: a lion or a snake which did not belong to them. Maybe a wolf, a dragon or a lion if those people preferred the lands of Winterfeld. It was certain that a girl already named Star, had 5 house crests of lineage. Including a golden deer, two golden snakes, two golden lions, wolves, two towers and hawks. Something which she did not grant any importance but having in mind how obsessed certain humans were for to adopt animals and to hesitate about it like bad drunk unhired squires saying they belonged to houses or families where they had never lineage. It was not a surprise what the new world turn so mad.

It was the ignorance which made the world enter into conflict. Please, do not underestimate the power of the lack of knowledge mixed with jealousy of all sort because it makes to the ones who wished to become someone dangerous if they reach the power. That is why in other times and Games of Thrones people simply cut their throats.

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

No, it was not a matter of money or wealth like so many insisted on believing. It was, in fact, a matter of knowledge and to gather information or to hide it from the common eyes. It was in those old techniques which certain civilised people preserved since the early democracies and empires; where the numbers were written in letters and not in their modern style. When it was granted this privilege and when it was checked some busybodies were not worthy of to know so much. Not for to limit the information. If not because they could not hold their tongue in present or past. Those same people were the same ones which always wished to acquire power and wealth thanks to the work of others. Maybe, blackmailing the source in the hope to obtain. All their different acts made the ones affected more cautious. In some cases, wild, restrictive and dangerous because, how were they going to trust in people who put the vice first instead of honour? That would not have been a wise move. Neither to trust in the first one who would knock their door saying they wished to be saved when they were disguised with the mask of a new preach which was not yet approved or well seen. Not for the old, even less for the new. It was necessary to find out a way to know why corrupted beings were acting in the way they acted faking they were worthy of a bloodline marked by incest, kings Geoffrey and so much lust…

Where it starts the myth and it starts the fiction? Is any word real and it could swear by? Or maybe it happens like in our days where the daily information of the events is transformed in myths and there are not so many objective places in which to trust the popular hubbub which characterised any society for their need of to know about other who they did not even meet. Even less, if that person is not going to command them, rule them, slay them or talk to them? Is it acceptable to think on certain times it was presumably no one would know about the Lord of a province? Maybe not even to know about no one from the seven kingdoms? It would be terrible ignorant and all a prove of unworthy that people in our days would like to compare those times of evil queens and childish annoying kings with ours. We have evolved. Now we do not use Ravens if not something faster which could be intercepted equally for all sort of spies from different lands. Some, even, extremely far…

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

But why would be someone interested in to know what someone who is not a Lord is making? Maybe because the times have modernised and now the son of the butcher should not have to be butcher anymore. Certainly, now he is having more opportunities than before. Now he can look to the stars, to dream, to go to school until he is a teen. And, if he uses well his time, he will discover he could be other things that he did not have the opportunity to be in the past. To live a different life of the one pre-assigned by conventionalism. To decide that he should not have to marry a woman if he does not wish it. To establish a relationship with a man if he prefers. Black people are not slaves. Neither red heads bring bad luck. Women have the right to wear short skirts and to show their ankles without more taboos. Red lipstick is not a political metaphor if not a statement for to reclaim our female rights. Like it is in beauty, fashion, style, revolution and do not constrict to the norms other imposed to the females where the spirit Chanel resides. The lion, the diamond, the star. And with that fashion will never die.

However, what all these myths, symbols, jewellery, wheat and wealth have to do with the present and the past? That girl who chased cats and who dreamt with the stars was not in the right place. Somehow she finished lost in some lands where vipers of all sort believe information must be manipulated, that design, fashion, music, stories… Are not what they were meant to be. They believe that information is created and not transmuted with objectivity and fairness if not who holds the power has the right to manipulate that reality and to make everybody think what they wish. Following those norms, they give for granted in the rest of the kingdom lands people makes the same they do. It is impossible to convince them of any other thing because they do not want to listen or to believe chance is possible, miracles exist.

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

A land, where the older ones believed they had to work as much as they could while the others who followed gave for granted life is only for to get a paid job of any sort. To live with that wage the rest of your life and having the right to constantly ask for all sort of permissions on their public position which some took like gap years with all sort of illness like different motives or excuses. Some children had so many teachers whom they only saw one month in the whole year. They said they were depressed and they did not come back except for to correct tests which they did not even prepare or taught. That was how it worked those lands where it was normal to be wealthy but believing they were not and living in their own disgrace. Instead of to make a change in their lives and to follow what the stars, their dreams or heart said they preferred to play safe. They finished ending sick of themselves and making believe the younger ones everybody else was sick like them. “That art is not art. That person only creates because they need to say something to someone else. Something they do not dare to say with works and they make it with visual work, painting, filmmaking, storytelling… Instead.” That believe was spread like the wide walkers in winter. It is the reason people does not follow the stars, the Gods or dreams. They think fashion is not a way of expression if not to impose others what to wear, to look and to think.

Les Blés jewellery collection by Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Rescuing it from the past it is the symbol of wheat. It meant prosperity in the same lands which not so long ago were ruled by Romans and who were the ones who attributed to it the meaning of wealth. Here, like an old legend which comes from those golden fields and which is the basis of so many cultures for to be fed. It came to the inspiration of a jewellery line full of diamonds and all sort of precious stones. Because it is in the pure creativity, myths, beliefs and inner expression where the art, stories, design, music… borns. Not for to say something the artists does not dare to express and they do it this way thanks to their subconscious for to let others psychoanalyse the message that they cannot understand. Certainly, you cannot understand because you are not looking it right. Instead of to believe fiction medieval myths, Roman ones of if stories about girls are or not real. Stop your watch. Stop the time. Keep with your own and the piece you want to read, to watch and to explore. Then you will feel what it says instead of to deem it like something which must be dissected like a frog. You will learn there is not need to kill a thing and to rip it torn to make a children’s science class. Not in our days, that was a story of the past. And with that and a bit of hope, you will let others keep moving this world forward.

Fashion is made for to express, oneself. Art is made for to express, oneself. Design is made for to express, oneself. Music is made for to express, oneself. Storytelling is made for to express, oneself… The list is so huge that it is like a spigot of wheat. Full of wealth. But not of others, if not the one we acquire by ourselves. Instead to wish to see the stars fall for to make the world in darkness, follow them. You can never imagine to the places a little girl arrived for to do it that way.

It is said, that when fashion meets style and art meet oneself, Strawberry Fields and other lands are full of Le Blé and some of those grains will turn in pure diamonds arrived the time when they will reap the good seedtime they made.

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