Devil’s Gold

Aurum. Gold.

This is the draft from an extract from the book Devil’s Gold. Release date, undetermined.

Chapter IV

Strange Company

The St. Thomas was divided on three areas. Each one of them had limited access for  travellers or crew. There were huge container areas where they kept all sort of goods and provisions to supply with meals all the Pacific and Asian area. Although, there were cargo holds which had a more mysterious load.

Only a limited number of trustworthy men had access to those places where it could not be expected anything good. It was not that those zones of the ship were filled with illegal substances, weapons or other mundane chores of any sort. Not even it could be said the boat trafficked with people or slaves. No. The business at the St. Thomas were something more mystic and shady nevertheless, no one could say the issues where of a character more merciful or ascetic neither. They were… Of a strange oddity…

An unnatural fog flooded those cargo holds: a cold atmosphere which covered everything with crackling shudders. The ambient was not cold but to be there could cause to the bravest men to shake of fright just like a chicken.

The content of the boxes: unknown. The crew with access to the area: limited. The only person whom knew exactly what those crates had: a perfect gentleman with an immaculate white suit.

Not so many knew anything about him. Only the devoted and closer enough to the white man could have access to the other limited area, at the bridge deck. Which, at difference of the rest of the ship, it had a vain, comfortable and luxurious look. This area was reserved for the virtuous men and for the enigmatic man on suit.

The suit was made with cool wood of first quality, lightly close-fitting to the waist with a jacket with six buttons. On the lapel, a white handkerchief was folded perfectly on the traditional gents ways. While the shoes and belt were of black leather which it did not lacked on price or quality. The peculiar outfit was complemented by a shirt of narrow neck with an original patterned tie following the usual monochromatic tones. The look was fitted with a Panama hat with black strip and a Devil’s walking stick with a silver handle which represented an eagle.

The man talked with a mixed accent difficult to identify. Despite he clearly knew different languages, it gave the sensation he could not leave his Argentinian accent aside. It could be said, he was from Argentina but it could not be a total certain affirmation. The only thing which was clear was, on his severe look, he was more closer to the Germans in appearance and manners than to the people from latin lands. Until the point, some of his behaviours seemed quite old fashioned or exaggerated for the times. They were more like the Austrian manners taught at the beginning of the XX century. Some quite out dated for the times, but which insisted in so much discipline and the lack of to show personal feelings than to let the individual to express freely.

He used to carry a very detailed rich small box with engravings representing Icarus legend which had incrustations of black and white ivory. The box was filled with some of the most expensive German snuff. And instead of spectacles, he used in time to time a monocle on his right eye for to read certain documents of vital importance, and not the most daily paperwork.

All in him was a huge mystery, even the way from were he came from or how he moved seemed from other times. And the fact that his aptitude and attitude were impossible to classify only made people around him insecure and intimidated. So, it is a normal circumstance on the human being to put tags, make lists and to classify everything. Anything which could escape to the norm or to the habitual becomes a possible psychological threat. It tells the mind to be on guard and alert. Adolfo Faussman, the gentleman in white, knew about it.

He loved to have the people around him alert and awake. Like he used to say: “The world needs to awake of the eternal dream of idiocy to become aware of the secret marvels which lay for the ones aware of their real fate.” It was not that he passed the day giving orders or shouting. However, he had other more cold blood calmed methods of to get the same effect on the comrades whom worked here and there.

Maybe for this reason, his company Moko, used to be the one hired for special deliveries or transporting services. And that, offered to Mr. Faussman a full road of privileges. But which also gave to him the opportunity of to manage other more personal business for his own interests or for the affairs of his own order. An organisation even older than the century in which he lived and which was nameless for to preserve it of the danger of the ones whom were not ware of the things surrounding them.

Not so many knew about the works of this organisation; what they did or which was their finality. Still, it looked like if it was older than the stones. It was everywhere unseen just like air. It inundated everything like the sea. And it was even more destructive than fire. Those were the powers and tentacles which this selected membership awarded to some special individuals in the world whom could prove their eagerness and virtuosity.

After months performing a long travel and several stops on its way. The ship continued crossing the Suez Canal. It was on that moment, when Adolfo decided it was the proper time to engage his special travellers on the mission which all of them did not had idea they were going to start.

First, he invited the only woman on board to the selected bridge area, like the proper coaching will say anyone to do. She was a young fiery girl with mixed blood. Half native of Philippines, half Spaniard she had this peculiar Asian beauty with the temper of the most brave Spanish warriors.

Adolfo had informed himself well about her. In the two months since the journey started she had attempted each single day to escape, to defend herself or to attack her warden: a poor sailor whom did not had idea of what was going on or why those people were traveling on certain conditions on the ship. He would not be any problem. If he would make any question out of order he will have an unfortunate accident on board and he will fall for the side of the ship getting lost at the sea. If there was anything which the white dressed man knew was how to resolve the future problems or how to correct the unfortunate bad decisions made by others. In resume, how to plan anyone’s death to let the people look at it like a simple accident.

The girl was extremely clever and bold, that was clear. Although she will not suppose any problem. Even less the two other men whom the Wyrd had chosen. The key was on the book Treasure’s Island and despite he was not full enlighten by the secret meanings of the universe. Adolfo was sure all of them had an important role to play in a series of circumstances which soon will be developed.

One of the men could be classified of an extraordinary rarity. His name was Hector Vicario and he was a retired priest. Not by age, if not because he had decided to leave his ecclesiastic career to see if he could have the normal life he always wished but he could never had. Apparently, the Wyrd is more capricious than it seems. It does not let to anyone enjoy what they want, just what they need, and it “frees” them arrived the right time. And with freedom, it does not mean an option to choose, if not an alternative path to which they have been walking all their lives. Even if they had been walking in circles. When the Wyrd decides it. It is the right time to walk forward.

About the other man, it could be said it was a boy instead. Scared, nervous, insecure, lost and afraid. Still, he was not afraid about his life or fate if not by why would be thinking or feeling his family about him or this peculiar incident. Most of the times, he could be heard talking to himself things like: “I’m sure they believe I’m death.” It was strange. Very strange indeed.

Ruefully, not everybody knew why some forces worked in certain ways. Not even why the most obedient sheep of a peaceful flock has been called to this task. It would be determined on Gio’s future which was his role on the prearranged future acts.