You Are Unique

“You are unique”. Courtesy gift thanks to Clarins

There are not two women equal. Like there is not two women with the same skin. Actually, what there is in the market is a series of standards. After so many scientific studies and tests, laboratories focus on a determinate target, group of people, age, skin problem… For to develop a product which fits those beauty problems of a determined crowd. That is the main reason it could happen a series of beauty treatments someone in your family uses will not be good for you; like it could happen that what your friend or the girl in the beauty stand will recommend you will not suit you at all. Currently, there are some laboratories focusing on what is called genetic beauty. They are a series of investigations which will analyse the DNA of each one of us individually, not only for to prevent illness if not for to prevent ageing degradation and to improve the cosmetic industry. This theme which sounds quite like a science fiction film has not arrived yet so why not to introduce you different solutions for several skin problems?

For the lovers of plant-based beauty products without parabens or other petroleum derivates, you have the spa brand Clarins which is quite popular in Europe and France but not well known in other countries. One of the things I love from this brand is their philosophy. The founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins believes in the plants we can find an answer for any sort of problem. For this reason, the brand develops their products with natural extracts of all kind. And, not having enough with that, they use their own scientific research for to preserve some vegetal species in danger of extinction. You can read more about this here.

The brand has several types of different oil extracts. This sort of trend which seems everybody is crazy about to find the best-personalised alchemy and to mix yourselves your own beauty potions. You can find it on their store in their respective section.

However, let’s give for granted on this sort of beauty regime you are like me: quite lazy. You would like to apply a product and that your skin will not itch anymore. And not to be deciding how many drops of each essential oil you need each different moment of the skin cycle for your skin. Those sort of people are the ones who look for the already made products…

Here, in the picture, it is a courtesy package they sent me with a bunch of their new products for to let me test them all. Best Valentine’s Day unexpected gift ever. And this is an absolute truth.

On the package, it was included the new serums: Double Serum and Hydra-Essentiel. Both are a double compound with natural oils which must be mixed but the first one is more focused for wrinkles and first age signs while the second one is for hydration. The eternal problem some itchy skins have…

It was also included a sample of the Hydra-Essentiel sorbet, some papers for to know well the brand, a promotional code and something which is included now in so many Clarins packages: the “partner in crime” card. It is not exactly the translation but it sounds way fancy. Do not deny it.

What offers you to be a Clarins “partner in crime”? Something very interesting because you should not pay anything at all for that. Clarins has so many products in the market, including make-up, for each product bought you should keep the barcode and add it to your card. When it would be filled you can exchange that card for more Clarins products or for an experience at any of their Spas they have in the world. Which does not sound bad at all.

I recommend you to give a try to some of their products. In special if you have difficulties for to find some oil extracts, this brand uses to have an average spectrum of them. If you wish, visit the Beauty School of Clarins where you will have more information about the products, make-up looks… Courtesy of the brand, I leave you with the video bellow about how it should be used their new serum. I hope you will enjoy.