For a new beginning

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For some people, time passes relentlessly slow. For others, it passes very fast. The hours fly, and with them each second, a few days, weeks and even months. And it is then, when it passes twelve more, when we reset the calendar again we count as a new cycle starts and we expect that the things change. Because everybody always finds something at the end of the year that we would like to change. For some people are just bad habits: quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol…; for others, is all about to acquire good habits: diet, practice more exercise; while for others it is all about change for complete they way of life: get another job, pass more time with the family…

However, what everybody has in common with others in our New Years‘ resolutions is CHANGE. Change in something, or something, that we do not like, or we think it is not right, or it would be better if it would be in another way. Change our life, our habits, our manners, our way to act, our destiny…

But other people expect another kind of changes and not only the personal ones. They expect to change the actual economic system and the, so boring, the financial crisis will finish; or they simply expect a better world in which everybody will have a plate full of food every day and which the human being will care more about our planet…

Whatever our motives or resolutions to change are, it is true that at the beginning most of the changes could cause anxiety or fear and we could give up to our purposes. It could happen too, that patience won’t be our strong point in our character and that soon we leave all the resolutions. At the end of that new year, we will get nothing.

But not all the changes have an immediate result. For that, we do not only need to change if not we need to have patience, perseverance, determination, hope and faith too. We need to believe despite all the adversities and obstacles in our path we will accomplish our goals.

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Anyway, there are a lot of people who misunderstands the New Year’s resolutions and yes, they expect changes. They want changes which will help them in their own selfish interest. The problem is most of these people have not noticed that for to get a change we should start to change by ourselves. So, for example, if someone wants more friends or to have more followers in their different social networks accounts they could expect that it would happen and they could believe in that. But, first of all, maybe they should change a bit and become more kind, or social or friendly… and maybe, with that, their resolutions will be accomplished.  As Gandhi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And that means that if you want that other thing to change start to change yourself.

Still, it is a fact that any change could be very scary for the human being and that a lot of people expect that all the resolutions, wishes… be realised without any kind of work or sacrifice for their part. Maybe this happens because they believe so much and they are firmly convinced in miracles exist or in the luck. However, it is more common to find the kind of attitude in which people expect all without giving nothing. All because they are lazy or they are just afraid of change.

Any change, for insignificant which it seems, has consequences in all kind of aspects of our life. We probably will lose some things and we would win other ones or, maybe, we could be completely wrong and make a huge mistake in our lives. However, it is this the risk that has life and without risk, there is not advance. So, now, take a few minutes for yourself and ask you in which aspect do you want to improve  (or your New Year’s resolutions) and what would you like to get. Later, think about what do you need to change in your life, in yourself, and, of course, be ready to sacrifice things. If you are not ready for the change you will know it. Everybody could feel scared, do not worry. However, do not discourage yourself or put excuses to do not accept that you do not really want to change or that you have not obtained what you expected. Everything it is no so easy for each of us and some people needs more time than others.

It is for this that I would like to share this beautiful song of Tracy Chapman because maybe my words do not help you. Although, I think that this song will inspire you something. I wish that this new year will bring to all of you the strength and capacity to fulfil your wishes and dreams. Good luck.

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The song “Change” by Tracy Chapman is from the album “Where You Live” 2005 under the label Atlantic / WEA. It is available on iTunes and other music retailers.