The Fog

Tree in the field during extreme cold. Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Tree in the field during extreme cold. Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Not so many know of the dangers that the wild holds. Neither what nature is reserving for the adventurer, the space traveller or the one who is simply lost.

In our times, certain things have already changed in comparison with the past but not so many, like the average human being could think. Buildings keep being the same than at Victorian times. Some have modernised in some sort of spaceship shapes which are not so clear to identify or classify. In fact, it has been needed a new series of words, protocols, studies and observations for to can name their new and revolutionary style. Some people does not even understand why all those terms are about but that does not mean they do not exist if not they have not been properly educated on those new arts.

In between the old and new, so many things have changed. Evolved if you prefer. Others do not.

Now, it is possible certain animals: like falcons, tigers, or any other exotic pets will take commercial flights for to move from one location to other. All thanks to the revolutionary industry promoted by the sheikhs which have made possible animals have a passport. Actually, it is a bit awkward to travel with a leopard at your side who looks suspicious at you but no impossible.

People keep driving old cars and new cars. While others keep without to travel anywhere at all. It is not a matter of visas, economy… If not they firmly believe what they have around them will not be overcome by any other sort of experience they could find in the rest of the world. To this, it follows there is not better sheep than the ones which made that wool on that jacket. There is not better shortbread and biscuits than the ones we made. There is no better language than we talk. There is not better tea than the one we drink. Even if that tea is not cultivated in those regions and it comes from abroad but who cares indeed where the tea grows when the box says clearly “Made in…” and not the name of the country from where it comes from.

There are so many things which have changed on the islands but not so many like it could seem. In fact, one of the things which keep stalking everybody and whom no one has could find a solution is the fog.

It is not about normal fog, this one which clearly makes everything slightly damp and blurry. One of the fresh mornings or nights which needs some sunlight to break and which seems in winter it never comes. No, I am not talking about that fog if not about the fog.

It is thick, dense, a simple small quantity of them not even bigger than the volume of a glass can make you chill from head to toe. Still, the worst is not that, if not how it expands on a series of white layers of poisonous effect. To breath it, it is asphyxiant. And it can cause death in less than ten minutes… If no one notices that silent stalker affecting them.

The problem this dangerous and treacherous enemy has is: it is easily confused with normal fog when, in fact, the fog is nothing alike the fog at all. The current one is made of vapour of water in different semi-liquid states while no one is sure about what the fog is made. They use to call it: the silent killer, the winter stalker or the frozen whisper because the victims which have been affected by it have could only whisper a few strange words before their death. Still, not so many have could deliver their last message for to keep a record of it.

“It’s here…” they used to exhale. After that, all their muscles became paralysed on a frozen agony and there was not more information that those people could share in this physical side and, for the moment, the contacts with the other side had not been developed properly. Neither it is allowed to make it in certain cases which are considered trivial.

Some of the oldest cases documented about this sudden deaths come from the early medieval times. They are not only on these islands if not worldwide. It is said, so many soldiers who served in Africa when George IV was the King, saw how the fog took away so many of their beloved there. Only, when those strange phenomena happened there was not cold there if not a sunny day which turned without any explanation on a grey one; where life and death were confused and it finished winning the last one.

The most dreadful about how this tragedy repeats in non-correlative dates; in different places of the world for so many different ages. There is not a reason why. Not even an explanation about if it is some sort of physical atmosphere or anything else behind. But to inhale the winter stalker is like to be choked slowly by the poison of a frozen deadly breath. So, beware of the fog. If you find it on your path, be awake and run away. If not, the late will take you: for the eternity in advance.