Estee Lauder 100

Red is the lucky colour. Gift it! By Estee Lauder with Kendall Jenner

Not sure how to start this. Maybe because I am not sure about how I should write it. It seems since I started around 92 in the artistic world in music everything has changed a lot. In those times when the director ordered a staccato, it was a staccato and not a metaphor. Later, I changed my mind, I thought it was better to try to combine with something more visual and I discovered there were other types of directors. That it seemed so many of them insisted in to believe they were some sort of Kubrick reincarnation or something alike. But, in the end, a fade out was a fade out and not a metaphor of any kind… Well, not really… On those times it was when people started to give to each wipe on a cut of a film a meaning so I am not surprised in our days, tweets, pictures, anything… Could be read in so fancy ways which do not have to do anything with fashion and design. If not it is about the fashion ways some folks wanted to invent and to create.

A few months ago, I was surprised by this lovely detail by Estee Lauder with whom the early followers know I have posted a lot in the past. To be honest this post was scheduled for February but hey, calm down. On this virtual world, the space-time relativity differs of the real one. What happens on a day could be measured on one month of our older boring times. So, it is not a surprise some folks want to quit. To make virtual holidays. To step aside… Slow down, or you will reach 2018 before it will be set on the traditional calendar and after, you will say that needs to be changed too because it does not work well or the system is wrong… Those never ending stories.

Estee Lauder card and 340 Envious Pure Colour Envy.

Anyway, thank you very much, Estee Lauder, for that card saying I am a member of your family. It seems since 92 there is some sort of “family thing” and to every corner of the world, I go everybody wants to adopt me on their families… So many ones to attend actually. That’s what makes of everything a mess.

Estee Lauder card and 340 Envious Pure Colour Envy. It says: “Dear client,
Like a family member of Estee Lauder, we appreciate your trust and we wish you 2017 full of beauty.
We hope to keep sharing a lot of success with you.
Warmth greetings,”

Jokes aside. What it is the truth is I am thankful and I am thankful for all those crazy folks who have dared to follow me on social media. Several brands, names, pages… Mention to all of them could make this post extremely long. So you know who you are. Even if you are official followers or not. And… Well, I was bored. And when people is bored makes all sort of things. Mostly crazy and stupid ones…

I have remembered once upon a time I wanted to be a director and I have said to me: “Hey, you can give thanks to all those people who follows you and to direct an Estee Lauder video at the same time. Double thanks, just in once.” So I have made it. It is not the very best. In fact, I had to remember to myself how Youtube worked because… You change everything. These techs and their manias of to change everything of place.

Thankfully, now I remember it. I hope you had some fun reading this. And thanks to all the fans, stalkers and another sort of creatures for everything. May the fun will keep with you. Always.