The Last Day on Earth

Mayan calendar

Mayan calendar
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It seems that everybody is concerned for the same: that all is going to end. Everywhere, around the world, people is going to the stores to buy the last item. People is on the streets and they are walking nervous and with anxiety hoping to arrive soon to the store. They expect that, in there, it is all that they are looking for. All that they need. And why? Because thousands of years ago a Mayan engraved in a stone a calendar that today it could finish all. Today is it our last day on Earth? Well, it could be, but in most cases, people acts like that because, if you have not noticed, we are very close to Christmas. And do you know what it happens in this season: “Do not wait until the last moment to buy the presents, in special the toys because if not probably it really will arrive the end of the world”.

But I am going to go back to the main theme of this article because as you should know this is our last day on Earth. But, like there is a bit of incertitude about at which time everything is going to end -it seems that these old Mayan guys did not clarify that points. I have written this text two days before so if you are reading it: “Congratulations! You have survived!”. But maybe, it is only that it is not the time yet. Whatever…

The case is that a lot of “experts” are not sure about this question of global matters. In the only thing, they are “all” agree is everybody is going to die and it does not really matter how or when. So, as a good cinephile, I have thought that the best to make us and idea of what it is going to happen is to inspire us in the cinema. Of course, a television channel of my country is helping me a lot and I am a bit tired of meteor collisions, sun storms, extreme earthquakes, pieces of a strange element that can make a little hole in the Earth and pass through it as it was cheese but in the meanwhile, that element stops the rotation movement of our planet and… (well better I am not going to tell you the whole movie because it was incredible). But the point is that I think I have found the best movie that can make us feel how it is going to end all. Please, check the next trailer:

Video courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing UK

If after that film you are not screaming hysterically saying that we are going to die or stupid things like that…  Only could be for a few things:

  1. You do not really believe that the world is going to end on 21st.

  2. You have fallen sleep and you have not watched the movie 2012.

  3. You prefer other apocalyptic theories.

  4. You are more of zombie-like and a few survivors between the ones will be you, of course.

  5. You do not agree with the points 3 or 4.

  6. You think that all of this is created for crazy and paranoid people.

  7. You have omitted the point 7.

  8. You are checking if it is true that it does not exist a point 7 in this stupid list.

  9. You think that all of this “End of the world” it is the biggest marketing campaign that it has never been created.

I probably could continue typing stupid points until the world ends -like in theory we have only two days…- But I am going to stop for now with these 10 because as you have noticed a lot of people seems very restless these days. Like people reserving places in bunkers or buying strange huge balls that a Chinese invited which warranty that you can survive to several catastrophes, or going to the unique town in the whole Earth which is going to survive to the cataclysm as Nostradamus said, or going to spiritual places to clean their souls or be “closer” to God… Or, on the other hand, there are people that it is buying weapons to protect themselves; or killing others because everything it is going to end (that happened in a Chinese school)… I am not a fan of the weapons or violence but like what it is happening it is so surreal I am going to show you a video in which they recommend you the best options of fighting in case that the point 4 will happen.

]Video courtesy of JWKstudios

Because in this thing of the End of the world there is all kind of theories. Honestly, my favourite is that one that says a giant pumpkin will SMASH against our planet. Not kidding – I have seen it on television – or haven’t you heard the Doomsday Clock? So, as we should be prepared for the imminent end I recommend you to live each second that you have like if it would be your last day on Earth. Because it is true everybody is going to die. However, the problem is we do not know when. For that, if you are a firm believer and you think that everything will finish on 21st, I have this speech of encouragement.

Video courtesy of Jake Willis

But if you still believe that there are more days to die and that Bruce Willis will save us, just do not let that the others put you down or make you feel sad, alright? Just live your life and do not let that nobody try to sell you an awesome anti-doomsday deal because the end will probably arrive… –one of these days …