The Biggest Brand Monopoly

Official poster of the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist

Official poster of the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist

It’s a plot! Not sure for how long it has been planned but here we are suffering the consequences of this wildly new chapter. Do not you know what all this is about? Just a clue: “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” That is all I had to say.

But let’s leave aside the clear facts that the submarines have arrived to the coast. Also, all this sort of crazy spy game about whom seems to have the information, to have the control or to try to hold hands… Not offence to no one. It seems a new method of approach instead of the most than wasted virtual stalking. I meant, watching.

I do not like to talk about politics. It is one of my rules. However, on the past months it has happened so many things that I have decided to write a book. No, it is not about politics neither. Neither an essay text of this sort of ones which characterise me. It was an expression or a way to say the things which for weird things it has become truth. Things which happen without one has clear everything is about. First, one sees a submarine in front of their coasts and… Well, then it almost starts the WWIII. So crazy. Wait, hasn’t no one seen the film? Oh dear, what I have on my head… So bad indeed. Check the trailer first:

Now that you are updated on the classics it is time to explain certain dichotomy. Each one can believe what they want but what I am not agree is that certain folks want to impose they way of thinking over others. Even less, that they would like to tell me with who I should work and with who I should not. Or with which sort of people I want to partnership to release my projects. Excuse me, but my projects are mine and if I want to keep sharing pics of big brands like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, or any sort of NGO issue for free no one is who for to tell me that is some sort of monopoly and that I should not make that sort of work. Alright, it should be that to partnership and to make campaigns with other brands is allowed for some people and for others not. If no one minds, please, make a public list of which are the “good” and which are the “bad” ones. That way, all the young filmmakers whom are starting will know to whom to work and we will not have EVER more needs of to be brainwashed on the believe.

I have heard all sort of bullshit, and sorry for the expression but this is going to be quite crude and raw. That if certain “alternative” music bands have changed and they have sold themselves to the commercial. If I was selling myself, that if one wants to be “independent” should not follow the monopolist brand tendency and game… Ah, right. For this reason it is approved that certain people on this “alternative” world could have been paid for major brand campaigns and not others, isn’t it? I am so sorry but on my town, which is not the rich side, that is called envy and not a way of to “save the world” of the capitalist influence.

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Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner and Tessie O’Shea on the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist

It is for all of this and so much more that I have arrived to a conclusion on my eccentric way of thinking. The conclusion is that a bunch of people is always complaining about big companies, organs, institutions, the Government… And arguing all those things are a way of to control the people and to make a huge monopoly and do you know what? The biggest monopoly is not the economic one if not the one which wants to spread an universal way of thinking do not allowing others to have another alternative thoughts or ways of to do the things.

If I write fantastic stories which require so much special effects, why should I limit myself to make that on independent? Because a bunch of folks say the guys whom made those FX are bad? Sorry, I do not know them but I do not know you neither. However, after all those lies and troubles I am really doubting about who has called themselves good when they were actually limiting the other filmmakers for to do not make them advance.

This folks, argue themselves with the excuse of “independent filmmaking” but do you really know what to be independent really means? That means to do not have access to agents, managers, advertising campaigns of any sort, to create your own business company, to find your own funds, to make all by your own -mostly- to finally release it on your apartment. Just like on this epic classic film. Because if someone wants to play the film festival rules… I am so sorry but that is another sort of company, just like to be at IMDB, so that game should not be allowed by the “independent” neither.

No buddies, here someone is clearly confusing the people, in special the younger ones, and the terms. To be independent is not to be against everything they told you. Please, never hear those voices it is a golden rule. To be independent simply means to do not have the support of any major studio at your back, but once anybody signs a distribution deal, of any sort, even if it is at Apple… I am so sorry but you are going back to the game again for your own selfish purposes. That is not your concept of independent at all.

Let me put another example. On this case it is a story which I have heard for so many years but on the musical world which is from where I came from. Everybody knows Coldplay, isn’t it? They are pretty famous. Well, I was studying on those times when they started. For some reason, they started their own business before to release some of his more well known tracks and, if you are on the music world you know quick about those sort of new bands. I am not going to enter on the quality or type of music Coldplay makes. Just in the way they started which was a bit different of what the rules said: “that one should get a company record behind whom will support them.” For some reason, there was a group of lads studying with me and they wanted to become someone important kind rockstar. They were constantly pitching tracks to several record companies but in all the cases they had the same answer: “No”. Not sure who was because I do not really know, it answered them they were very young. That it was a good work that they had to keep doing it but they were young. I am talking those lads had 14 and 15 years old respectively however, you know what happens with certain people, in special teens, on matters of rejection isn’t it? They did not take that very well. They said all was a mafia that only a bunch of people whom were “friends” of someone could have access to those sort of things, that everything was a big lie… And then, it showed up the news of how Coldplay started and it seemed everybody had the same right to make it like them but without company because they were under age. So they decided to record their own album and they found the problem was not on the self-recording and the studio work if not on the distribution and the physical copies of the music. Just have in mind, the online distribution of any sort was not invented. So, they were two and between them, they saved for to can have only one copy of their CD on a store. Only one they could afford, and when they arrived to the music school they felt so proud for that and they said that if someone will bought that single one copy they were going to make a celebration. Of course, there was not going to be any profitable revenue with a single copy but on those teen times it was their dream. No one bough the single album copy. Not sure if it keeps at the store or not but I made four years more of music school until I finished and they left the music school before than they sold the album. All because everybody was telling them how to play so they did not finished.

Sadly, this story has repeated on my past experience with so many musicians, filmmakers… The excuse is always the same: “It seems there are some bunch of greedy guys whom have a monopoly and whom do not let to have access to the talent.” When in fact, it is a way of thinking like other because if someone hates so much those guys… Why should one make business with them? And I mean, with any sort of record company deal or filmmaking distribution. Because do you know that is the only way of to assure your own bread while you keep telling others to do not do it? Excuse me, but that is to be a selfish hypocrite. That is what it is. One should be happy about the success of their profession fellows instead of to keep creating more conflict between them arguing stupid issues which are not real. And why aren’t real? Very simple. Years after, when the same Coldplay had success, it was published somewhere how much cash they made on a year. Suddenly, that group had cheated all of them. It came the same story of the “selling oneself” that they are “commercial” not “independent” anymore… Conclusion: it is all a matter of envy to see who makes more at the end of the year and who does not.

And I must say, I have heard the same stupid complaining about so many music bands, filmmakers, actors, actresses… The story is so long that… Yeah I could write a book about that too. But who cares if one is making X or Z at the end of the year if that person if paying to the Government what they had to pay? What are you going to argue? That they are using social causes for to help the world and to do not pay so much? Hey! Me here! That I am contributing to social causes and not receiving a coin at the end of the year. Which is your problem? The one whom wants to make things for others makes them and the one whom does not only has “ideology”, “metaphors” and excuses of all sort. Furthermore, if they are doing good. Who cares? I mean it is good to care about the good things those folks are doing but not to try to look for seven feet to a cat when we already know they use to have four. That is paranoia and madness full of envy and malice because one cannot archive what others do. So simple like that.

Conclusion on the conclusion folks: Do not let others think for you. Be yourselves and do not let the biggest monopoly in the world: collectivist ideology. Tell you which are the ways of success or with who one can chat or not. That is not at all how life works and if anyone tells you that: he is your enemy not your friend.

I remember once at NYFA. I came from a college year in which it did not matter the sort of filmmaking we made, they were all screams, complaining to encourage the bad spirits inside us. That, created on me some sort of fear and if one uses to be nervous when releases anything; well on this case it had almost phobia because one comes with the preconception everything is wrong and how many defects the professor is going to scream at you saying how terrible everything you have done is. Surprisingly, filmmaking at USA was completely different, but it is not easy to take out of you those sensations too quick. It was on a class screening. And this new professor watched the piece with all of us. It finished, I was scared and he asked to everybody if they had noticed anything wrong. One fellow jumped saying what I had to change on that film giving all sort of variations. And do you know what the professor said? “Don’t listen to all the people whom says that kind of things about your work. Not about this work.” And with that, I appreciated the professor more but the game was set because not all the fellows approve to do not be right on their critiquing approach. Sadly, this is how the world works. It does not matter if you are a woman or not. There are going to be people whom is always going to believe he is best and they would make anything at their hands for to put you down. It is our self work to learn to overcome that. To identify them, to make them front and to do not let the biggest brand in the world will tell you what to do with the work you create. And do you know which is the biggest brand in the world? It is not a company but it is a big monopoly too. Commonly, it is well known by a simple noun. It is called ignorance and it is the best friend of so many envy people on the world.