On 2011, I was a firmly believer on all this social media platforms for to promote the reel, work… Even for to use them as an easy way to show the work or talent. It was for this reason that I did not only started Worldless and I created several pieces for to promote it and to pitch the content. I also created a personal blog, similar than this one, when I used to share my video and writing reel. Why writing? On the first term because it was a quicker way of to fill those needs of constant content. On the second, because for several reason I was not able to film all sort of texts I created. Leaving aside budget, they were other crucial factors like the lack of crew, or to do not find people interested in to develop this sort of stories near my area. However, it was also unavailable the option of to move to other place. It was complicated. Finally, the last factor is I have been interested on directing but I was more in writing or on the photography department than on the direction one. Which is a bit contradictory, I know. Still, it is in the way I am and, for example, on this moment of my life I ask to myself so many times why did not I study design. Things which happen.

Here, I leave you a piece which was posted on that previous blog on 2011, after The Dragon Tears and other work. It is some sort of short synopses for to develop it as an screenplay. However, other projects and issues happened in between and that synopses was shared but never developed like a full script. Although, if anyone is interested you can consider this like an open pitch. Let’s make this new technologic times with more open minded fun philosophy. Unluckily, for some sort of a bunch of reasons, I keep without to be able to have a producer company and even if you accept the pitch I cannot be paid for to start to develop it BUT, I keep having my faith on bureaucracy. Which is quite fantastical. More than some magic.

Anyway, the keen eyes will notice on this non classic narrative, some sort of “issues”which “someone” seemed to like to read like some sort of prophetic thing. Being honest, I am quite tired a bunch of weirdos love to put themselves like “real” characters of my fiction word. Even if those are Griggletongletz. I keep hitting my head against the wall each time I remember how folks became jealous of a Dubu. Fine, let’s leave it aside. And despite there is not so much to enjoy I am leaving you with the copy and paste text like I used of to share it on those times. Yes, they confused me for the initials too in case you are wondering. I think, some folks insisted in to confuse intentionally everything for very selfish personal reasons. Beware, otters eat sel-fish. Just saying…

Stars in the Sky. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.

Stars in the Sky. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.


“True stars were formerly known as the fixed stars, to distinguish them from the planets or wandering stars. They are gaseous spheres consisting primarily of hydrogen and helium, there being an equilibrium between the compressional force of gravity and the outward pressure of radiation resulting from internal thermonuclear fusion reactions. Some six thousand stars are visible to the naked eye, but there are actually more than a hundred billion in our own Galaxy, while billions of other galaxies are known.”

Alec was reading that on his desk full of papers and books. The final exams were close and he had to study so much. He did not have time for anything else: to study, homework, study, homework… His bedroom was a mess but, being honest, all the teenagers are a bit messy. There were clothes everywhere, without order or sense. The walls were full of posters of cool rock bands, the shelves full of more books that seemed there were in balance to not to fall in all the disorder. And in the corner almost forgot it and old guitar waiting for to be played.

But Alec had not times for guitars, sometimes not for dinner neither. Fact that really disturbed his mother who thought her son was going to fall sick for all his efforts. However, like he was very stubborn, she could not do anything for to fix that situation. Still, Alec knew that his mother was an exaggerated and he only was focused in his objective: be the best writer of all the times. Although before that, he had to approve all the exams.

Eric was in his bedroom too. Not too different of Alec’s room, the same posters the same clothes everywhere. And both were reading the same: “True starts…” Yes, “true stars” He was one. He was born to be one. And like a sign given him the reason and old song of David Bowie started to play downstairs: Star. He looked to the corner where his guitar was and suddenly he knew what he had to do.

A room, a dark and creepy room of a dreary apartment. It is almost empty, just an old table, a broken chair, an ashtray full of smouldering cigarette butts, and old dusty green couch and a man sitting on there. He is in the room but his head is not and in his fingers a cigarette is burning slowly waiting for to be smoked.

A beautiful place with fancy tables and chairs. It is like a club. Well decorated, very clean, smart. Mika Nakashima is singing some songs of her album. Now she is going to sing Stars. Everybody is enjoying with the spectacle except some folks at a corner. There, a group of boys dressed as punks seemed very bored. There are four boys and a girl. All with grunge/punk style clothes. Nobody of them understands the Japanese so they are just listening an feeling that they are wasting their time.

“Come on. Can somebody tell my what the hell are we doing here?” said one of them.

“Waiting for the guy with the contract of the million…” said the other very bored.

“Yes, yes, yes I’ve heard that before… Fuck him. Let’s go”

“Are you crazy. Where?”

“The girl decides this time. Babe…”

On an empty house. There is a private party. Three boys and a girl are enjoying some music, The Cult Star, is one of the songs. Helena is dancing and Alec and Eric can not stop to look at her. She is hypnotising them  like Salome.

“We should be a rock band. We could be stars” said her.

“Yes, why not?” said Alec.

Hollywood, yeah!! Let’s do it!” said Eric

A man is sat on his office. He is typing on his computer. At his desk there is a notebook with some guidelines, some old portraits and he is listening classic music interpreted by Yo-Yo Ma. Nobody is with him. He is working furiously but he is completely alone.

Hollywood is an amazing place. The band members are in a suite at the Chateau Marmont with a peculiar decoration because, in this suite there is an Andy Warhol picture. They are having fun after a huge concert. Helena starts to undress herself. When she is half naked she approaches to Eric and she kisses him very passionately. He slaps her in the face.

“I think it should be better to let alone the couple” said Alec to the other band members.

The others left the room but Alec stops a bit before to get out. Finally, he decides to leave the place. Helena was with less clothes than before, only in her neck a star necklace kept on place. Eric touched her.

Two boys, teenagers yet, were walking with their guitars. They went to the garage of a friend to make some rehearsals. Suddenly, one of them stopped. There was a star necklace on the ground. He picked it and he putted it in his neck.

“You shouldn’t do that. You never know from where that thing has come from” said the other boy.

“Oh! Shut up nerd! Don’t you see that this is a symbol? I’m going to be a star!”

The dusty green couch and the man. Each time there is more smoke in the room but the man seemed to not be here. A sexy woman appeared from one of the doors at the room. She was wearing very sexy clothes and a star necklace.

Alec was with Eric in New York. Both were enjoying coffee in a tiny place. Eric wore his star necklace when a girl followed by paparazzi came into the local. She entered to the place and the photographers stayed out there.

“See? She should be famous. It’s our opportunity! We’re the most lucky guys alive!” said Eric.

“Don’t be a fool! You don’t have idea of who is her and… hold on. What are you thinking?” said Alec.

“Just my irresistible trick with girls…” Eric stood up and walked towards the girl.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” said Alec.


“It’s a Warhol quote. Never mind. But please don’t do it. This isn’t the way. We should work hard”

“Work, work, work. Yes, it’s the only thing that you know. For what? for don’t have social live, for don’t live? Like you still like that you’re going to finish alone. That’s not my fate” said Eric approaching him to her.

“Please, don’t…”

A woman was dancing sensually on a bed. There was music and she was dancing a song of Roxette. It was Helena but this time she did not wear the star necklace. Eric was sitting on a green couch. She approached to him and she gave to him a pill. She took other and she talked with him.

“In 15 minutes everybody will be famous. Do you know what it is the fame?”

“Fame give you success”

“Ha ha ha. You’re just an ignorant”

Alec was watching television. His friend Eric was on there he was having his fifteen minutes of fame and all thanks to Helena, his new girlfriend, or almost that was what he told to Alec. The reality was Helena had all that she wanted and when she was tired, she just dropped her new toy. And that was what it was happening on television. It seemed that the relationship had finished after two weeks.

A dark and creepy room of a dreary apartment. It was almost empty, just an old table, a broken chair, an ashtray full of smouldering cigarette butts, and old dusty green couch and a man sitting on there. He was in the room but his head was not and on his fingers a cigarette was burning slowly waiting for to be smoked. Helena was dancing in front of him with her provocative style. But this time she was dancing a David Bowie song.

“You should listen more to your friends” said her.

“If you mean the chicken of Alec whom prefers to hide himself in a cave saying that he is working. I’m sorry babe”

“Well, at leasts he works. What do you have?”

“I have it all. I have you” said he.

“Really? Look around you and see.”

“Well, it’s truth. It isn’t a good time but soon it will be better. You’ll see” he approached to her and he took her by her waist.

He tried to kiss her but she stopped him before he made it.

“In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes” said she while she was transforming herself in smoke and she vanished.

An old Alec is siting in his office. He is typing in his computer. In his desk, there is a notebook with some guidelines and some old portraits of he and his friend Eric. He is working furiously but he is completely alone. Some laughs come from outside and Alec stops to work. He walks towards the window to see what is happening. On a shelve full of books there are different awards too. He doubts a bit to see them, he is very proud of all of them but he is more proud of the golden one which looks like a man with a sword. More laughs come from outside and he approaches to the window to see better. His son and his wife are playing with the dog, both are very happy and they are having fun. Alec decides that for today there is enough work and he goes down to join his family.

NOTE: When I finished this story I have noticed  that probably it works better visually, because you can use some image tricks to not confuse the audience so much. However, in paper, I have not found the solution without falling in the things that are obvious. Anyways, I think that Bryan Adams’ song express better the message that I would like to share. I hope you like it.

Dedicated to all the people who works hard and do not think in the fame. All my best.

Stars © by ELM