Gratin Cauliflower

Some of you probably have never heard certain expressions which is natural that you have never done because they have never been published neither shared. It is something which use to happens on the creative process and which keeps only for a “small” circle of individuals whom should know about them. Well, sometimes people talks with others and this small circle becomes bigger than expected. Without knowing how, everybody is talking about things which are fantastical but not the people can see them on those fantastical ways because they have not read the story of the script yet.

It is like if, suddenly, the whole world would be talking about Mandragores or Pixies… And they were trying to get early conclusions about what those things are involved on a certain world or universe which they completely unknown.

Following this crazy rule which is what has affected me all these years and which keeps happening but better or worst I am learning to deal with it. It also happens that most of my characters have quirky ways of to curse others. Why should they have to say the classic filthy words than Tarantino knows how to apply very well to his stories if I am not Tarantino? It is a fact, I could never make a story like him despite I enjoy them. For this reason, my characters have an expression which is: “Buckets!” You can translated like “Damn” but there is also the long way form of to say everything when you are bloody upset with someone. On those cases, my characters tend to send people to: “Harvest coconuts and dedicate to smuggle them” or they say: “Buckets of cauliflowers!” I know, I know, quite quirky but I am that way. Just like an otter will curse you saying: “Go and build a dam” or they “Don’t care if you’re building a dam”. You must to be on the world context to understand it.

So, in honour of the “buckets of cauliflowers” why not to share a cauliflower recipe which is something with tons of Vitamin D that people uses to do not eat enough? You can use this like a side dish for to fill a bigger meal or simply enjoy a full quantity of this which I can assure you it feels great on the chill time. In special, if it is creamy and warm. You can go for the longer version which is to go to the orchard, harvest the buckets of cauliflowers… No, kidding. Just bought it at the grocery store or farmer’s market and to boil it until it will be tender. In other hand, you have this quick option that will save you from more than one “what can I dinner?” neurotic moment in which it seems it has not been time for anything. I am going to explain how to make a white sauce. But even in our days that is already made on the market. In case of no time and quick recipe you can go for the already made option to make everything more easy and quicker.

Gratin Cauliflower

Gratin Cauliflower

Ingredients: (for 2, 4 if it is a side dish)

  • 1 package of frozen cauliflower.
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 tbp margarine/butter
  • 500 ml of milk (your favourite, almond and soy ones work good with this recipe too)
  • 2 tbp flour (gf works well too)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg (if you are allergic you can substitute it for curry or cumin)
  • Breadcrumbs or cheese (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 240ªC. Bellow microwave version. On a big soufflé dish -or small ones for to make it individual- add the cauliflower frozen. Do not unfrozen it. Spread it uniformly and add a light pinch of salt.
  2. On a sauce pan. Melt the butter and sauté the onion until is golden and tender. Add the flour and lightly golden it. Before it becomes to thick hardly pour the milk over. Stir it gently without to stop on a medium heat. It must have a lightly thick consistency which the sauce will get on 2-3 minutes. Beware to do not burn it.
  3. Once it is done, add the salt and species to taste. Pour the sauce over the soufflé dish spreading it evenly. If in the lower side of the dish there is more white sauce left, do not worry. It is not about to cover only the cauliflower; if not about to let it cook with the sauce. Do not be scared to use the whole sauce you have prepared or bought.
  4. Spread over the top breadcrumbs or your favourite cheese. It is for to give it the golden crunchy texture but you can skip this.
  5. Put the dish in the oven and cook it for 50 minutes to 1 hour. In the oven it will not be done faster but using the right microwave recipient, you can cover it and it will be done on 15 minutes, maybe 10. All depends of the size of the cauliflower pieces. However, you are going to loose the crunchy gratin side but it is easier and quick for the ones whom dislike cooking.
  6. After the time, wait a bit before to eat it because I can assure you you will burn your tongue. The cauliflower will keep cooking for a while even if you have removed it from the oven or microwave so take care with that. And good luck. I hope you will enjoy it.