A Letter To The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio on The Revenant. Picture courtesy 20th Century Fox.

Leonardo DiCaprio on The Revenant. Picture courtesy 20th Century Fox.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING TEXTS CONTAINS SPOILERS. It was also written on private 02/10/2016

Dear DiCaprio,

I am so sorry. Really sorry. But, after what I have seen today I cannot doubt Hollywood is against you and, in special, your worst enemy is a Latino… Shame of that director with just a few directing work and so many Spanish texts filmed…

I have seen how they have made you: climb mountains, let your body be drifted by waters meanwhile you were covered by fur on a swimming bad imitation of an otter. Of course, when you have always arrived to the top they had made you go down: in extreme ways, mostly crushed by a tree or with bigger falls.

However, your will for survive is inspiring. After to try to emulate: Luke Skywalker himself, to crawl miles with a bad foot and without to be able of to sing or to say a word… You have found your way thanks to your dreams which were encouraging you all the time showing fragments of your religion and, the most important: your family.

Although the torture did not finished there. This evil Latino director has obliged you to see how the members of your family died, one by one, several times. He has even done that with your closer friends and the ones whom were helping you on your personal challenges and goals.

You have been obliged to watch, in your worst conditions, how a band of wolves had attacked and threaten the life of an American bison. One of the most magnificent creatures which love to live in peace at its own pace without to disturb or to harm any other species. And how a partner lied in your face without you cannot even move or to do nothing about it.

You have been stalking Tom for that, for miles on the middle of the woods, high mountains and a freezing cold which have left your beard frost. Still, you kept following him as an anxious stalker wolf which only thinks in to find its pray. And you did it just because someone wrote about it on a screenplay!

Hollywood has made you fight with a mama bear and survive just for only make you pass more cold, hungry, suffer and to make you climb more mountains and all for what? For to have finished stabbed by a dirty blade several times, in special at your back.

Yes, it is undeniable: Hollywood has something against you. In special, the Latino whom for sure is a member of the mafia.

Maybe, for that, in a last moment of hope and a call for mercy to all the ones whom had make you suffer, you have showed us a very close up picture of your bright blue eyes looking directly to camera. It is unfair. I know, I understand… But it is what happens when you believe you are The Wolf of Wall Street and you play with ones and others believing you are the f* King.

ALWAYS with love,


The Revenant is on Theatres and it is nominated for 12 Academy Awards.