The Bad Habit Of The Theory of to Do not Do Nothing

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

If we could wind the clock back… Towards the origins of the universe. Towards the origins of everything…

What do you think it happened at the beginning of the times…? Of the universe…? An explosion: the Big Bang? Which was the first spark which lighted the life? We do not know. Because we can only know the things which have been preserved in a writing form. We can only know the stories they have told us. We can only interpret the symbols written on the old walls… On the Universe… On the land…

Everybody has been born with curiosity to learn things. Everybody, has been born with the capacity to learn, to dream, to breathe… But not everybody seems ready to discover more. No because they are not prepared to do it. If not, because they do not want to do it.

It is fascinating the capacity people have to dream and to wish things. However, most of the human beings lack of the spark which it is necessary to make that dreams come true, but… I am not talking about big things. Unfortunately, I have met a lot of people in my life who wishes a lot of things but whom they do not do nothing to do it. And, I remark the nothing because it is really important.

Some people, wish to have a ‘better’ life because they are not satisfied with their actual lifestyle. They think, life would be easier to them if they could have: a better job, more income, more free time… Although, in fact, the solution to their problems or wishes it is nothing about this.

The solution to their problems is they do not try to change. Small improvements require drastic changes. If you want a prove of this, simply remember that times you wanted to make a reform in your house BUT in special in your kitchen. You only wanted a new fancy one, to see it beautiful. You go to the store and you say: “I want this”. Then, the builders come: they destroy everything. After, there is a problem with the pipes, the gas, the electric cables and some boggarts. Maybe you had a nest of Wrackspurts in your ears too. It can pass one week to two until to have your new kitchen as you wished and it only requires one second of a messy folk to have it dirty and messy again. Yes, that film with Tom HanksThe Money Pit– it is based in real events.

As you can see, change is not easy. It requires a bunch of ups and downs. In fact, it is very weird the case in which people can change smoothly towards what they wish without having any obstacle.

This is a fact. However, what I do not really understand is this theory of to do not do nothing. Until the point, which it only becomes a bad habit in which people only limits to complain, criticize and to blame others. It seems “otters” have more success than others. Do not worry if you did not get the joke. You will understand it one of these days…

Look, there is not any problem in to hear all kind of opinions about different themes. Not all the people can be agree on the same things. I understand perfectly the social agitation that some politicians have created after announce their candidature and I understand not everybody is agree with them. Or the Kardashians… I understand that family know how to sell things better than a bunch of marketers but what I do not understand is why some people must to disrespect them simply for the fact of because they are worldwide known.

Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

I am going to play the guessing game and the devil’s advocate role. Let’s suppose, you really have met that politician whom you hate or Kim Kardashian. Let’s suppose, they have treated you bad and they have been very mean with you. Fine! Then you have the right to say of these people what you want. In other hand, if you have not met them never in your life… I mean, in real. Why do you say that things about their curves or their brain? Because you are envy of them and you cannot be like them? Or because you are more evil inside than the Grumpy Cat and you hate everything?

Why are people so hateful and mean? Please can we wind back the time until the times were this social networks did not exist?

Yes, you probably are right. This feelings have been always there since the times in which Cain killed Abel. However, I have also lived the times without Internet and, to me, it gives me the impression in our times it seems more cool to hate. I do not know… Does it give you more followers on Twitter or Facebook to write that hateful things? Do you really thing that kind of comments help somebody or they are interesting? Are they a way to relief yourself of the pressure others put on you? Or are they a desperate cry for to get the attention you are thinking you do not have? Seriously, folks, which kind of people goes walking on the streets talking like Samuel L. Jackson in a Tarantino film?

It seems people doesn’t notice that they are acting the same way on the social networks. So, are we living the virtual times or the social filmmaking ones? Because I really have my doubts with it… You will see what I mean…

I am not sure in your countries, folks, but in mine it is starting a wild tendency. If it was not enough absurd which people creating fake accounts. Now, the new wave it is to fake lives. Apparently, there is a bunch of people out there who does not have anything better to do than to fake things. Like they are traveling here or there. They are having this or that. This restaurant meal… When the fact is they are only getting the pictures of others from this virtual world and posting them like they are theirs. Sometimes, this folks do not even dare to retouch certain things… I suppose they waste their time in this stupid things because they try to feel superior than others. Fact, which is absurd but, like it seems the common sense was lost in some moment of the past, we cannot do nothing about it.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

This madness of fake your life it has arrived to the point in which it seemed somebody faked that she assisted to the Academy Awards when she did not. Poor fashion magazines. It seemed this creature sold to all of you the dream. You bought it because you wanted to believe that lie and when you discovered the truth you felt so cheated that you tried to bury that person alive. Do not you see you are playing her game? Stop to talk about her and she will bury herself.

However, this is not the main point. The fact is, like there is somebody who has cheated, the rest of the world must be doing it. This is the conclusion.

It seems it is difficult to think and to use the common sense. The easy way it is to attack first and later ask. And, with that aptitude, people are not going to arrive to anywhere.

It is hard to think that if today, e.g., someone is posting a picture of Paris and tomorrow this person it is posting a picture from London; they are not really sharing the “moment”. It does not mean all the people is lying. Sometimes, some people like Me, for example, only try to share our reel in a more or less entertaining way. To Me, it would be far more easy to take my pictures in chronological order and to start to post. However, you will have weeks in which you will only see cities and weeks which you only will have marketing pics with brands. I think you like to enjoy diversity. Is it necessary to add a hashtag or a note saying the picture does not represent the “actual moment”? I do not think so. I think people must use more the brains.

Keeping with the picture theme. Do you want to know why do not I log in on Facebook? Because I find on there the biggest example of poignancy on Earth. I have not seen something of the same pathos characteristics since some websites closed the comment section of their sites.

I understand there is people out there who is not really focused. Some, can even have some mental or personality disorders but, the other day, I was thinking about this and I thought: “Can you imagine Freud living our times?” Probably, he will have some very interesting material to work; thanks to only watch what people publishes on the social networks.

I have found they are a huge lie and the only use they have it is gossiping, marketing or develop your storytelling skills. And it is fun, because folks think I am happy when I publish something about “otters” and I must be depress when I do not publish anything. Poor Cumberbatch he must be the “most sad” creature on the whole galaxy. Let’s cry… No, darlings, this does not work like this at all. Not with me at least… Wait! Talking about Cumberbatch… Who had the idea to compare him with an otter? I really have an “otter obsession” -which you will discover- and he shows up each time I look for “otters”? Can anybody, please, be so gentle to link me or share with me when the Cumberbatch/otter thing started? Thank you in advance.

One of the first issues I had long ago with the social networks it was people getting paranoid with Me. I do not use to publish anything on my personal profile. I think I already publish so much entertainment on the public pages. However, like I do not do it some people started to think that I “limited” them so they cannot see all the “amazing” things that are happening in my life. I look around Me and I still looking for the “amazing” stuff… But it is fine. People can think what they want… Although, they have got offended because they did not know on first hand what was happening to me. I pass of all these childish things… Then, a folk, even accused me of to do not help him to success in his acting career. It seemed I had a good job on Hollywood and I was not hiring him… I still thinking: “Why have not Facebook created the dislike button yet?”

Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

I tend to be a nice person. I prefer to ignore the situations and to pass page. When I block somebody it is because they have really upset me and when I arrive to that point there is no return. Sorry folks.

My problem, in fact, are not really all this “oopsie tootsie” which people tend to have: virtual or not. The problem comes when they accuse you to cheat and to lie, telling you that you are not really doing anything. Things like: I am not really helping National Geographic or trying to help Nepal because I am not “actively” doing it. Of course, darling, I am not there digging with my bare hands trying to save people from the debris but you are not there neither. And it is curious because now I would like wind back the time…

To the era of the origin of the species. When each one was differenced of other by their purpose. I mean, do not think the unique finality of a mosquito is to annoy you and to suck blood. They are also a way to maintain “population control”. A monkey eats fruit and with it, it balances the number of fruit trees on the jungle. I could keep with this for long. So, let’s jump to humans. Which is our purpose? Because in some occasions it seems it is destroy and, in others, we are simply parasites who try to suck, even from other humans, the light and hope.

Where I am from, people only have two goals: mate and to get a job. Do not ask nothing else. Do not expect nothings else. Do not wish to change them. Because that is not going to happen. If you talk to them about recycle they will tell you: “It is not really necessary”. Or: “Feminist and Greenpeace are a bunch of punks who only look for problems and rebellion.”; “On United Nations there is a bunch of folks having the biggest wages on Earth and they do not do nothing.”; “Angelina Jolie wins a bunch of money each time she travels to that conflict zones because she is an actress and she is paid for act that way.”; “In Hollywood, everybody has the nostril reinforced because the large amounts of cocaine they sniff.”; “Books, are only useful for entertain or to make a fire.” And… “If your girl does not listen you. Just slap her in the face. They are all saying they love sensible men but what they really like is that somebody get it on them.”

Felicity Jones  in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

No, those phrases do not only belong to people whom have been grown up on the Franco times. They also belong to some people with degrees whom they have the same age as Me.

I know, people like this it is not only in my country. It is everywhere. I still having in mind a “fight” -more like an argue- I had with a woman from Alabama about the “Obamacare”. She won the debate with her position against Obamacare, because it is true: “I am not American. I cannot understand”. That is a solid argument.

The case is I have noticed this tendency for so long on the Social Networks. And I am noticing, in special, on those people who does not have more goals than to find a partner and to get a job. They are the first ones who are better storytellers than most of us who work or who try to work in the filmmaking industry. Most of them, have as a profile picture an actor or actress picture, they are constantly saying I am doing this or that when they are not really moving of their houses… Seriously, do not tell me this is not like a movie but -Katy Perry shows up in the scene singing: “It’s not like the movies. That’s how it should be…”-, in fact, it is not. Where is the “cut”, “action”, the freaked out producer who is shouting to everybody where the F* is his coffee; the director who is going to have a heart attack because nothing is going like the planning, everything it is going to cost more than the expected and he is scared of the angry producer beast who only knows how to scream? Meanwhile, the screenwriter is trying to sneak out of the set looking for refuge on the side where is the catering and where you always can find the drivers of the stars eating doughnuts. That is to make a movie! Sweat, blood, tears… Folks, you do not have idea of all the crazy stuff which happens behind a camera. It is for to write a book! And some folks pretend to create a film of their lives using the Social Networks, pictures from others and blaming to everybody who is really trying to make a film saying we are faking it! No idiots! You do not have idea of how to make a movie really is! Or a television show or anything!

These people think they know it because they see what we share and they are so clever that they think they know everything. It is like in football (soccer from the USA folks), everybody sees a match and everybody feels like they understand and they know which is the better player for a match situation. Great!

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

However, this new virtual “Filmmaking Times”, or with the Social Networks ones as you prefer, are not only making that everybody creates a movie around their personas. That woman in Spain who cheated all the press saying she went to the Academy Awards was only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there is a bunch of “fashion” bloggers which seem they are faking that they went to several catwalk events from very popular brands. As you can imagine, with all these “fake people” here and there now there is some kind of hunting to see who says the truth and who do not.

And, in the meanwhile, I keep receiving “secret” messages of the soulmate lovers whom really swear they have had relationships with physical contact with someone. I am sure it was not with me but on those moments… I just sing: “Let it be…” You are warned, folks. One day, I will write a comedy about this. I have even decided my cast and it is going to be insane.

See, I understand the problem of these new era and why people accuses me or to “fake things”. I have a goal. Well, I have more than one… But to save the world and the galaxy of the Sith and pollution does not really count for the purpose of this text.

I remember one anecdote which Sidney Lumet shared once. He was with Arthur Miller and they were talking about storytelling. Then, Lumet asked to Miller why he always wrote for stage or film knowing that someone else was going to change what he wrote. Miller answered, he wrote that format and not novels because his written was alive; and each one, who entered inside the process, to make it real, was contributing to give live to that project. I have the same dream than Miller and today -this is true- I have dreamt some genius of the animation had took one of my stories and he and his team made an hilarious 3D movie for kids and I was watching it. I felt super happy to watch it, even the credits looked amazing. To me it is enough. That dream, just made my whole day.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Some people think because you are not getting out and you are in your computer almost the whole day. All the other things that you publish must be a lie. There is no way to make people understand that to write a text, of any kind, it is not so easy as blink an eye. It requires time. I agree most of what I type does not go anywhere but this is for legal reasons. If I will have the superpower to each time I will finish something I will clap my hands and the magical fairies will come and resolve all the necessary to make that writing real. I will do it but I do not have magical fairies and it is quite hard to do it by myself. No because it is hard an exhausting, if not because most of the times I am not really sure of the legal steps I must do, or how to make them and when I ask, nobody answers or nobody knows anything. I have a huge handicap simply for to live or to have been born in a country different than the USA or UK and trust me, when I say it is not easy. And I am not a suicider and I am not going to open a company in my country to loose more than 12.000€ at year even if I do not have any benefits or income. This is the law and I cannot do nothing at respect.

Although, do not think that I have been always typing without doing nothing. I tried several times to direct and to film short films. I wrote, I produced, I looked for the money, for the crew, the actors and when it arrived the moment all the people who have given their word did not show up. I even lived in Los Angeles for a while trying with the same hope to find “that kids who really are in love with films” and I discovered a bunch of folks say they love to work in “filmmaking” but they are not serious at all. You know that video about Dennis Quaid shouting the crew… Well, I give to him the reason and I applaud him because I really know how it feels.

The case is, those people: actors or crew. They are constantly telling you: “Oh! Let’s make a movie” but they do not want to make a movie. They want to show up on the red carpet and nothing else. They do not memorize the lines, they do not know how to use a camera and most of the times they do not even show up at time. So, you are saying to yourself: “Ok, the credits of this piece are going to be: Esther Lopez, Esther Lopez, Esther Lopez… Shit! It is going to look like if I have a serious problem of egocentrism…” This is the main reason I do not try to film nothing else for more than people cry to me: “Oh… I need a role… Write something for me…” I went to Los Angeles. I was living there for three months waiting YOU for film and YOU was always busy. Sorry, to all the folks who want to become “stars” without doing nothing. To all the ones who do not go to all the castings that people recommends to them or to all the ones who only watch films. If I had the right to work even in a McDonalds or a supermarket meanwhile I was living there. I would have found time to do my stuff but it is sad that some of you have the RIGHT to work and you are not using that opportunity because you are waiting fate will knock your door with the role which is going to launch you to the star system. Sorry, not more roles “on demand”.

I understand my ambitions are high. That probably, I am insane for to want to cast “famous” celebrity stars or for to try to save the whole world and the galaxy of the injustice. I understand I am crazy and, in real, I am not really doing nothing but, I do not understand your “bad habit”. Let’s see…

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

People is creating a lot of “parallel” lives using the Social Networks to create their “own films”. The other day, suddenly, I was enlightened and I thought I understood why some fandom have this kind of obsession that the idol calls them by phone or he will go to visit them to their houses. I am weird. I have been always thinking: “How does the idol know their address or their phone?” Then, “bing!” everything had sense… The subscription formularies that the “idols” have in their web pages to create a mailing list. Of course, they ask you for your address, your phone number and the number of times you pee at day… Alright, alright, alright, the last one is not true but it is a good joke.

Seriously? Do you think that for to be subscribed to a mailing list your idol is going to call you? Will not you find it creepy? And what are you going to do next? Memorize the phone number to call your secret lover, my apologize “husband”, on that naughty moments of the night… Ai, ai, ai… This goes to my “Holy Guacamole” comedy film. Yes, or yes…

However, I have even found a better comedy for all this “virtual” situations. It happened for real meanwhile I was typing part of this text on the phone. I was on the underground an suddenly a girl from the same age as me, more or less, sat next to me. She was arguing with someone on the phone about how bad her boyfriend had been. It seemed the couple had broken up because she discovered he was cheating her, on Instagram… Yep, yep, yep… As you can read. He had a parallel account on Instagram in which he was faking his live. That, and the fact he did not give to her all the attention that she needed was the excuse to split. Although, do not think the most shocking thing was this. The phone conversation continued and she told very upset to her phone friend: “What he thought? that I wasn’t going to discover he had another account or what? He even dare to ask me how I found it. I said ‘because I am a witch. What the hell do you think?’… The case is he’s idiot and a sissy. What he thinks? He is going to flirt with more girls with that FAKE account. I have more followers than him and if I want I can flirt and seduce three times more than him… He’s idiot.”

So… This girl have more “followers” than him and she can flirt more than him with his fake account… Can you understand know what I was thinking about Freud living our times? So, does this mean Cumberbatch is not real because he does not have social media accounts? Oh, noes! Keira Knightley is not real neither! Or Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones! Arggghhhh…! (drama, drama, more drama…) “My whole life has been a lie…” (cry, more cry) -Scene ends-. Buff… Thanks Lord I have got one of those papers from the U.S. Consulate who testifies I am a REAL person because if not I would not know what to do one day if I decide to close all this virtual madness… Wait! If you close a virtual account, or you do not tweet… Does it mean that person has died? Oh, noes! That explains the dead messages about Bart… (drama again…) And nobody has invited me to his funeral and I have not could say the last goodbye… (cry, more cry) -Scene ends-.

Maxine Peake and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

Maxine Peake and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Picture courtesy Focus Features.

See, all this virtual tragedy is so complex to my alien mind that I cannot understand. Oh, wait! You do not know the “alien” thing… That is because you are from the USA or you have never been there for business. The papers say, literally, you are an “alien”. Seriously, do you thought that it was a funny coincidence that in almost all the sci-fi films “aliens” have British accent…?

I know… I type so much for a blog post. They must be shorter because it is what people enjoys more but this is my: “The Habit of the Theory Of To Do Not Do Nothing”. Because, after all, for some people to be in a chair the whole day writing it is to do not do nothing. Peace and Love.