Mien Alike

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley. Example of a subtle makeup look.

I am going to be direct and to go to the point. This is the way that I like to say the things. So here I go: “It is important to use make-up but not because it is cool. It is important because it protects your eyes from UV.” Post finished. Next… Oh, you were waiting a bit more… O.K…

In case that you have not noticed most of the eye creams which are released on the market have not SPF. There are a few but it is so weird to find them that it is like if they do not exist. For this reason, it is much easier to use makeup.

You can go for a subtle look like the one on the example. It is not necessary to look like a ganguro to be protected. Talking about ganguros… Are face stickers really necessary? I am sure they will leave on the skin lovely designs after a whole day under the sunlight but they are “kawaii”.

By the way, do not think that it is me: “a blogger” who is going to tell you what it is the best for your skin. No. It was the Egyptians the ones whom in pharaonic times discovered that to eyeliner their eyes protected them from sun and from the Nile Fever. An illness with more mortality cases than the Bieber Fever.

Honestly, I am a bit tired of all this fancy trends… what to wear… the fashion police… Until the point that I have decided that I am not going to buy more fashion magazines BUT, as Bieber taught me: “Never say never” (BAE: Best Advice Ever). I am not going to say that I am not going to buy them anymore. If not magazines and Me are in an interlude of our fashion relationship.

Ganguro style.

Ganguro style. Only for braves.

Yes, I think it is better this way. We need to breathe. All that excess of “fashion” was consuming our relationship making it cold… “Which color is better?”; “Which is going to be the next trend?”; “Oh darling, you MUST have this…”; “Which manicure is best, makeup…” This is so much pressure for any relationship. I need more freedom, more space. I want nobody can contradict me that slippers or pajamas are not the adequate trend to wear on a red carpet day. Seriously, is it necessary to assist to the event in a fabulous gown when you are in your sofa and it is broadcasted on tv? Even a three pieces suit is more comfy than most of this gorgeous dresses! Definitely, it is best to leave our fashion relationship in time-out for some time…

And all of this happens because fashion magazines want to always be the dominant partner in the relationship. They start recommending you what to wear when you are insecure and they finish trying to control your whole life. They even tell you where you must buy the things, where to eat, what to eat and when you should do it… Even they tell you how you must have sex with your partner. Of course, when this magazines are completely forgetting that the relationship it is a “menage a trois” because this papers are giving the wacky idea of how to do it.

I really know what I am talking about. When I was at college I had the luck to be inspired by a great professor. I never was the most brilliant in her class because I am lazy to study things word by word but they keep in my head… for long.

She made us to have an affair with fashion magazines, or the ones addressed to women, and with porn magazines, which are for men. Surprisingly, it was more explicit about “how to do the things” the girlish magazine than the one for the guys. It is true: guys love to see pictures of naked girls but that is all. What to do with the girls on the pics is all left to imagination. Like in a good book.

Furthermore, the male like magazine had interesting news pieces about economy, politics, music… When, in other hand, the female like magazine only tell you what you should do, buy, wear, eat, do -even in bed-. Very instructive, girls.

All of this articles of the magazine for women are very edulcorated. Like wrapped in sugar candy to do not really show openly how they tell you what to do with your life and with your sex partner. I am not kidding. They simply put a picture of a hot guy in suit or with the shirt a bit open. The headline is something like: “How to Be Happy and Make Him Feel Like a Gentleman” Surprisingly, you cannot find nothing in the piece about how to treat the other, talk with him to make him feel special… Everything in the text is focused in the genital area and how to make him feel pleasure. Which, I do not have doubt that he will appreciate it but, really: “gentleman”? I think that I have learnt wrong what that word really means…

So, yes, it is very curious what the papers and magazines sell us as stereotypes because dirty naughty people are in the both sexes, not just in one. To that and to be considered a gentleman or lady there is a HUGE step.

I understand that maybe, some kind of instruction can be opportunistic and adequate for some occasions but one thing is that somebody suggests you the idea and other completely different that they tell you what you MUST do.

Leaving the intimacy relationships to one side. I must confess that I finished quite in shock the past month with this “fashion” magazines. Until the point that I really need to breath outside them.

Everything started with the Oscars. I am very devote of that ceremony but this is a story that I will tell you in other occasion.

The case is I could not watch it so I was reading the Twitter feeds of different sources. I am not sure if some journalists aka “fashion police” were upset for could not be in that place or they were angry because they had to be awake the whole night to see how people dress. Which it is not about what the event is but it is okay.

Alice in Wonderland film is courtesy of Disney Pictures

Alice in Wonderland film is courtesy of Disney Pictures

I read that night so many disrespectful texts firmed by people working in magazines and television… that I almost lost my faith in the human being common sense.

So, yes, this is one of the main reasons. The other one was another “fashion” piece from few days ago. Maybe a week… Basically, the “fashion” site was recommending to all the women how to dress as a Hollywood star and how to copy HIS looks. And, no “HIS” it is not a typographic mistake.

I understand, people from this kind of magazines have also the job of to sell the clothing. It is something which you should now to do as a journalist but just a few folks really know the art of how to do it without nobody notices it. If I find bizarre that somebody tells me what I MUST wear as a girl imagine how weird I find that they tell me what I MUST wear to “copy” a man’s look. Suddenly, a piece of song played in my head: “this is the end I feel…”

Here I am, telling you how I have break-up with the ones who tell me what I MUST wear. I have always tried to follow this rule:

“Don’t follow white rabbits they can drive you to Wonderland or, worst, to Matrix”

It is me who creates this kind of crazy refrains but they are for remember me something: that it is just me who has the reins of my own life. If I do not like my family tells me what I should wear. Imagine how I am going to permit that a piece of paper tell me that.

Although this is not about me. This is about all the ones who follow and they have never stopped to think, just a bit.

Alice in Wonderland courtesy of Disney Pictures.

Alice in Wonderland courtesy of Disney Pictures.

You can read, you can copy, you can do whatever you want; but, later, do not blame others or yourself because the things that you are expecting that will happen in your life does not happen. That you use the same clothes than you favorite star does not mean you are HIM/HER. You must put of your part and to take decisions by your own. If you do not want to accept the consequences and responsibilities of your own actions and you just copy things you will always look alike but you will NEVER be yourself. Accept suggestions and all kind of recommendations from papers, people, from here and there but, remember: the last word is for yourself. Be brave to make choices and to take risks or let the Matrix Agents create a life for you but do not expect this will be the life of your dreams. Be bold Neo’s and Alice’s.