When the Baboos Watch the Sun

This is a childish poem which belongs to a longer piece but like some weeks ago I shared some inspired art based on this. I have thought it was good to share it. However, like it is very short I would like to share with you another point which I think it is important.

Probably, the ones who follow me on Twitter have read about my morning quest. I was looking for some peanut butter chocolate snacks or bars to celebrate Oscar’s. I said it is a quest because it is. You can define it as Esther Lopez and the Lost Chocolate Bar. This film starts in supermarket where everybody is like Borat but without that fancy swimsuit. No, seriously, certain things are not easy to acquire where I am from. We are a strange culture. I mean, if you ask any Spanish they are going to tell you how poor they are when, in fact, most people is not.

I do not really like candies or chocolate bars. In fact, I should not eat them because they are not good for my royal blood type. Long story… Anyway, the case is that the best that I have could find it was this: https://instagram.com/p/zXPp8BC0gE/

I tried long ago the Twix one but I did not know how the others taste. So, I have bough a few of them. At the supermarket door it was a black african woman asking for help. She was not asking for money, only food.  I told her: “Do you want chocolates?” She did not know exactly what I meant because her Spanish it is not very fluid. I showed her the packs and I started to open them. She said: “Good, good. For girls, for my little girls”. I gave two of the small packs of one brand and I started to open the other to gave to her two more. In the third pack she stopped me. She told me that I was very generous but it was not necessary. Honestly, I had given to her the whole packs and I would be without nothing to celebrate the Oscars.

I do not know in your countries, folks, but in mine, nobody gives nothing. I am not going to explain with detail why I never have presents even in some selected dates or why if I want to taste certain things I must to hide them. Leaving to one side my personal family situation I can assure you that, where I am from, people only tends to keep things with selfish intentions and it is very weird to find someone who wants to share.

I am aware that most of you have not experimented hungry and I do not mean to skip a meal for several reasons. I mean, to be days without eat or to be eating so small portions which are the same than do not eat nothing. I did, I had friends who did and not for pleasure or to archive enlightenment. It was because we had to decide between to pay the rent in LA or to eat and no one of us had the right to work in that country to get some cash to can have something in our mouths.

It is extremely shocking when you met some of the most talent african actors/ actresses in that city and they told you that the celebration meal in their families it is a roasted sweet potato. When they look around and they see how easy and “cheap” it is to get fried chicken, they confess you that thanks to the chicken offer price of that fast food restaurant they are going to eat enough chicken to do not have to worry the rest of their live or until they will win an Academy Award. That scene happened in a cold morning before to start shooting. This african friends were having fried chicken as breakfast.

A lot of people is not really aware of the difficult situations that a lot of human beings are suffering out there. Personally, I know how it feels to grow up without having a bunch of things or to have tasted it. My situation is different, it was not because I could not afford them. It was because I grow up in the lie: “you could not afford them”. That lie made me pass each month in Los Angeles with four potatoes, two lettuces, tons of lentils, chickpeas and flour. So, when I see somebody who is in need I try to give my best.

Maybe, the kids of this african woman that I met today they have already tasted that brand of chocolates. Maybe they will not like them because each one has a different taste but maybe I will make their day. I do not know that and, certainly, if I tell this story to my personal circle they are going to tell me that I am crazy for to have gifted that “expensive” treat to someone but I am going to confess you something: You do not have idea of how good you feel being crazy and suffering this kind of insanity.

So, folks, share more. You are not going to be able to change the people who does not want to be changed to improve themselves but, if you want, you can change and feel better with yourself.

When the Baboos Watch the Sun 

When the Baboos Watch the Sun. Pastel and watercolor on a binder.

When the Baboos Watch the Sun. Pastel and watercolor on a binder.

When the baboos watch the sun,
two things only can think:
“Where are their hats?” And…
“When will they have feet?”

“This is boring” sentenced Baboo One;
“I don’t know what to think” said Baboo Five;
“Baboos don’t think” corrected Baboo Two;
“Don’t say it, don’t say it!” screamed Baboo Three;
“We, baboos, can only stare at this” explained Baboo Four;

The sea was calm, blue and warm,
The waves lightly touched the baboos heads
The sun rays made the water shine
The baboos, half wet, half dry
Kept there staring at the sun.

“Are we going crazy or what?” sentenced Baboo One;
“Crazy it is only a tag” said Baboo Five;
“We are not going anywhere, dear?” corrected Baboo Two;
“Quiet, quiet, quiet!” screamed Baboo Three;
“We, baboos, can only look at this” explained Baboo Four;

And this is the baboos’s life,
It does not matter if it is one,two or five.
This creatures were born privileged
Having the most beautiful views nobody has seen
but that’s it.
Because a Baboo cannot think about it.