Kitchen School: Eat Sweet Without Eat Sugar

Julia Child in her kitchen. Picture courtesy

Julia Child in her kitchen. Picture courtesy

Welcome to a new edition of Kitchen School where you can discover more about that magic place called kitchen or some nutrition tricks. In this week episode I have the pleasure to tell you how to eat better.

We all know that the secret for the good “cuisine” as Julia Child show us in her show is: “Butter, butter, butter.” However, dear Julia, despite your advices are great to make delicious dishes; in long term, they are not good to our blood vessels.

In today’s show, I am going to share with you an easy trick to cut that extra levels of fats and sugars in your meals without lose flavor.

Let’s say… that you have what the english speakers call a “sweet-tooth”. Do you know that not only white sugar or artificial sweeteners are sweet? Yes, omit unicorns and care bears too. You do not really need to eat them.

In fact, some of the most sweet goods are fruits and veggies. One of the most sweet is the beetroot, followed by carrots. Yes, darlings, now you are understanding why Cookie Monster is currently obsessed with Carrots. In fact, that blue fellow it is quite obsessed with sugary things. So why do not try to change his diet for something with more fiber and vitamins than cookies? It worked. Well, I think he will be in heaven if I share with him the gluten free carrot cookie but that is another story for another day.

know you are going to tell me: “But veggies doesn’t taste good. They are boring.” Please, do not let that your lack of culinary imaginations bother your any veggie party. Have you tried to roast them? You simply put that boring vegetables in an oven and leave them slow cook about one hour, approximately. When you open that oven a delicious full flavor meal will appear loaded of all the sugary taste that you can imagine. Zucchinis even become fancy sweet spaghettis after the oven when you peel them. I know some people that they even eat roasted garlic as candies and I am not kidding.

“Use your oven more and do not be afraid to experiment. You will discover new inspiring flavors.”

Although if I must recommend you something very delicious of to roast any vegetable it is the juice that they left with it your can make all kind of culinary fancy things.

Are you addicted to all kind of unhealthy sauces to dip or snack things? Let me give you a trick. Roast some of your favorite vegetables (NOTE: Remember all the cauliflower and leafy types need to be boiled first) and once are done let them cool and peel them. Put in a food processor, or any blender, the juice left in the pan, one or two tablespoons of olive oil, the roasted veggies and species to taste. You will have a wonderful dip or pâté which will surprise to you and to your guests. Rich in fiber, low in fats and surprisingly sweet.

Julia Child quote. Picture courtesy

Julia Child quote. Picture courtesy

Oh! That your sweet-tooth needs to eat something more “sweet” try to roast fruits or microwave them. You will be really surprised, trust me. In special, if you really really like to eat sweet, try to roast a banana in its peel. Then eat it like that or add a bit of peanut butter.

I hope today’s show has helped you to solve some of your nutrition questions. See you next month with more culinary things. Bon appetite!