A Christmas Story

Where the wishes go? Where the wishes go? I have met a lot of people whom wish a lot of things but they never do nothing from their side that make the wish happen. Some people wish: a better job, a new house, a love, and affair, the perfect girl/man, anything material or anything extremely expensive, to be famous, popular or to be the greatest actor of all times. The fact is that you can have a better job in which you can feel better but maybe it is unpaid, the new house probably will need some fixes, a love can be a new pet, the affair could be in business and not a romantic one, that “perfect” person you can only meet he/she but he/she will never be your lover, anything material can be bought with enough sacrifice and hard work from your side, you can be famous or popular for bad reputation not for a good one and… you can be the greatest in your job but nobody could know of your existence. Everything that you wish it always has two sides, like jobs and lives. If somebody is always trying to show the better side and points of view it does not mean that wish a life like the one this person has it will be the best for you because that this person will not tell you it does not mean it does not exist a dark side. And this last phrase goes for anybody that wish to be like certain actor/actress, singer, model, film director…

One of the things that I have found in my travelings it is in Hollywood it is the place where there are more lonely people by square meter. Wait here. To be alone it is not bad but to feel bad/sad because you are lonely it is the problem. Most of the people that wishes to be like the “stars” are not prepared to support the lonely and the pressure that this kind of people manages most of the days. Most of these stars are not prepared neither but they are there, trying to shine observing confused how the whole world follows them as role models or how some people are obsessed with their bodies and how “perfect” they are. When, in fact, the biggest part of these “stars” are insecure and extremely shy.

I remember Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I went to Hollywood and Highland to meet some friends to celebrate my birthday and they never came but I was there with my camera and I was decided to try to have some good time whatever it could happen. It was a protest on the street about the war. I went into the crown and I took some pictures and then, when I turn I saw a man with an open umbrella and a flashy raincoat. The day was gloomy but it was not rainy at all. It was Hoffman and as soon as he saw that I tried to take a picture he hid using that prop which make him shine between the crowd. He was curious about the protest so I guess for that reason he came but he was nervous between all that people and even more when he saw my camera. Suddenly, a man approached to him and he disappeared.

Weeks later, walking for Venice Beach with some pals we crossed with Evan Rachel Wood and her new boyfriend which, in that times, it would be the hot news of TMZ but, to be honest, if it was not for my pal I did not notice that couple. She was looking to my camera extremely scary and as we approached the couple was even nervous. So I put the lid on the lens, she looked surprised and my pals and I crossed with the couple. “Why haven’t you took a picture of them?” I said: “Because it was not necessity to screw them the afternoon”.

I could tell you a bunch more of things like this but the point it is not who has crossed my path. The point is that if you want to be like that people, you must have in mind that not everybody will put the lid on the lens. Most they will try to hunt you as if you are only a prey. In special, if you live in Los Angeles, because it is where all this people is expecting to catch a piece of others, even some of the ones who are in the same game as you will try and, after all, this only generates bad vibes.

So, if you want a humble advise for somebody who knocked more doors than others, please have in mind that it is better to be recognized for your job and to be famous for it, that simply try to be notorious as a way to try to be in the Hollywood Premiere League. It is better to be proud of what you do even if only your wife, or mother know how good you are that face the media without to have any talent because the public opinion will destroy you. They may not destroy your reputation or fame but they will damage your psyche, your feelings and your soul until a very dangerous point in which it will be yourself who will move away even of your loved ones, family and “real” friends. You will destroy yourself.

Now, about the Peter Pans and Wendys whom did not had this advise and they only wanted to be famous, to make great movies, read carpets and dress well. Your wish has come true and now what? You have clothes, awards, money, crowds of people whom retweet you without even read what you have posted, lots of lovers which you cannot date because you are afraid that they want to steal another piece of you like others did… but have you noticed that when you go out of that “magic” circle which surround you not a lot of people recognize you? Maybe people confuse you with other “famous” but they do not recognize YOU. Do you know that most people really do not know who you really are? They do not know about your movies, records… Then, if you know it do it more often. Do not put as excuse the work. Relax, travel two towns away from that bloody city, leave the sunglasses in home, be polite and eat in the first place that cross your path. Do not be shy and enjoy more.

Merry Christmas to everybody and to ALL.

A Christmas Story

Once at year in a lot of places around the world it happens the same. Everybody is celebrating a new born. Everyone is celebrating that somebody has been born so many years ago.In theory, these days are full of joy. The families get together, prepare a lot of food and they eat it in the harmony, calm and good mood.

Everybody loves Christmas: some for the presents, others for the lights, others for the food, others for have the opportunity to see that one whom they cannot see for long…

Hold on. Have I said all? Sorry then. Because as you well know there are some creatures that they hate this holidays and try to make the life impossible to everybody. Some of them, with the permission of Dr. Seuss, are called Grinch. Others, are more like Ebenezer Scrooge. Anyways, I think you know the kind of people I am talking about: the ones that hate Christmas for their own personal reasons and to do not having enough with hate their own time they should transform the Holidays of others in the most horrible experience that they can. For that reason, they try to steal the Christmas or they simply protest of anything.

However, let me tell you a little short story this time. A story for a little girl who found in these days something incredible and fantastic. Something, that you are not going to believe. Something completely unreal and magic…

Annie did not have a real home. She lived with a family. A family where she worked as servant but where she could not find real love.

She worked for the Anderson’s since she could remember and we are talking that she, in fact, was very young: only seven and a half years old. However, one of the first memories that she had was she washing the dishes of the family. Nothing more.

Other of the maids of the family, Aretha, had told her the story about her mother. She worked for the family all her life but she died. The Anderson’s, having compassion of the girl, decided to adopt her as a new future servant to give to her a better life.

Well, that was truth. Because in 1885, under the reign of Queen Victoria, if you were a kid and you did not have a family that would care of you; you could be found dead of cold and buried under the snow or, in a most optimistic case, having a life like Oliver Twist. So, to have a future life as an eternal maid it did not seemed so bad at all.

As you can imagine, when you are a maid and you are very young there are some kind of tasks that you could not do, like clean the huge shelves of the library of Sir Anderson. But, in other hand, like you are little, you can clean other places that the big people could not do, like under the tables, some cabinets and the chimneys*… And I think you know why Annie wanted in this dates, as a crazy, clean her all the chimneys of the house. However, she never found nothing. Not a clue of him. For that reason, and because she have never received a gift, she started to believe that all was a myth or just a simple tale for the most naive and young.

*The favorite entry that Santa uses to come inside of the houses and let the gifts and dreams to the most young.

Although, just in case, she always insisted in clean that places by herself, because it could be a myth but she never lost the hope. And one year… and other… and other… Nothing. She had almost eight and never, never; had any clue or gift of that sweet old man that gave to all the other kids all that gifts, happiness and illusion.

Or maybe was that she was not good enough? No, that could not be possible because she had always done all: all the orders, all the messages, all the cleanings… All. She had never killed nothing, not even a fly or the nasty spiders. She had never stolen neither. Not lies… Maybe a bit lazy sometimes but she had done all as good as she could. Ok, she was not perfect. Maybe she had broken two or three dishes of the most expensive porcelain but she had the fair punishment for it. So, why has she never had nothing from Santa Claus?

Annie could not understand why. She was young and she wanted the same like all the kids: gifts and to have fun. Although, like she had not that privileges, all the Christmas nights and mornings: when she heard that the kids of the Anderson’s went to the Christmas tree and Christmas socks to see their gifts; she went outside, to take a walk. Sometimes she had not gone far and she only sat in a place to wait a bit before to came back home. But it was better feel the fresh air and the cold that not all that euphoric screams of the other kids to later hear that she could never had none of that toys.

Honestly, Annie did not want toys. She wanted socks because they are more useful, but the Anderson’s kids could not understand neither nothing of her words.

However, in the last Christmas Eve, the life on Annie changed completely. She went outside to take her walk when suddenly started to snow but, what at the beginning was simple snowflakes, soon it became a kind of sparkling lights.

I am not going to lie to you kids, they were not simply falling sparkling lights neither. They were more like moving sparkling lights. I do not know how to explain it. Let’s see: the wind. When it is a bit windy but smooth that sometimes it strokes you very tender and sweet at your face but, at the same time, it delights you with curious shapes using the falling leaves and other natural elements… Do you know that? Well, this sparkling lights did the same but they were the lights which did it because in that night there was not wind.

Annie was happy looking at that beautiful lights that danced around her and how they made that gorgeous silhouettes and shapes. They made recognizable forms and other more abstract to recognize, numbers, letters and words. Unluckily, Annie never had the opportunity to learn to read good so she only could see the letters but she did not know what they meant. They said something like this:


And then, a strange creature appeared. It was dressed as a man and he was trying to seem one but the long fake big beard… his extreme long and thin legs… the strange combination of tones and clothes that he decided to combine… his green skin tone… No, it was so evident. He was something weird but definitely not a man.

He seemed very angry and in a very bad mood and as soon as he appeared all the  beautiful sparkling lights went out. The creature approached until Annie, folding his legs in a strange way until he had his face at the same height that Annie’s. He said in a deep tone with his strange no-nose close, almost touching the one of the little girl: “You haven’t see nothing. Don’t talk. Or I’ll come back and I’ll eat your tongue.”

After that scary moment the creature disappeared in front of her like smoke and Annie, more scared than a mouse, run back to the house. She went to her room. She jumped in her bed covering her full body with the blanket, using the clothe as if it was a magic shield which will protect her of any other creature. She was scared, sad, trembling and shaking as the jelly. Then, she finally fell asleep protected by the blankets and bed clothes.

That night she had all kind of weird dreams with mysterious and strange creatures: some was like the sparkling lights, beautiful and inoffensive, but others seemed more dangerous like that creature whom was disguised as a man.

However, at the next morning, in the Christmas Day, everything seemed as usual. More child screams and a lot of work. Clean this, wash tons of dishes, prepare more food… So she soon forgot all the past night and she convinced herself that all was a dream. Nothing else. Now time to work.

But two days after, when almost all the Christmas important events had happened and it was a little break before it started the crazy serving day of the New Year’s parties, she was ordered to go to the library and clean inside of some old cabinets. They were in a corner inner the huge room, down of a huge pile of books. She went very obediently, as she used to do, and she started to clean it all.

She had almost finished when she opened the last bookcase and she saw something that she had never seen before in that house. In the back side of the wood it was carved a draw, but not a beautiful and detailed one. No, it was very simple and abstract. It was a square that lied in one of its vertices and at each one of their sides it has another square in the same position but, this time, more little than the big and central one. Each one of the little ones had a letter inside or, almost, it seemed letters but Annie could not recognize any of them. She thought in all the letters that she had learnt but they did not seem no one of which she known. However, she had seen that before: in her strange dream… and meanwhile the sparkling lights was around her… and before all the nightmare with the green creature… She felt very exited. Her heart beat so fast that she could heard it but… What a mystery?… Has she cleaned that cabinet before and for that reason she had all that dream? No, she did not think so. And then, How…?

The door of the library was opened with a huge noise and Aretha came inside.”Annie! Are you going to finish this today or tomorrow? Hurry up! We’ve a party tomorrow and we’ve so many things to do!”

“Yes, I’ve almost finished. Only one more” said Annie with her sweet voice.

Aretha went out and she left Annie alone: thinking in the strange drawing and all the things that happened to her before. It was in that moment when a sparkling light appeared again, but this time it did not make beautiful things and shapes. No, this time it was more like a weary fly or mosquito in the middle of August.

Annie tried several times to move it away of her face but the sparkling thing insisted a lot. She tried to talk with the thing too but or the thing did not understand her or something got wrong because it started to bug more.

Finally, and after a several minutes trying to stop it without success she tried to catch it with the two hands. Like if you are going to clap but, as you can imagine, that made noise. Five times, to be exactly, she tried to catch that shinny thing. And do you know what? It worked. Annie caught the sparkling thing but it was not the only thing that happened because the engraving on the wood became a door. A door that was opened since then only for Annie and which brought her to a fantastic world.

It is called Ambrosia and it is the place where all the kids want to go. However, not all the young ones can go. Only the ones who deserve it, because they are obedient and good; or the kids whom are smart enough, can find a door to enter to that place. Forget the adults, the Grinch and all the worries of the world.

If you are one of that kids, dream, read and believe in the sparkling lights, in me and in you. Specially in you. Because one day a sign will came to your path and you will know that it is the moment. The moment to go. Ambrosia is waiting you.