We Call Ourselves Creators And We Just Copy Things

Sometimes, from the most stupid conversation or from our daily routine it, suddenly, shows up in your brain a concept. An idea which you are not sure if it could work as a text or not but which, as a convulsive writer, you decide to write. Sometimes, this idea never grows up and, sometimes, these type of ideas become huge literary monsters simply with type a few words more about them. Then, you find yourself having more than one novel to write, to develop and, obviously, this is not viable so you decide to procrastinate; keep with the old stuff, and as in the media we said: “keep the news in the fridge for hungry times.”

The following text it is a very rough draft. Probably you will even find some grammatical mistakes or even it could be confusing and without so much coherence in some parts. But this is how writers work: writing bad, taking out of them all the things that we have to say to later put make-up on them and let that the audience says: “Oh, well. It is not so bad.” Then, after that, if they even try to buy one of your texts consider yourself the most lucky folk in the whole universe. Because this is what it means to write: put all your guts and feelings in a piece of paper, get naked, to later have the enough faith that somebody will enjoy all your stuff.

I hope you enjoy it. Good luck.

We Call Ourselves Creators And We Just Copy Things

Example of a Repo farm.

Example of a Repo farm.

In the future, not so many years far from us, everything will change. Everything has changed. We do not have flighting cars yet, as in Blade Runner where Harrison Ford traveled by air to one place to other always watching Geishas in the video walls that worked as advertisers. Or we cannot transport us to a place to other using magic cabins like the ones used in Star Trek to travel to different planets. Well, in fact, we have people living in Mars but to travel to the “new planet” we still needing a lot of months of space travel.

However, we have advanced in other evolutive aspects, or almost we thought it. We have developed a new communication system which we call it C.H.L.O.E (Communication Habit of Limited Oral Expression) which help us to socialize us better.

It is curious because we, the humans, we have always characterized for are more expressive than other animals. In fact, we simple thought that we were better and we put ourselves in the top of the alimentary chain because we thought that we have abilities that other species did not have life, for example: the capacity to communicate with others, the imagination, the creativity or the fact that we could think and argue about deep questions or simply look for complicated mental reasonings to justify ourselves or to argue and find explanations to inexplicable matters. Yes, we were that kind of subjects; always thinking that we were better than others than we were better than everything.

Until, one day, somebody created the social networks and their different formats quickly rose between the population. They were created with the idea to make our life easy, and they did. But it arrived a moment in which us, the human beings, lost our capacities that made us superior. We lost our creativity and imagination and our capacity of communicate with others face to face, making impossible the relationships.

The whole world lived with the nose glued to a screen. People completely forgot about how was to go to the grocery store or to the farmers market, see the fruit and vegetables which has a better looking and pick them. They forgot how was run the streets looking for a taxi or for a place and ask others. They forgot what it was date other person have a conversation and feel the other touch. They even forgot to look at the sky.

Definitely, the different social networks changed our life we could order and to do everything online so why were we going to need to communicate in other way? We forget how to use our voice, how to express only with our body or face. Damn! Why had we to it? We have already the emoticons! It was simply to send one of that virtual doodles than try to express other with words how we felt and, but not least, using the new systems of virtual communication we could evade the awkward moments that used to create in some face to face communications, in special, the ones in which deep feelings was involved. Yes, we were so clever that we thought that we had the solution to all our problems. But we were wrong, as always.

The Japanese were the first ones in noticing. They classify us inside of our own species and they called this kind of people sôshoku danshi – people who shun of any kind of serious relationship-. Because it is what people did. It is what people does. In fact, a lot of people does not want to connect with the person at their side in the bus or in the coffee shop. They prefer to look at the screen and text messages or comments online. The world was forgetting how to interact and for this reason we invented C.H.L.O.E. An automatic system integrated to our devices which physically talked for us. It is true, we do not use our vocal cords more we have C.H.L.O.E. who can talk for us. However, we had a problem with the first version because it used to speak for us all what we thought which was not always nice for this reason we “Limited” the device, to speak for us what we really desire.

However, do not think that this revolutionary communication method was invented for a clever guy who know make millions working in one of this silicon valley companies. C.H.L.O.E. was invented for us: the filmmakers, and all the marketing team that we have behind to keep feeding the humans with dreams that they can imagine they might have.

We are always observing the audience, making screen-tests… to check the human behavior and for to know if our next movie will have the benefits that we expected. Because as William Goldman once said: “Nobody knows anything”. This job, our job, it is like play with stocks in Wall Street and for this reason we continue studying people, to see if we can know something. Of course, we could not discover which was going to be our next best seller blockbuster or which independent movie could win more awards but we saw that deficit in the communications, how the people was more interested in the virtual contents than share their experiences in real with others. We noticed how the love and the admiration towards the actors and singers increased until demential limits. Why? Because they were the only ones which used their voice and which expressed feelings as a job.

Soon, the situation completely changed and we did not have to put all kind of obstacles and barriers to everybody who only pretend to “be famous”. In fact, everything it was much simple because everybody could not express feelings, they did not know how to use their voices and even less to act or to play a role. We simply recruited the best ones in the different academies that we created with that purpose. We easily made of them new born stars and everybody seemed happy watching the movies and the concerts as in the old times.

But not everything worked so smoothly as we could expect… The high-rate of sôshoku danshi made that some individuals cannot digest the new behavior tendencies. The primary instincts of our species continued under our skin, waiting to be awaked in any moment. But they were not and any virtual or artificial communication system might not change that. We, as humans, need to have physical relationships with other people.

At the beginning we thought that it only was aisled cases of decency in some of the fans with followed our actors. We created a myth with them, transforming them in Gods. In the old grecian times maybe their Gods had the power to control the light bolts, the sea, the wind or to make grow new plants in any land but they had thousands of stories and myths which fed the rabble with beliefs, stories and legends but, above all, they were created for entertain, for educate and for reverence a few of a kind. We simply copied the system and improved it, making Gods any simply mortal, making everybody wish to be them or to have their style of life. Although we could not be sure if in that past times there where mortals which wanted to be like the Gods, or even more twisted, to have sex with them or maintain any kind of relationship “in secret” and “in the distance”. The truth is that this happens in our times and since most of the population has become a sôshoku danshi this tendency has increased until, what we call: “Risky Limits of Safety for Our Stars” aka R.L.S.O.S.

Everybody did not like communicated directly with others but with their idols it was a different story. They tried to impressed them with all kind of tricks, they even sent to some of them not the habitual gifts. They sent dirty clothes with their corporal fluids or parts of their body cut as a gift or sacrifice to express their admiration towards them. We were going back to the neolithic times. So we tried an experiment and it worked. Well, maybe not completely but it gave us the idea to continue with our plan.

We made a contest between the fans of a selected idol and we proposed that the winner would have a special night with this actress all expenses included and with the option to do whatever the fanatic wanted with his star. We did not send the real actress, of course, and we did not really made a “fair” contest neither. We selected the most creepy stalker of this new actress and we sent a doppelgänger of her in her place. We sent her with a whole secret vigilance team which recorded all the movements of the lucky winner all the time. However, we noticed that the individual, in question, did not have enough with one night. And the same happened with the rest of the movie star stalkers. This persons have been so addicted to this new icons to their particular brand that they have become drug addicts arriving to the point to be constantly disturbing the actors and singers online.

They became so sick and paranoid towards others that they stepped forward two phases more in all this madness. They did not have enough with trying to be constantly the focus of attention and their own insecurities, fear and jealousy made them not only stalk their idols, they made them hound all the other fans or simply followers which only could represent a threat. Yes, everything was only in their heads, but our star system was breaking down. Our society was stopping to love each other hoping that only their personal God was the only one loving them. They were imaging all kind of stupid things and situations in their heads. And they were making the job of the Hollywood publicists more complicated because it was almost impossible to stop the huge volume of fake stories that the vexed virtual creatures were constantly created. It was non viable to stop all that madness and lies.

In despair, we launched our last hope and resource: the Repo. An organic identically copy of our Star. We expend millions in secret trying to develop this project because the silence was essential in this operation.

Basically, the Repos were simply human clones created from original DNA from the actors and singers that we were promoting. It was very easy to collect that: some hair here, some saliva there… What it was not so easy it was to create viable fast grown clones which could be useful for our interest and even less it was easy to find a method for implant memories in them to make them simulate our idols. Thousands of crops were rejected and sentenced to execution because they did not have what we needed what we expected of them. We farmed them as they were simply oranges, apples or tomatoes and we erased them from this Earth like we made with our fruits or vegetables: because they have a spot or a little defect on them.

It passed years until we could develop the first “authentic” Repo. The kind of one which you could not distinguish from the real actor, actress, or singer. Then, we made the finally test.

We knew that this harassers did not have enough trying to control and to know each second of the live of the idols that we have created. They had invented in their heads complex situations in which they had any kind of encounter with the Star and it was, in fact, this actor, for example, who was in love of them, of the fan, and not in the other way. But inevitably both finally fell in love together because when they met they knew that one was the soulmate of the other. Obviously, it was logically improvable that the same human being had thousands of soul mates but this fans saw that in this way.

Some experts classified them as narcissist because this stalkers thought that all the messages was for them, even the ones from other fans who they also harassed. Others, called them schizophrenics, dements, people with personality disorders… But the real illness that they had it was to be in love of something that they could not have. So we gave it to them.

We could program the Repos to act in some ways in front of certain situations so we recreated them. That one fan dreamed with step out of the coffee shop, crash with one of our actors and both fall automatically in love of each other in less than a second. We gave it to her. That other woman dreamed with have sex with one of this handsome idols and later have a relationship “in secret” with him. We made her dreams come true. That a man had the fantasy of have brutal sex with his favorite actress to later kill her. We made that gift to him and later we were sure that person finished in jail because we were always watching all.

We were like the bloody fairy godmothers of all this aspiring idiots which wanted to be like Cinderella in her before midnight dancing with the prince of their dreams. We could made everything possible for everybody… except for our Stars.

They did not know the existence of the Repos and we tried to keep them apart of all this madness which it was growing around their figure. But they had enough with suffer the constant pressure of be a perfect image: more communicative or expressive than the rest of silly heads which needed of C.H.L.O.E. even for only buy a baguette in their local bakery shop.

Some of this actors and singers could not manage well all that pressure and they became addicted to drugs, real and old fashion drugs: sleeping pills, morphine, cocaine, alcohol… the list was endless as it was the increasing intimacy abuse of their fans.

Everything was more or less under control until one day, one of our most successful actors simply disappeared. Gone. You are trying to make of him the very best icon of the history, you are protecting him of a bunch of crazy hungry beast and he suddenly opens a door, steps out and Bam! There is no way to find him.

We must recognize that this guy was very clever, he left all the electronic systems in the house: cell phone, computers, credit cards… Actually, most human beings could not survive without nothing of that and they could really die but this guy had guts, we must to recognize it. Of course, he did not need C.H.L.O.E because he knew how to expressed and for the kind of movies that he did, he knew how to survive in extreme conditions too so we were kinda screw. Five hundred and ten millions of square kilometers were what we needed to track to find him. It was an impossible task. So we betted for the easy A. We simply took a Repo and we replaced him as if nothing were ever happened with that guy. But it happened something which destroyed us and you are going to know why.

There were only a possible way to distinguish a Repo of the real one. Each new copy of our crops had a specific code engraved on the skin with a special laser. This mark was in their left wrist but it could only be visible with a special UV light device. The only unique option of know about the copies it was that one of our Originals met a Repo of oneself and this person noticed what all of them were long ago suspecting: that there were something hidden conspiring behind. And it happened, as in one of that stupid movies that we created.

The idol which run away was walking for the street of a little town in the middle of nowhere where we had sent a Repo for one of this crazy girls. And you could not imagine how absurd the situation was. The Repo was walking in the street hand in hand with his “beloved” talking about how hard it was to be a movie star, how great it was coming back to enjoy a bit of quietness. And then, they cross together in the middle of the street. Everybody was surprised, even our monitoring team which always followed our Repos and the conducts of the fans via satellite. Nobody knew exactly how to react. The crazy paranoid fan was the first. She started to scream: “I knew that everything was a LIE!”, and she continued with the habitual not sense that she used to show us as a daily spectacle in the virtual bloody world.

Meanwhile, the two idiots were looking each other fascinated after discover that they where not one of a kind. “You are I” repeated the Repo as it suddenly had some kind of biological shock.

We had to act, quick, we needed to fix it before somebody else knew of it and the situation got out of control. We could not let any clue or prove that the meeting had happened. Our jobs and the whole Hollywood dream industry was in peril. If the people woke up nobody would like to hear more lies.

So we moved fast. We sent our special operation team which silenced everything, as usual. And they kidnaped the two “famous” guys. Actually, they are confined in our hidden installations in Los Angeles from where we continue with our studies and we trace our plans. We will study them until we decide. Their lives are ours. We can do what we want. We are the ones that make you dream and believe what you most desire. Because, without us, only a few in the whole world will survive.