“For a Hammer Everything Are Nails”

Consume, be silent, die.

Consume, be silent, die.

The past week I heard that quote in a movie and it arrived to me very deep because I think it is completely true. But what you probably are not going to expect is where this quote came from. It was said by the character that Brad Pitt plays in World War Z and he was in the context of a huge and massive epidemic of non-alive beings who act like wild desperate hungry animals in rage. He was in a plane traveling to Korea to try to find answers to all this madness and like he had more experience in the battlefield than his biologist partner, Brad decided to warn him about how the SEALs team, which traveled with them, act.  And it is true, because when somebody is a soldier and he is in an alert mood, or in combat; like in the case of the film. It is hard to difference which are the good guys and which are the bad ones.

However, World War Z did not only caught me for that quote but it awaked in me that old memory that some time ago I had about people and the world. And it is that this world is full of zombies, or people who does not think, whom only follow the patrons that some brands tell them, that only do what others tell them to do, that are trapped inside of a cavern and they cannot see the light: the free will, to be yourself, to give a fuck about what others think, the do what you want… And, meanwhile, one part of the planet is divided for the huge infested new Z virus the other few that survive see themselves haunted, stalked, bitten or eaten by others. If you let them, they are going to chew your flesh like a hungry hyena who is enjoying a feast of dead but if you decide fight them… Well, it is not so easy, because this things cannot die because they are already dead so, your only hope for survive it is camouflage between them.

“This world is full of zombies, or people who does not think.”

Seriously, I have never read the original novel by Max Brooks but since I watched the movie, and this old idea came back to my head, I am in a kind of frenzy to try to read it. Because I am wondering if the end was so fatal that the producers of the movie, and this includes Brad Pitt, needed to hire another screenwriter and reshoot the end of the film until arrive to the actual end of the movie. But let is going to left apart Hollywood. Because, in fact, this post it is not about movies, spoilers or fiction stories. It is about zombies, hammers and nails.

I know that things could be strange in this world, that people have different moods and each day some social fluctuations interfere in our personas and they can change our character and our behavior. But what I really do not understand it is that people expect something from someone when they are not giving nothing to the other except troubles. And this happens because the people is acting in the wrong way. They do not love people anymore. They think they love them but they are wrong. What they feel is desire, lust, randiness… But not real love. In our days, people loves things and uses people. This is what really happens and for this reason everything is going wrong.

“People expect something from someone when they are not giving nothing to the other except troubles.”

One person that really loves other tries to show and share his/her love towards the other. And it does not matter how shy or timid this person could be because, maybe, at the beginning, this person could be afraid of be rejected and s/he could try to express himself/ herself using anonymous methods.

LOVE people not things. USE things not people. Image courtesy of wekosh.com

LOVE people not things. USE things not people.
Image courtesy of wekosh.com

But, with the time, inevitably this person should overcome that shy state because s/he will realize that it s/he continues anonymous to the person whom is in love. S/he will never have a clearly answer about if the other person corresponds in love to him/her. And if this person does not awake and do this well, or s/he is idiot or s/he is retarded. Because this life it is not only about feel love and share it with others, it is about receiving it from others too.

However, it is in that last step when people confuse the things again. Because they only want to receive but they do not give an inch of love, sense of care or anything. In fact, this is the reason why people loves more objects than people, because they are really more worried about their phone or car than of the people who they have sat next to them in the bench meanwhile they are waiting for the bus.

It is a strange sensation when you travel to different places of the world and you count the quantity of homeless people that are in the streets. Nobody notices them but they are there, silently, waiting in the streets that a miracle happen. Exactly equal, that all this people in their houses with their fancy phones and computer, watching the virtual world, and blaming, critiquing, stalking… others. They are also waiting for a miracle too. The difference between ones and others it is, in a 80% of the probabilities, zero because both kind of human beings are expecting the same kind of miracle: “have something that they are not having in that moment”. That could be food, a new phone, new clothes, a new Louis Vuitton, a warm blanket for winter, central heating, somebody that cares of them, a prince or princess that save them from their “miserable” life… We have to recognized. The fault of our broken dreams are the fairy tales that some parents read to their children at night. The fault is of Hollywood because they always show us that Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts always get what they want. And I do not forget you boys do not worry. You have Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and a bunch of playboys to choose, all courtesy of the big filming dream factory. The fault is of us: the writers and filmmakers because we are a bloody bastards so evil that we love to put fantasies in the heads of all of you, dear audience, to later see how your bubbles of unreality explode and you have to suffer the real and cruel life in which there is not space for the fantasies and the only what it is true is that if you want something you should fight for it.

“The fault is of us: the writers and filmmakers because we are a bloody bastards so evil that we love to put fantasies in the heads of all of you.”

The people from our days does not understand that sometimes an animal who does not speak the same language than us can express more love and sense of care than another human; for example, a dog or a cat. How do they show you their love towards you? They sit or lay at your side, maybe they ask you for some soft petting too, maybe they lick you, or maybe they go for their favorite toy and they left it at your side. This is the way that they have to show you their love towards you. And what does the human being to show others their love? The human sit or lay at your side it could be a nice talk or be silent, maybe they hug you or the human will be closer to you, maybe the human kiss you, or maybe the human will give you something to express the affection. However, in our days, this common features of how to share love have been lost and the only thing that the people keeps in their heads, as an expression of love, it is the action of give presents and when more expensive are they, more love the other feel for us. But, do not finishing with this stupidity, it seems that the more accepted is that others always give to me but I will never give nothing.

"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need." Image courtesy of Tumblr

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” Image courtesy of Tumblr

Example: There was a birthday of a friend of mine. She always like to make huge parties and invite a lot of people. There is always tons of food and drinks and all for free. Well, the normal when you are invited to a party of that kind is that you gift something that you know that the other it is going to love. Or, if you do not have so much idea about what this person likes, the normal it is that you expend in the gift the money that more or less will cost your part of that party, in case that you should have to pay it from your own pocket, and you will be sure of put the gift ticket, just in case that person decided to change your gift for other thing. This are social common rules of behavior. It is not a mystery.

But in that party this rules was not applied. She invited a bunch of people to the Hawaiian theme party and a lot of girls was trying to convince the other invited people to do a gift all together. Of course, each one had free will to choose and some of us preferred to buy our own gift. What was the surprise when after have eaten all the food as hungry dogs which had never seen so much food, devour the cake and drink all the alcohol… It arrived the moment of open the gifts. This people gave to her a pajama as gift. A pajama who was bought between five person and which only costed 12 €. Because they did not even hide the prize and decided to share it to all of us.

Now, a lot of people could think that maybe this people hated the person of the birthday and for that they did that with her. Well, that was what I thought but it seems that no: “That was show her love towards her”. Of course, I think my friend did not thought the same in that moment. But it is for this reason, between other thousand more, why I never go to birthday parties because they have become a kind of stupid competition full of malice and hate to see who “loves” more the other and who makes bigger the social ridiculous.

This is our actual “Love”, my friends, and for this reason each time that any person send me a direct e-mail I automatically think: “What will s/he want of me?” And when the direct message ends with “I love you”, “My loved sister”, “My best friend”… My grade of distrust arrives to the higher levels. In fact, and I am not kidding, I have a girl friend who loves me a lot. Yes, she told me each time that she is in contact with me. She says: “ILU”. Which it is very fancy and quick to type. She loves me so much that each time that she send me an e-mail she tell me how much she remembers me all the days of her life. However, she did not remember the day of my birthday, or that I was very sick and I almost die… and for that she only sends to me like 3 or 4 e-mails in all the year. Automatically, when I receive them I go and check which are the movies that are going to be released in the cinemas. Because, do you know what she wants even if she does not say it directly? She wants to go to the movie that she likes, despite that you do not like, the day that she wants at the time that she prefers. But she does not want to be alone. If the movie it is commercial or with a bunch of special effects she call me, if the movie is a romantic story she express all her love to other girl. In concrete, to the one of the birthday party. This is our actual Love, ladies and gentlemen.

“What can we expect of a generation that before this virtual world was invented collected pictures of the friends as if they were stickers?”

Love is that people makes you travel more than 10.000 kilometers because they need to show you their love and later they let you discarded as a piece of junk in an art exhibition, in your birthday party or they go with you to the cinema and they were chatting all the time with the phone. Completely ignoring you because you are not connected to that new fancy system of communication. This is our daily love. And the most incredible part of all this it is that this kind of people never hurt others. They are saints and angels who are only trying to express their love towards you. They are the victims in all of this and the others are who have the fault because they never correspond them. Well, nobody is in the right of decide who do the things wrong and who do the things right but what it is sure if that somebody is always saying about himself/ herself how perfect, beautiful and angelical are s/he. What it is sure it is that this person could be all kind of things, except be humble.

But what can we expect of a generation that before this virtual world was invented collected pictures of the friends as if they were stickers? It is true, when I was 14 and older. The folks around me collected the pictures of their “friends” and they put them in their wallets. Later they showed you with supremacy how many ID portraits of people they had as if for have it more they will be better or more loved than others. So, it should not be a surprise for anybody this greed that people has in our days with the social networks for try to have more: “friends”, fans or followers. Because that interest it is not new. It was long ago in their brains.

Sometimes we put up walls… Image courtesy of Words on images

Sometimes we put up walls… Image courtesy of Words on images

For that reason, I would like to warn you. Maybe most of you already know this but most of the teenagers do not and not all the people in this world who is saying: “I love you” really loves you. Not even the ones who said: “I hate you and I want to kill you” love you neither and they are trying with twisted games make you fall on your knees. That way you can beg to them for forgiveness, love and peace. No, definitely, that is not love. They are simply hammers and they treat as nails all of you. However, they hit you harder or soft depending of what they are interested or what they want from you.

It is for this reason that some people build huge high walls around them, as the quote says. Not for protection if not to really see who really cares.

Of course, that does not exclude that some people thinks that put your walls down will be a synonymous of that they care. Be aware, little boys and girls, because a person who really cares of you will never destroy your world or your barriers. S/he will help you to build a better ones to protect you both from the rest.

A person who really cares tries to help, listen and give you good advice. S/he could be for you the ideal person to tell all your problems and most hiding confessions. But this person will never use that secrets against you and s/he will expect the same from you. Someone who really cares of other left to one side all the responsibilities, work and duties… for the ones who really care or for answer the other. That is real and true love.

“A person who really cares tries to help, listen and give you good advice.”

However, we cannot ask a hammer for their feelings because they are only useful for one thing: hit. Even we cannot trust in the Z virus infected ones because they are already dead and the only that moves them are the rest of the people, the consumerism and the flesh. There is only a solution for survive then. Draw a circle, put your walls there, try to camouflage yourself and let that who really care of yourself show you how higher and big you can build your fortress with his/her help.