Do you copy?

San Francisco, California. A business man of J...

San Francisco, California. A business man of Japanese ancestry confers with a representative of the . . . – NARA – 536054 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that a good entrepreneur or marketer it is not the one who can manage the company perfectly if not the great manager it is the one who can see in the market the future perspectives of business.

Now, if you ask me what I have been doing all this time without post anything I will be shortly: meditating because I felt not interested neither in business neither in the future. However, do not be publishing stuff does not mean do not do nothing. In this last weeks suddenly I felt a terrible fascination to know more about packaging and organic chemistry, not the one which implies a fluid exchange. I know that most of you are a bunch of dirty birdies. No, I felt interested in how a molecule can change your skin, for good or bad, and how certain components like hyaluronic acid can help to hydrate the sky; how the glycolic acid helps to remove spots in the dermis and make your tone more even and fair…

Probably, most of you are thinking: “What the hell…?” But I know that I am a weirdo, that nobody understand my jokes and that meanwhile some of you prefer to go to crazy raves I prefer to waste my time with books. As Lady Gaga once said: “I born this way” and this is the way I am. Although please let me tell you what has made me wake up of my publishing silence: the word “inscrutabile”. Somebody left it in format of virtual message in my page and I must confess that like english it is not my first language I had to search it in my dictionary and, ignoring, certain grammatical misspells I suppose that the being who left this try to say that I am difficult to understand. I am glad that my mind can be a whole mystery for you. It has been a pleasure to learn that new word or compliment that you left in my site but quoting one of the greatest wizards in the world I am not more complicated than him:

“I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks.” Harry stared. “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a pair. People will insist on giving me books.” (PS12)

And in case that you do not get it, dear folk, this means that sometimes even the most complicated people in the world needs the most basic things: socks, hugs, kisses, somebody who will offer to prepare them a meal… So simple like that but I am sure that you do not get it so let it be.

Anyway, like I am in the wizard world mood I think that I am going to resolve some of your other crazy questions like for the example, the ones about “who should not be named”. You keep asking as mad monkeys for this bad ass rock star/actor/artist/hairy singer who I cannot see even in pictures. You keep asking if he is in Sgt. Pepper‘s movie or who is dating or about his baby because it seems he has left pregnant somebody… I do not know, I do not care… as if he wants to dance naked in the middle of the stage and pee all his fans as, I think, Iggy Pop once did. All their troop are blocked and there is no going back in my decision. If they want to still playing gigs or selling new stupid merch to some of their cuckoos is their problem not mine but, as you are very very very curious about to know if he has any relationship with Sgt. Pepper’s I can say NO. Almost, I am talking from my web domain site if you mean the Beatles album or Sgt. Pepper’s movie well… ask him if he was one of the hairy weirdos next to the Bee Gees but I will not answer you more about that.

This remembers me to mention that I do not accept virtual invitations, or virtual congratulations or grateful cards/messages of any kind. I am very old school and I still loving the physical handwritten ones. And this has remembered me a story that I wanted to tell you; a story about Los Angeles.

Los Angeles City Hall, 2009.

Los Angeles City Hall, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a hillbilly from a town. I passed half of my life between two towns because my family had some issues. In one of them, the people was always the best in everything and most of my school partners received a 50€ pay at week only when we were 8 years old. In the other town, most of my friends had never tasted a yogurt at the age of 8 because it was expensive when, in other hand, the parents of this kids had received that year around 1 and half million of euros by the selling of the products of their orchards. So, as you can see life was very different in both sides.

Los Angeles it is a huge city but as most of the parts of America only money and the appearance counts. If you can afford the rent of a studio by your own they arrive to the conclusion that you are rich and the fact that you dress like what they call “european clothes” that make you respectful. However, this does not mean that you are stylish because that means: “to wear brand clothes”. Where I am from we have a refrain which says: “Despite the monkey dress in silk, monkey it will be.” In case that some of you did not get it, this means that the clothes do not make the person.

I can tell you that there is a bunch of fake people around the world but in that city you have more chance to find more for square meter. Most of them will tell you how fabulous you are, how perfect, angelical… they will promise you the moon, the sky and the stars to later when they will not receive from you what they wanted to receive they will attack you stabbing you with all their weapons from behind. But, just for clarify, the fun part of this it is that before they try to poison you or your mind they never tell what they wanted from you. They simply attack and you should guess why they are now against you.

I confess that I am not a very social person and that I do not like to claim to the forth winds if I travel here or there, if I am dating somebody, if I am single… In this aspect I am reserved and I only say it with marketing terms and proposals, nothing else, guys.

Recently, I sent to one of my old Los Angeles friends a bracelet with a handwritten note. This is my style, like when I send cupcakes or other sweets to someone. My “friend” is from Mexico and I am from Spain so it is not a cheap sending but I think that most of you know what it is the tracking number, do not you? It is a code which can be used to track anything that you send paying that additional cost. Well, I suppose that she and I do not speak the same language because three weeks later than the tracking number told me that she had received the gift she told me a short virtual thanks adding that usually no one uses the mail system anymore. I do not know if she liked it, or not. I do not know nothing else. Just that she only sends me messages when I publish certain things, then she comes back to her “sister” asking me about my life but when I say: “I publish certain things…” I do not mean in my personal Facebook. I mean in my blogs, and do you know why? Before this kind of situations happened I have never posted nothing in my personal accounts to make reference to this site. Nothing.

So, when I posted this ring in my photographic site. Suddenly, I received an e-mail of her asking me if I was going to marry and as I said: NO. She became offended with me. I do not know folks, I suppose there is a bunch of people like my mom around there in the world gossiping online what one does or one do not does but, honestly, I do not give damn. I do not give it anymore.

People thinks that because you have made a picture of a ring you are going to marry, or because you do not publish you are sad, or because you do not go out you are depress, or because you take a picture of yourself in bikini you want to be a model, or because you say how to create a make-up style or give a beauty advice you are going to “steal” the job to some people, or because you do not publish your pictures in chronologic order you are lying and you have never traveled anywhere, or because some pictures are decent enough they are not yours and you have stolen from the web… But, later, some of this people who are always putting tags on you they have the right, without ask you permission, to take your logos, your signs, and make parodies of them, use them as their own promotional use or economical benefit and later they are not obliged to tell you not even thanks. It is okay, I understand. It is easy to destroy and copy than to create and to be original. The chaos creates more instability and that gives you more fans which at long term are more possible clients. I know it and it is fine. Continue your path and I will follow mine but now, let me answer you directly to some of your instability feeds that you/fans/crazy folks or simple people who is always searching seven feet to a cat is leaving me of my site:

sgt peppers in long beach: I’ve never be there. Is it nice?
lonely garlic: I use garlic a lot when I cook. They say that it keeps away the vampires and I like that but I never use it or eat it alone. I think it taste better if it is mixed with other ingredients.
steven tyler/sargent peppers lonely hearts club band: He is in the movie and I love his voice. Aerosmith is one of my favorite bands.
van houten chocolate: No idea about Van Houten and not a real enthusiast of chocolate.
+bansky spionage: Ask Bansky about that.
the lonely hearts by julia roberts: Definitely, this is a good title for a book. Please,can somebody suggest to Ms Roberts publicist or agent this title idea? Thanks.
tony had to make a few bands on my lonely: Why do not you ask Tony, then?
sausage & peppers lonely heart from what state do they live: I think, but maybe it is just me, that you can get sausage and peppers in any grocery store. But if in some states they “live” better ones for satisfy your needs simply go on.
peppers writing club dannielynn: Who is he?
stops: using the information learned in this course, explain three things you will not do when driving.: I am like six months receiving this. Not sure about this bad joke but it is obvious, do not you think?
smoke me sgt and past on back: I believe in spaces with clean air.
who is sausage and peppers lonely hearts club band: No idea. You created it. Not me.
dreams being multifaceted artist entertainer: Work hard. Dream less.
seems grow increasingly lonely unsatisfied wake new communicational: I use to be modest but I know a bit about communications. Check my linkdln profile. I do not consider most of the virtual communication, communication at all. Most of it is impersonal, they forget about the direct message or the receptor and most of them it gives ten kicks to most of the dictionaries of all languages around the world.
sgt pepper lonely hearts club fan: No darling, I do not have a fan. I prefer to open the windows. It is more refreshing.
“is it ok” to burn powder puff trees: If you say so…
what kind of a doughnut is sgt. balzac eating in home alone?: Ask Balzac.
pepper and tony have a rocky relationship but he is asked what he would sacrifice to protect her what would you do to protect the ones you love or are: First, I am Esther and I do not respond to any other name or nickname of any kind. Sgt. Pepper is the brand of my site STOP. But if you ask me what I would sacrifice to protect the ones I love I have it clear: my freedom or my life.
need for speed worldless: Worldless it is my other brand. That others used that name for other stuff it is their problem not mine. But I have never played that video game if you ask.
stallone and pepper: Ask Sly.
destroy ebola dna: Virus have RNA not DNA. I will give you a class of virology but I am afraid you will be not interested. About destroy that virus… I wish I could but I cannot.
everyone wants a place in someone’s heart: True but when you arrive and touch others hearts you also want that they give you back what you offered them. Not material things, feelings. But, in our days give but do not receive it is our daily routine. That is the reality give and be always the bad when you become tired, after years, of do not receive nothing that is a fact.
did all of the school shooters have pale skin?: I do not know. Ask any person from the USA I am from Europe and I am against weapons and anybody who holds one of them.
i never really had much of a childhood because of the neighborhood that i grew up in had a: I am sorry to read that.
+teen tattler girls flirt older men: I am not a teen. Do not know what you mean.
best gift for photographer: I am not photographer. I simple apply the Rilke rule that if you do something you are something. So simple as it. But if you ask me about the best gift for me. It will be helping Mario Testino, Karl Lagerfeld, Janusz Kaminski to prepare any set. That was my dream: to have a mentor, to learn. However, as I do not have a fairy Godmother but all the people treat me like if I am the one of them. I can tell you that the best gift that you can make me is tea, a weird blend that I have not tasted before or a simply one which I love it. I do not need nothing else but you can also add a hug. Well, I also accept fresh fruit.
esther photobomb: I can swear it is not me. I consider it very impolite.
places that are lie los angeles: Hollywood, to start.
how to create make up: That’s what I am interested right now.
bird, plane? no, its the wedding photographer: I’m afraid I am not.
justice for esther the dog: I do not know any dog with that name but if you refer to me. Well, not sure how are you going to ask for my justice.
herreraisabel twitter: Sorry Isa, I’m not going to look for you.
im not from this world: From which one are you then?
make a wish esther: Peace: of mind, of heart, in the people, in the world… That everybody can feel the calm without the necessity to destroy more homes or shed more blood. That nobody attacks others for hate, envy or pure joy just that people let it be all.

you copy: In case of you do not know “Do you copy?” is a slang expression used by the English speakers when they are talking in walkie talkies. You can hear that expression a lot if you watch films with a lot of armies or policemen. I like to make puns with my titles I hope know everything it is more clear.

necessary girlfriend pet feel lonely somebody talk bar borrowing cigarette : One day I will make a post about clear communications… So, tell me, do you have a pet who needs a girlfriend and you are borrowing cigarettes in a bar or what?

explain sometimes contrasting makes sgt star feel little bit human: No idea about what you are talking.

pepper band hawaii now i know what i want: I have two pals living in Hawaii but I have never been there. But if you know what you want go for it.

peppers nightclub germany: Not me. Be sure. I dislike nightclubs and I try to avoid Germany when I travel as you do not have idea.

laura shy hides inner beauty thinking strange world minor defect: No idea of who is Laura but if she is shy because an inner problem or insecurity she should learn to overcome it to try to feel more confident. Well, almost, this is my opinion.

marlon brando sargent peppers:  No, Marlon Brando is in The Godfather. Series which I finally could see complete. Wow!

do you bake the half pepper with the silicon or do you remove the fimo from the silicon and then bake ?: Here you are cooking friend! You must be the one who is not from this world, right? Because you cook peppers with silicon and… well, that recipe it is not from our planet. Not, really, trust me. I recommend you that you ask this question to the extraterrestrial chef in which you have seen this recipe. I do not really know this recipe and to me the silicon and fimo ingredients are very strange but, in Earth, when you bake a pepper it peels off easily once if it is baked. Again, syntonize your planet cooking channel or learn from other alien: Alf.

i truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. there are no accidents; we\\\’re all teachers – if we\\\’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.: First check my Twitter feed to see my opinion about teachers. Then, again, I repeat: It is sad that most of the people who we meet in our path do not teach us nothing positive because even if we follow our most positive instincts we cannot learn of this people nothing with good qualities. I am not afraid to take risks and I do not believe in miracles. I only believe in work hard and to give thanks to the Lord for what I have. This is my belief. However, I understand what you mean because I live surrounded by people who is always expecting miracles, who they always want to win the lottery when they have already a bunch of bills under their pillows but who are always complaining about how poor or disgraceful they are. I live surrounded by people who believes what the horoscope says it is going to happen and when you finish your coffee and read your cup and you have certain symbol this will mean that, what the symbol means to them, it is going to happen to you. But if you count the hours at day that they do of work and how many they expend watching television or looking at the horizon (literally) you will find that if you translate that working numbers to a week they had not even work, even, a day. But they are always very tired and they are always complaining about everything. So I understand what you mean.

“when you need it how much you need and whom you need” or or “you need and whom you need it for makes buying easier and” or or “it for makes buying easier and the accuracy can save an organization”: Be clear.

“not like illegal emigrants and she did”:  I have never been an illegal in any place where I have been. In fact, you do not know me. I have never expressed my opinion about illegal immigrants. So, stop saying stupid affirmations about me. However, if you want my opinion about illegal immigrants I am going to give you. Like or dislike are not the right words for describe it. I understand that most of this people are so desperate for try to have a new life in a “better” country that most of them do all kind of things that are not legit but I believe that the solution to the problem it is not to cross a frontier and with that your life suddenly will change. I compare that the problem of illegal emigrants it is the same that most of people have with Los Angeles: everybody travels there waiting for the miracle, for the luck that will change their lives and will make them easier. Unfortunately, most of this people finish living in the streets in very bad conditions and do you know why? Because a “better” life cannot be found in other city or other country, it must be found inside of oneself and this person will should make changes to get that objective. Sometimes this person will should make changes that will blow his/her mind and his/her way of act and thinking but, in that resides the improvement: “in change”. In change from inside towards forward until be better, until live better. Nonetheless, go to one place to other trying to catch the dreams and fake stories that others are selling will not drive people to any point. That story of I was in the right place in the right moment it only happens to one between a million. The rest, are only inventions and myths that people creates around them to sell more or to edulcorate the cruel real facts that happened to them until arrive to what they sell as “better live”. But this is other long philosophical point about why people always wants to be like the oil and float over the rest of the water. Again, about immigration, I do not have any issue about if it is legal or illegal always that this people come to their new country with the intention to change, work and try to improve their lives, but I believe that if most of this people will really know that all that they are listening in the media about Europe or USA it is a fantasy. That life here it is not so easy and storytelled as the press tells for them, they will think twice before to try to cross in illegal ways the frontiers.

favors elizabeth making scenes prefers being humble staying out everybody’s way: I am not Elisabeth and I completely dislike to make scenes. To me drama is only valid in the movies and I try to avoid all this people who lives only to make dramatic scenes. Their pathos depresses me until the point that it disturbs my inner peace. So, as an old refrain says: “Better to stay alone than in bad company.” My motto.

Not sure if I have could answer to all your crazy thoughts but I did my best. I think the human being is losing their ability of communication. It is true that in our days we have more options that can make communications easier than before but, at the same, time we are losing the ways in how to do it appropriately and this drives us to a daily path of constant misunderstood and mental confusions. Sadly, this is not only happening in the virtual world and it is extending to all the communicative areas. I am sure you have already heard about the orthographic mistakes by most kids and teens in the school because they write on paper as they write on their cellphones: with all kind of abbreviations and codes. However, we are not only losing that capacity because, in most cases, the same fact it is affecting to our verbal communication too. Most of the people is so accustomed to publish in the social networks everything that they think that they do the same in persona but, of course, without specify a receptor of the message as it is habitual in the virtual world. I do not know. I see a lot of stupid things around me that I prefer to ignore or maybe one day I will decide to write a post about it and talk more. I do not know. The only thing that I know is that if we do not worry in try to understand the other, ask him/her about the world will finish as Gandhi once said: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” The same happens with communication.