How Nestlé transformed cacao in a guilty pleasure

A cacao tree with fruit pods in various stages...

A cacao tree with fruit pods in various stages of ripening. Taken on the Big Island (Hawaii) in the botanical gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not a lot of people know that the cacao it is bitter before to haven been processed until arrive what we worldwide know as chocolate: this guilty pleasure that in the mayan times was a gift from the Gods to the mortals and today it becomes a gifted day when you can enjoy a bit of a quality one.


The first ones in process that magic fruit was the olmecs back at 1750BC. Later, the spaniards arrived (in the 16th century) and after kill half of the population of central america they declared themselves the kings and governors of all that lands. I know, history is full of dark times, but going back to the sweetest part of the history they exported the cacao to the old continent and after some centuries of doubt, researching, religious doubts and experimenting. Finally in 1815  Coenraad Van Houten could reduce the cacao bitterness. That process and the industrialization era made that the production of chocolate became massive, wild, tasty but, above all, varied and sweet.


But at the same time that this was happening, Europe was having a terrible time. A lot of

Henry Nestlé, 1800s.

Henry Nestlé, 1800s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

children was dying in that times because they were not able to feed of their mothers breast. The statics were overwhelming and it is a fact that babies cannot digest well current cow milk. Then, a pharmacist without children but interested in human nutrition called Henri Nestlé invented with his friend Jean Balthasar Schnetzler what we all known as powder milk and condensed milk. This invent was revolutionary for the era because it saved a lot of children but it was also the step that needed the chocolate to became what we actually know as a guilty pleasure. Without that step it could not be possible to have the quantity of varieties and flavors that we have in our days and probably chocolate could continue being more bitter.


As a curiosity anecdote about Nestlé I am going to tell you that his surname means “nest” and


that the logo that actually the company holds, of a nest with a bird feeding the young birds, it is similar to the original coat of arms of the Nestlé family. Henri Nestlé sod his company in 1890 but since that times we can enjoy of  several different products that make our life easy. This company make us enjoy also with this guilty pleasures like the one of the picture. Who was going to say that a discovery to save of hungry the little children was going to make the life in the world easier?


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Nestlé Strawberry Cheesecake

Nestlé Strawberry Cheesecake