Cinnamon Apple Rolls

Sometimes, life is very bitter and we need sweet treats that make us feel better and to see the world in more optimistically ways.  Some people, when they are in this situations they bet for chocolate or all the infinite varieties of desserts in which you can find it, but this is not my style at all. I like chocolate and sometimes I need to put some of it in my life but, as a sweet, I prefer any kind of sugary made with fruits. I do not know why but to me they are more tasty.

Today, I come back to the use of apples but not because I prefer this fruit over others, if not because it is the most reachable fruit around the world. Honestly, I am starting to be bored of this fruit and most of the qualities and myths that surround it. Check this to know more. But I understand that some of you had problems with the chestnuts. So I think it is better a cup of simplicity and easy doing for this time. Good luck.

Cinnamon Apple Rolls

Cinnamon Apple Roll

Cinnamon Apple Roll



1. Preheat the oven at 220ºC (400ºF). In a baking sheet unroll the puff pastry and let it get warm at ambient temperature.

2. Cut the apples in big chunks and reserve. In a saucepan add the water and the sugar. Mix it until it dissolve. Add the cinnamon and the apple chunks (if you want the salt too). Combine everything well and heat it at low speed to avoid the sugar to burn. It will take some time and maybe you will need to remove to avoid to burn the sugar but the final paste must be a bit thicker than jelly. Cook it until arrive to that point.

3. Remove from heat and extend the apple sauce over the puff pastry but do not fill all. Imagine that you are going to make sushi rolls so here it is the same process. Skip to fill approximately half of the pastry (always starting for one side) and two centimeters for each one of the sides and the part close to you. Roll the puff pastry from the closer side to the filling until the other part which it is empty. Seal the paste using the egg wash and paint it all the roll to get a better color meanwhile baking.

4. Put the roll in the oven and bake it for 30-40 minutes. Once it is done remove it form it and let it cool. When it would be completely cool take a serrated knife and carefully cut the roll in the sizes as you want. Please, be careful with this and take your time if not you probably will make a huge mess. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Apple Roll

Cinnamon Apple Roll

NOTE: GF flours are lack of proteins and full of starches. For this reason they do not rise so much when they bake. So do not be sad if your roll does not have a lot of volume after baking. If you decide to make your own GF puff pastry try to add whole milk powder to the mix or change the butter for heavy shortening. Using other GF whole cereal flours can really change the taste of  the puff pastry.

NOTE:  If you cannot eat egg or you do not want. You can use as an egg wash any one of this things: water, milk (vegetal or not), oil.

NOTE: You can also have other option to do not have messy apple rolls. Before bake the whole roll froze it for 2 or 3 hours. Then cut the pieces of the size as you prefer and bake them. The problem of this it is that, depending of your freezer, the roll can be very hard and even if you can cut it when you will bake it the center of the roll could be a bit soft or not well done. It is okay if you want to give the impression that the roll is filled with some kind of cream.


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12 thoughts on “Cinnamon Apple Rolls

  1. Well, the last time I tried my hand at baking a cake, I ended up burning it. So I guess the oven is off limits for a while.. Anyways, this looks way too tasty to keep me away from making it :) Thanks!

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