Próxima A Tí- A Journey with Ariel and Oral-B

William Procter

William Procter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me tell you a story from the old times. From that times in which cars was not yet invented and the people traveled to one corner to other of this world: walking, horse riding or in boat. And precisely, with a boat it is how this story started back in time around 1837.

There were two european man who traveled from the United Kingdom to the Unite States searching for a better live and a better future. One of them was William Procter a candlemaker with huge bear but not mustache at all who was from Herefordshire and who finished in Cincinnati, Ohio. The other one was an irishman with high demeanor who was soap maker. James Gamble was his name and he finished also in the same city than Procter, in Ohio.

Call it providence, luck, fate or destiny… The case is that the two Commonwealth men finished marring two sisters: Olivia and Elisabeth Norris; and then, they decided to open a company called Procter and Gamble.

Since then a lot had happened. In fact, Mr. Gamble had ten children and Mr. Procter just one but all of them worked in the company to make it a big one.

In our days, P&G it is a multinational of consumer goods which sells worldwide all kind of personal care products, pet food and cleaning agents and its sales are around 83.68 billion at annum.

And everything started with candles and soap who was going to say it. Do not you think?

The case is that I am ambassador of this brand, fact of which I am very proud but which give me certain responsibilities and one of them is make you know the brand and some of their products.

I know: that some blogs are specialized in make reviews of products, that, in other hand, people

English: James Gamble

English: James Gamble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

does not like that sell them things or make them so much advertising about products… However, I like history and I love to tell stories which it is almost the same word if you do not have in mind the prefix hi-. But trying to have fun with words in a language with it is not mine I am going to have the permission to call to this section Hi!Story. Why? Because I think it is polite to say Hi! and I do not find nothing bad in tell Stories about History but of course I do because I think it is fun.

As I love marketing, branding and packaging I will tell you stories about this almost each week. And if any of you want to know about a concrete product more than the ads in television tell you please ask me on the comments below. It will be a pleasure to research more about other brands, products, chemistry, fashion… Yes, clothes too or food, or whatever you want… Please, surprise me.

For the moment, I let you with the P&G History and a picture of what this brand gives to the Ambassadors as a welcome pack each time that starts a new project. In this case, it was Ariel Pods and Oral-B 3D White Luxe but I can advance you that both are super easy to use and they not only clean, they also give a radiant fresh smell and they whiten even the most complicated spots. See you soon!
Peace and Love,

Welcome Pack P&G with Arile Pods and Oral-B.

Welcome Pack P&G with Arile Pods and Oral-B.

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5 thoughts on “Próxima A Tí- A Journey with Ariel and Oral-B

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  2. Interesting post, I have to be honest I never gave much thought about the beginings of the soap company but now you have me looking at other products on the shelf beside me and wondering about them.

    • Thank you very much for your retweets and everything. I am glad that you liked the story about P&G. Do you have curiosity for any other brand of product that you would like to know? :)

      • Yes and this will tell you a lot about what I crave: chocolate,when and where was the first bar made.
        Sorry but you shouldn’t have asked.

        Thank you for following our blog page.

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