An Angel Was Killed

Not sure how many of you have been called by someone: “You are an angel.” In Los Angeles, that expression tends to be used a lot. However, it does not always refer to a good person. Most of the times people use it to express to others their beauty and, other times, they use the expression as a way to approach to you with their lies. Because, let’s be clear. Los Angeles is not a town of Saints. Most of the people living there are just poor devils trying to rise high using any absurd method that they know to do it.

This song, it is dedicated to anybody who has went to that city expecting a miracle or in the quest of their “secret” lover which it is a “famous” one. To me, that city is very sad. However, I am an horrible musician. Give me a paper and I will write you some rhymes or notes with certain melody but do not tell me that I put music to something written because I cannot. It does not work. So all the songs/poems which I publish here does not have a melody. If anybody is brave enough you can try it. I am not.

I hope you like my verses and good luck to all the dreamers which travel to the promise land. I wish you will have better luck than others had.

An Angel Was Killed

Angel. Inside the Louvre detail. Picture by Me.

Angel. Inside the Louvre detail. Picture by Me.

Came from nowhere
to the land of hopes and dreams
wishing a change in their luck.
Their fate wasn’t written,
Their destiny: unclear,
Their love, an idea, which won’t be fulfill.

What does an angel do lost in these streets?
Where the devils walk dressed as a dream…
Don’t you see you will lost your soul walking here?
An angel was killed;
An angel was killed, following the destiny.

In Hollywood and Vine
it stops the bus.
Get down, walk,
the path of the stars.
In love of myths, songs and lies.
It resides the faith of the believers in a brand.

What does an angel do lost in these streets?
Where the devils walk dressed as a dream…
Don’t you see you will lost your soul walking here?
An angel was killed;
An angel was killed, following an ideal.

Not all the stars dream in Beverly
Some shine strong from darker holes
Lovers try to put them in their pocket
Soulmates curse them to get their souls
All the broken dreams an wishes they leave behind
are the remains of the hurricane at its past.

What does an angel do lost in these streets?
Where the devils walk dressed as a dream…
Don’t you see you will lost your soul walking here?
An angel was killed;
An angel was killed, following an idyll.

Are you now tired to fight?
Have you sold your soul yet?
Where are you going? My pet…
Don’t tell me you have lost your hope…
This is just a game. That’s all.
Your lover will be waiting you next door.
Only the most tough players are the ones stronger enough.

What does an angel do lost in these streets?
Where the devils walk dressed as a dream…
Don’t you see you will lost your soul walking here?
An angel was killed;
An angel was killed, following the dream.

Why I Will Not Buy Chanel

Rue Cambon. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Rue Cambon. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Let’s start reciting a very well known phrase: “Never Say Never”. However, in my defense I want to argue that I am trained in the journalism school so I know how to create appealing gossiping headliners. That is what, basically, they teach you to do…

Anyway, I must confess, the more closer that I have been to any clothing piece of Chanel it was when I peregrinated to the Rue Cambon. The pieces of this brand look amazing in the showcase or in the catwalks but I have never met in my whole life anybody who really wear the brand. I mean, the real one and not the thousands of imitations that exist out there.

Well, thinking about it. I think I have crossed with a real Chanel outfit “once” in my life but this was long ago in my 21st of that temporal thing called birthday.

You must understand that I am a hillbilly. Where I am from, everybody says Picasso did not know how to paint, that he was only a folk who met important people and, for that, some people keeps applauding him. They also say the same from Buñuel or a bunch of other folks. Of course, fashion is not the exception and the most common saying is: “Fashion is what a bunch of queers tell us what we must wear.” So my point is: “what you wear it, then?”… No answer.

Having this in mind, you can imagine how are the reactions when you try to explain to this folks that Picasso really know how to paint. In fact, before the cubism it is his blue period, I think a pink one too… but, people which it is not open minded is like the character of Tom Cruise in the War of the Worlds. If they do not know everything it is the brother whom knows the answer but, in fact, they do not know anything and they envy everything.

The problem of grow up in an ambient like this it is that your perception of the world is limited. When I started college it really was when I started to discover more things but not really before. However, university also enlighten me to see how people reacts towards certain brands but let me go to the story of the Chanel outfit first and after, the next.

In my 21st birthday I decided to commit an act of rebellion. I booked a trip to London and I told it to my parents three days before to leave, that was before the social networks and all this crazy communication systems. I had a huge dramatic scene in that moment because “girls cannot do certain things alone… bla, bla, bla.” I went to that city alone, which it is much better than with bad company. And inspired by the enchanting Holly Golightly I went to dinner to a fancy restaurant: The Ivy. Food was great, attention excellent and yes, I would like that everybody who I will meet in my life will address to me with that polite manners. I loved it but… it was when destiny make a turn in a wheel.

Picture courtesy Chanel.

Picture courtesy Chanel.

I did not have reservation so they served me in the entrance tables where the guests drink a cocktail before their table is ready. When I was almost finishing my supper it showed up a men in Chanel clothes. He sat in the table next to me with his sunglasses, his grey ponytail and all wearing black with a woolen sweater with two CC in emblem in the middle of his chest but made with other material like leather. Sorry, not sure how it says in english.

My ignorance at that times was huge but my visual memory is pretty big. I looked at him and I was thinking all the time: “I know him… I have seen him next to Claudia Schiffer.” However, I did not know who he was or which was the brand so I leave him with his martini and his olives and I went to the theater to watch Equus.

Days later, when I arrived home I started as crazy to search on Internet. My only clue was Schiffer and fashion because if you look for CC it only shows up Creative Commons… “Galiano? No, it is is older. Cavalli? No, so much tan. Lagerfeld? Oh! Yes! He is the guy!” It was then when I started to discover Chanel, fashion, and the most inspiring feminine figure who has crossed my path: Gabrielle Chanel.

I love history. I think it is one of the best resources to learn about people and the world. I fell in love about the figure of Coco Chanel and the power that she shared to the world. Since then, I am very interested in the brand and in fashion.

Although not everything is like a bed of roses. Not for no one. I perfectly understand how hard anyone must work to see their dreams come true. I am completely agree with the term “work hard” but I warn you, if you have been born woman maybe you will need to work even harder and not everybody is made with a strong paste to overcome all that will suppose that.

I do not know about Mademoiselle Chanel but to me it supposes to wake up at 5 am and finish around 10 pm but, most of the times, I could not fall sleep until 1am or 3am. Not because I have sleep problems, if not because I do not live alone and my father prefers to go to bed late. “If you wake up early you finish the day more tired.” This is his slogan and if you try to make something to put “a bit of order”… “You have the devil inside of you and you don’t let others live in peace.” Sometimes I think to go to the church and ask for an exorcism because I am receiving a bunch of this crazy online messages saying that I am the devil too. What I am not sure is if they are for me or they are for the guy with whom they confuse me but anyway it seems I am bad.

Chanel quote.

Chanel quote.

I remember when I was at school and they asked me the typical question: “What do you want to be when you will grow up?” I was the favorite joke of the folks for weeks. Are you wondering what I said? I said that I wanted to be producer. The teacher looked at me quite confused, I guess, she did not know about which profession I was talking about. So I added, that I wanted to be like George Lucas. They understood that. You can see the joke, right now.

When I finished the filmmaking school in Los Angeles. My teacher told me that if I wanted to work in Hollywood the better option was to create my own project and fight for it. Of course, he meant start from very low cost Independent ways. What he did not know about me it is my imagination creates things which cannot be made in “low cost”. Not even taking legos and making them play in a Lego world.

Unfortunately, my teacher forgot to say how “real” Hollywood works but I have learned a lot in all this time. Do you want to know what this bumpkin did? I created a television series and I send simultaneously letters to: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Katheleen Kennedy saying that I had “this product” and it would be a pleasure to work with all of them together to make it real. In their defense, I will say that they did not say “NO”. It is just nobody explained to me about the “protocol”.

However, all this years made me understand better Coco. In a time where all who played the game were men she imposed a style and new fashion trends which we still repeating in our days. That is admirable.

Although I am not sure about to buy Chanel… I appreciate the design in fashion but I am not really into “fashion”. I mean, I do not care about the trends. If magazines start to say that skirts over the knee are what girls must wear this season to be cool. I will wear jeans, and if the next season they say that we should wear jeans I will wear the skirt. I am not a shoe obsessed and even less a purse addict. My only clothing addiction are jackets. I have told you that I am weird but, hey, Rachel Zoe is obsessed with jackets too. Anyone else to join the jacket club?

Like I like to create myths I want to believe that to wear a Chanel jacket it is like when you wear sexy lingerie: it gives you superwoman powers. However, I think I prefer to keep that myth in my head rather to check it. Anyway, I could not afford any of them but I think it is cool to give a jacket the strength that Coco represents and that it could be a “powerful gift” for you the day you wear it.

Rue Cambon. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Picture courtesy Chanel.

I have also another objections about Chanel. In special about “beauty” which is the real main theme of this week.

As anecdote, let me tell you “Why I Will Not Buy Chanel”; there is some kind of people out there which still thinking that Picasso did not know how to paint but they think that anything which has a brand on it, it makes you a better person. Even cooler and fancy if you force the situation. One of this brands for antonomasia is Chanel. They “need” to have it because they “need” it to have it. Until the point that they interrogate you which clothes, soaps… You use, because if not, you are not in their club. I had a friend who was testing me about fashion designers, trying me with fake names to see if I had some “sense of fashion”. Ladies and gentleman, a brand does not make you more “fashion”. Or you have style or you can wear the most expensive clothes on the planet, that will not make you a better individual.

Of course, some of this brands are overrated in their price. I understand the brand: if they are going to pay for it what I ask, I ask what I want: simple; but that makes people go to look for fake copies of that “fashion” products. Later, they lie to you saying that it is original and all that stuff but we all know how the game of the appearances is.

I remember a girl who came to college with me. She told us that all the months her mother went to the Chanel stand to buy the deodorant of the brand because it was the best. Each time that I approached to her she smelled like if she had just come from the gym: rotten sweat. Psychologically, this is something that it really traumatized me, like all this devil insinuations are and other communications stuff which it is better not to explain. I will only say that it is quite annoying when you receive mysterious calls from people who does not want to identify trying to take out from you information, “apparently” about my boyfriend. Do not worry, I have nothing to say. There is not any boyfriend and NEVER it will be. I hate that word and none human being has showed to me any quality which I could find attractive. Since always, I had to pay for everything that I wanted, even to make movies which were not mine. Receive something for free, to me, it is a privilege. So, please, do not disturb more with human relationships. I am not interested.

In real, Chanel does not smell as rotten sweat. It smells very good but I cannot think in “beauty” Chanel lines without remember that girl. It is something like Marcel Proust and the madeleine. Please, do not misunderstood me. I used Coco Mademoiselle fragrance for so long. It is my favorite scent and I absolutely love it but my body has become reactive to a bunch of preservatives so no more Coumarin, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens to me.

I know that perfumes and cosmetics have a copyright, for say it in some way, and that it is what makes them unique. However, as a marketing freak, I think it is quite risky to keep focused only in the luxury and to put anything in the brand composition because the people is going to buy it in any case; because we are what we are. In my opinion, I think it is not to have an open mind, but I am a hillbilly. What I am going to know about sells and brands, benefits and natural cosmetic? I do not know anything about nothing. However, thinking about Coco Chanel I think about strength and innovation. Revolution, rebellion and say what you think and for that I am writing this.

Fashion show. Picture courtesy Chanel.

Fashion show. Picture courtesy Chanel.

I am going to keep with my personal myth about the Chanel jackets. I really like it but it is not in my plans to buy one and use its superpowers to become an “it girl”. I leave that to the “fashionistas”. I prefer to help and to make other people dream, even if I do not win a cent. And hey! I am a disaster I recognize it. Probably if I cross again with Mr Lagerfeld I did not recognize him or I will not say nothing. I am not going to pay to meet any celebrity backstage or participate in any crazy contest. Probably if Bono takes out the sunglasses I will not recognize him. I am this way. But if anybody, celebrity or not “it girl” or silly one; want to change this world for good and want to go to the UN to tell to the world that it is better to leave in peace than to leave in war. Here you have a strong hand, pay me back with a hug and we will be eternally friends.

As Mademoiselle Coco said: “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” Do not let brands tell you what to use or what to wear. Be yourself the one who creates your own trends.

“Soulmate” Contest

I had once a filmmaking teacher who told us the story of how he break in Hollywood. He played a minor role in an Oliver Stone movie and in his very short scene he was having rough sex with other men inside of a car before somebody killed them. Well, not sure about the killing part I have not seen the film… The case of this anecdote it is that when the mother of my teacher saw the film for first time she told him: “Darling, you have started in Hollywood leaving that they f* you in your ass.” She was not upset with him but she was trying to evoke this old mama superstition which says: “The way you start will be the way you will finish”.

I do not know if this superstition it is real or it is another urban legend in life. What I know it is that I have started backwards. In theory, when somebody is a newbie in this profession he/she must to be mentored by someone with more “cache”. The quotes are there because the word “cache” it is relative, in fact, with somebody with more experience than you will be valid to be a mentor.

After years or months learning with the mentor you start to film a lot of stuff, most of them a bit crappy but it is fine. Then, one day, you make something and suddenly people puts an eye on you. Here is a resume of the natural process in my profession.

Usually, the term “put an eye on you” not only means that you are important and recognized it also means that you have a lot of followers whom admire you, whom want to be like you, whom want to copy you and, unfortunately, you also get a lot of stalkers and trolls whom hate you or love you so much (it depends of the day) and they make your life more entertaining.

Well, I created a project four years ago and only with promotional videos I got around 3.500 followers, like magic. So I suppose that I am an horrible filmmaker but a very good at marketing and advertising because, if not, I have not other way to explain it. People started to come to me asking me for acting jobs in a crazy wave as you cannot imagine. The case is, that I have also get the stalkers/trolls before to have any Academy Award or any award nomination, neither an agent. So most of the times I am not sure if I am in the good direction…

Anyway, I must say that at the beginning this trolls (I dislike the stalker word) made me to be upset constantly because they created messes as you cannot imagine. In fact, some of them still confusing me with a handsome Hollywood actor. They have told me A LOT of times that I must cut my hair and to shave my beard. You can imagine my surprised face when I read that but right now it is quite fun.

The case is that they read everything that I publish, here, on twitter… but there is no way that I can make them understand that I am not he. One day they wake up and they want to kill me because I am the devil in person and the next day they love me so much because I am a genius and very talented. It is ok there is nothing to do with this.

The only part that upsets me a bit time to time. It is when they attribute my things to the other famous folk. I do not deal with that very well because, after all, I am not reclaiming to that folk that his stuff it is mine… but this is ok too.

In resume, all of this troll are declaring to me that I am “his” soulmate and, despite the pronoun confusion, I am not very aware of this soulmate stuff. It is not in my culture and it is hard to understand, even more if… how can I be soulmate of several people if I only have one soul? Can you see my dilemma?

So, as the daisies are used to say: “Loves me, Doesn’t love me…” I propose you a contest. Send me what it means soulmate to you. Please, be original and do not copy the dictionary. You can be as creative as you want: if you write two lines (perfect), if you write 10.000 words (great), if you make a draw, compose a song… anything is valid. Just let your creativity go.

Now the fun part:

  • Create something with the word soulmate as a main theme.

  • Send it to any of the addresses in the Contact tab.

  • Follow this site and any of my social networks.

  • Please, indicate me which are your usernames and in which social network you have decided to follow me.

  • The contest will be open until March 30th.

  • The winner will be announced on April 13th.

  • The price an original Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Keychain.

  • Open internationally.

Good luck to everybody. Be fun, creative, make me laugh and do not be shy.

Peace and Love,

Esther Lopez

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobscopylow

The Art of Talk

Time Circuits. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Time Circuits. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Warning Probably most of the younger readers will not understand the beginning of this text. A hard work and research in history is needed and that is boring. So stop reading right now or be ready to be introduced to the mysterious times in which people did not needed cell phones to have a conversation. Some master gurus call it: The Art of Talk…

In the past century when the cell phones were invented not everybody had one. It was something exclusive to people on Wall Street, Hollywood and thinks like that… but the most funny part it is that for carry a cellular phone you had to have arm muscle. That new inventions did not fit in your pocket because they had the size of a house brick. Yes, you could use them as a light weight lift for your daily training because the first ones were about 2kgs weight. They did not permitted text or WhatsApp to anybody and their unique finality was to talk.

Of course, the rest of the mortals which was not raised in Beverly Hills or any fancy places we had another mobile communications methods called the: “Shout Out*.

The “Shout Out” was very popular in small towns or in some local neighborhoods where everybody knew everybody. In fact, the term “intimacy” it is something new invented in the new age era of the 90’s. However, let me explain you how it worked.

As all of us were not constantly connected to a fictional virtual world called internet; the only way to find people with who you wanted to contact was calling the places where you supposed that this person was at that time. For example, you get out of the school and you want to talk with your bestie. You suppose that she will be at her home so you call to her house but it is not she who picks the phone it is her mother. Your BFF is on her bedroom trying the new OMG dress that she is going to wear this weekend when you will go out.

In that crazy times, phones where also stuck in a wall or they cannot move for all the house so simple as we do today. So what the mother of your “sister” will do in that case? First she will answer you, then ask you about what you are calling and, finally, she will “Shout Out” so loud to her daughter: “Come here to the telephone!!! Your BF is calling you to talk about X!!!”; that all your neighbors will know about it. Apply the same rule if you where in a bar, club, in a house of a friend or any other public place. Fun times that ones, in special when you were not in your bedroom and you were outside in the garden or in the street… You see. Privacy? What is that?

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Of course, this is the main reason of why people who has grown up this way it is made with a different wood. We know what it is that your mother irrupts in the bathroom when you are taking a shower because somebody is phoning you: “Is he your boyfriend, darling? If you want to tell me something you can do it.” Although thinking on it better that was not the unique example of awkward situation by disruption. How many of you have ever played to be “rockstars” using a brush as a microphone? Do not tell me that they were not far better than the Shure ones. And your audience… Ha! The best! Teddy bears, fluffy animals, Barbies, dolls or Madelmans. That where the times in which Hollywood only needed Chuck Norris to finish to whole armies, massive destruction armies, terrorist… Only one main actor for a whole film…

Oh! And do you remember that guy who with a gum and a paperclip he could make an explosive or to fix anything. Do not tell me McGiver was not awesome and not like the bloody suckers that are now on television making dramas about who will date who until the eternity. “Oh, Ian… Who could be bitten by a vampire so hot as him” (sights) Then, your BFF answers: “Or Robert… Who could be Bella in love of a Cullen” (Both girls sight).

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

It is not cool that a vampire bite you! At least you want to be eternally dead… Ok, you are right. Our movies were more violent in our times… Well, thinking about it better I am not really sure about that… In these early times without mobiles only one actor was enough to destroy a bunch of things and kill all the bad guys. Now, movies need a bunch of guys to destroy a lot of things and they never finish with the bad guys whom they keep showing up sequel after sequel, after sequel, after sequel… These are the new storytelling times.

However let’s make a small jump in time until The Matrix era where the BackStreet Boys where the most awesome boy band in the planet and where everybody started to have a personal cell phone. Everybody, included teens… Unfortunately, I suffered that times in my own skin. Times where the “fashion rules” where dress with sportive clothes the whole day**. That moments in history, where the one who was cooler was the one who more “cool” brands wore, even in the cell phones. That you wear Ralph Lauren, who cares… The cool people wears Nike so get out of here. Of course, that branding stupidity it also arrived: to change the cell phone each year, expend astronomical bills in the phone or to keep checking it constantly even when WhatsApp and Facebook were not yet invented and nobody could send you notifications. Only calls and SMS… Thinking on it better… I am glad to be weird and to be the “posh” Spice Girl, because it was the less cool. Yes! Where is my Beckham?

The Arts of Discrimination became more cruel with the access of Internet for any mortal in this planet and the invention of that virtual evil weapon of brainwashing called Messenger. Some people say Bill Gates is the devil himself for to have invented that but it is hard to believe it because they say now the same of Zuckerberg and it is impossible that it could be two Satans co-living on Earth at the same time…

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Anyway… Let’s say that I did not had access to Internet and Messenger until I was 18 years old, meanwhile, the rest of the pals they already had it when they had 16 years old. As you can check in our days: two years without Internet are like two millennia of stupid things that you have missed but which for the rest of the world are “extremely” important.

It was in my 18’s when I started to “connect” with people and to become more “social” because everybody knows that if you do not have the abilities to talk online you are lone. Surprisingly I quick discovered how absurd where that new revolutionary methods of communication in which all the conversations developed in what I like to call “Tun-Ah” conversations. Why? Because you can be online all the day, people is going to tune-in to talk with you but all the conversations end with emoticons, “Ahhh”, “Ohhh” and thinks like that. When more monosyllables “better” is the conversation. However, as weirdos like me we think that this kind of conversations are similar like the ones fishes have. If you do not understand the joke it does not mind… “Tun-Ah

Although not all of this facts mentioned before are the great inventions in communications. No, no, no. The best was yet to come when people decided to abbreviate everything and make acronyms of all. Like, for example:

“Let’s hang o Hollywood. Cool place Highland”
 “OMG! Haf u ss TWD? Iz hackles!”
“Ive gt 2 g Luv ya CU”

It think you have got it and by the way. I already know that I am a pedant, that my english it is awful*** and that I am not cool at all. I am fine with it but let me confess you something: “I do not understand some of your cool messages at all.”

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Of course, the cherry on top of this big communications messy cake it is not other than the social networks. Any of them, without mercy or exception. I have not logged in Facebook since the past year, which was two weeks ago… I find all that kind of posts which people shares depressing. All are “Tun-A” conversations with tons of malice and “I am better than you”. Great! We will give you all the awards for be best to you if it is what you want. I do not know… Has communication any sense in our days? Where are that coffee conversation after have seen a movie and try to find the inner conflicts of the characters? Ok, you are right… Probably the inner conflict of Optimus Prime it is not so deep and philosophical as the characters in any movie of Jean-Luc Godard but this does not mean to cut down conversations.

There are people out there who only “speaks” via on-line methods (this includes any social network or any chat style where there is not physical touch) Ok, Skype it is a great invention but as all the others it is used terrible wrong. I remember the last Skype that I did with a friend from India, it lasted more than 3 hours long. We were speaking about filmmaking and we did not arrive to any point. I mean, the objective of to have conversations it is to have something important to say, if not, most of them are a waste of time or a “killing” of time because you are bored you do not know what to do and you keep open a conversation which does not go to any place.

Why we say “Hello” when we meet somebody for the first time in a day? For education and to be polite but is not true that if you do not have nothing important to say to that person you keep walking your way? The rest of communications are exactly the same. Sometimes, it can happen that which for you it feels important it is not for the other but when this happens it is much better to finish the conversation, that to keep the other on the loop.

So, please, “New Age” folks and not so “New Age” folks whom have
acquired the same communications vices than the younger ones. When you contact with someone and you say “Hi!” The other is waiting something with more deep not only a “Hi” and half hour later an emoticon, and half hour later another emoticon… That is not to have conversations at all.

Family McFly portrait. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Family McFly portrait. Back to the Future scene. Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Say something, do not be afraid to express yourself in public and stop with the stupid “Tun-Ah” conversations which do not arrive to any place.

Please, folks, let’s go Back to the Future and let’s going to teach how to express well to all this people whom do not know how too talk or I am afraid our society it will really disappear of the pictures as if the past was only a bad joke.



1 A term that I have personally create to define this old situations and which does not have nothing in common with the dictionary affection of “congratulate somebody”.
2 * Thank you Mel C, from Spice Girls, for that insupportable fashion trend.
 But at least I had the honor that the screenwriter of Die Hard 2 said that about my english and not someone who writes police this way: “polize” even if your way of write it is more cool.

Kitchen School: Eat Sweet Without Eat Sugar

Julia Child in her kitchen. Picture courtesy

Julia Child in her kitchen. Picture courtesy

Welcome to a new edition of Kitchen School where you can discover more about that magic place called kitchen or some nutrition tricks. In this week episode I have the pleasure to tell you how to eat better.

We all know that the secret for the good “cuisine” as Julia Child show us in her show is: “Butter, butter, butter.” However, dear Julia, despite your advices are great to make delicious dishes; in long term, they are not good to our blood vessels.

In today’s show, I am going to share with you an easy trick to cut that extra levels of fats and sugars in your meals without lose flavor.

Let’s say… that you have what the english speakers call a “sweet-tooth”. Do you know that not only white sugar or artificial sweeteners are sweet? Yes, omit unicorns and care bears too. You do not really need to eat them.

In fact, some of the most sweet goods are fruits and veggies. One of the most sweet is the beetroot, followed by carrots. Yes, darlings, now you are understanding why Cookie Monster is currently obsessed with Carrots. In fact, that blue fellow it is quite obsessed with sugary things. So why do not try to change his diet for something with more fiber and vitamins than cookies? It worked. Well, I think he will be in heaven if I share with him the gluten free carrot cookie but that is another story for another day.

know you are going to tell me: “But veggies doesn’t taste good. They are boring.” Please, do not let that your lack of culinary imaginations bother your any veggie party. Have you tried to roast them? You simply put that boring vegetables in an oven and leave them slow cook about one hour, approximately. When you open that oven a delicious full flavor meal will appear loaded of all the sugary taste that you can imagine. Zucchinis even become fancy sweet spaghettis after the oven when you peel them. I know some people that they even eat roasted garlic as candies and I am not kidding.

“Use your oven more and do not be afraid to experiment. You will discover new inspiring flavors.”

Although if I must recommend you something very delicious of to roast any vegetable it is the juice that they left with it your can make all kind of culinary fancy things.

Are you addicted to all kind of unhealthy sauces to dip or snack things? Let me give you a trick. Roast some of your favorite vegetables (NOTE: Remember all the cauliflower and leafy types need to be boiled first) and once are done let them cool and peel them. Put in a food processor, or any blender, the juice left in the pan, one or two tablespoons of olive oil, the roasted veggies and species to taste. You will have a wonderful dip or pâté which will surprise to you and to your guests. Rich in fiber, low in fats and surprisingly sweet.

Julia Child quote. Picture courtesy

Julia Child quote. Picture courtesy

Oh! That your sweet-tooth needs to eat something more “sweet” try to roast fruits or microwave them. You will be really surprised, trust me. In special, if you really really like to eat sweet, try to roast a banana in its peel. Then eat it like that or add a bit of peanut butter.

I hope today’s show has helped you to solve some of your nutrition questions. See you next month with more culinary things. Bon appetite!